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Kevin McBride
It’s time to open the conversation about Gender Racism. Who better to write first-hand about the feminist movement than a man who’s been a lifelong victim to it? Hate Crimes. I’m going to be sharing most of those 100% true stories.
Here is excerpt from the book: Men are confused by women, and afraid of women. We men don’t know who’s who anymore. Is she a Lady, Lesbian, Feminist, or a Me-Too Victim Chick that is about to ambush us into a trap? Hey, Ladies! “Do you understand how difficult that is for us?”
This book provides a glimpse at the female dominated justice system, and its effect on innocent men.

Kevin McBride is a skilled writer. From the word go, he grabs you by the scruff of the neck and won’t let go, as he brings you on a roller coaster ride through the madcap but totally reasonable ideas racing through his mind

The author is nothing if not resilient, and he has suffered setback after setback, targeted with cruel and unfounded defamation, which takes its toll on him personally, socially, and financially.

Here are a few sub-chapters titles; “We Love you, honey!”, Vibrator nation, High-heeled cockblock, What the hell is a UFA?, Offended? Tough Shit!, Message to all Bartenders, Happy Birthday Sucka!, Popcorn Drama, Real-Life Shit, Ghosting, Wedding Squasher, What’s that? The book you don’t want to miss, and you won’t regret it. Kevin’s first book here is 70% Non-Fiction, 20% Creative Writing, and 10% Opinion. He offers up lots of pictures, and participation in this one of kind first edition. Gents, or ladies, Let’s talk feminist……..Shall we?

Connect with Kevin McBride at:
208 49th Ave, N.
St Petersburg, FL. 33703


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