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Britney Spears Conservatorship VALID or FRAUD?

If you ask previous victims of the same Spears Conservatorship lawyers and judges you’ll note a pattern of Racketeering, fraud, perjury and discerption alleged by many. The fact is the current judge Brenda J. Penny has been involved in the abusive, unethical, fraudulent Probate court system of Los Angeles County for over decade. The difference is most victims are “Nobodies” so they don’t get any attention when they cry out for help. Brenda J. Penny was the lead Probate Attorney for Los Angeles County for over 10 years where she oversaw the lives of countless victims. When those victims report they were robbed of due process, rights and medicated against their will you start to see a pattern of how a court can be used to legally steal.

One of the worst and most notorious and evil judges ever to rule in Los Angeles County Probate court is Judge Aviva K. Bobb who left an endless trail of abuse, fraud and rights violations victims. Aviva Bobb’s ties to Los Angeles Government and Police allowed her to weaponized her authority via blatant fraud and perjury where she would have anyone who stood up to her or reported her abused by county Sheriff’s and police. See Judge Aviva K. Bobb Victims such as Ricky Ritch, Lee Peters, Gertrude Gettinger, Annie Hall and Ernest Moore. Aviva K. Bobb is married to

Judge Reva G. Goetz was the successor to Judge Aviva K. Bobb who continued the crimes, abuse of authority and fraud from which she would receive backdoor payments via property loans never expected to be paid back.

Have a look at the loan history of Los Angeles County Superior Judge Reva G. Goetz who earn less than $200k a year
Loans to Los Angeles County Superior Court Probate Judge Reva G Goetz loan history

The point is that EVERYONE from doctors, lawyers, financial planners, fiduciaries and judges are all financially rewarded by a conservatorship.
More proof is asking the victims and family from decades of this Conservatorship scam and have personal experience with the above judges, lawyers and others.

The SCAM and game is to pretend to protect and hide behind fancy titles and a black robe which the public assumes it “honorable”.
Just read the recent “investigative Reuters News story The Teflon Robe” which clearly shows how judges are criminals, dishonorable and take advantage of the bench, authority and the undeserved immunity. Hundreds of stories have been written which all result in the “Rats scrambling to pretend they clean up their act” but reality is they hide it better, create more false senses of protection like “Professional Fiduciaries Bureau” which is just anther false front where more tax dollars are wasted and nothing changes

Welcome to the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau’s Website

The Professional Fiduciaries Bureau was created by legislation that passed and was enacted into law in 2007 to regulate non-family member professional fiduciaries, including conservators, guardians, trustees, and agents under durable power of attorney as defined by the Professional Fiduciaries Act.

The Bureau does not conduct criminal investigations nor can the Bureau determine whether criminal violations have occurred. Complaints involving alleged criminal conduct should be filed with the appropriate law enforcement or investigative agency.

Take NOTE to when you file a complaint: You are instructed that if “Court involvement” (You may need to seek legal advice to determine what legal remedies are available to you.)
which means go back to the dishonorable judge and unethical lawyers and work it out. Which is impossible and only feeds the criminals via more legal fees.

There are thousands of questionable Conservators/Guardians which can be found in organizations such as Professional Fiduciary Association of California


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