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Roger Hillygus Court Victim

Expose Washoe Count Nevada corruption free roger hillygus who tried to help his mother susan hillygus

How our courts are weaponized by judges and lawyers to steal, lie, cheat and rob anyone with money. POA, Trust, Will none of that matters to a corrupt judge In fact millions of court victims are robbed by a fake protective system called “Conservatorship/Guardianship” the words mean nothing because the reality is it’s all about robbing the person who is guarded or conserved, striping them of all their humanly rights (fewer rights than a criminal on death row) Lawyers and the biggest law firms getting rich by using the court for protection against prosecution. Perjury, fraud, over billing and even selling the victim’s homes for pennies then reselling the homes for top dollars. Activist, author and court victim Janet C. Phelan exposed how many of these judges are laundering the bribe monies which is made via property loans to the judge or judge’s family member (which they never pay back) in fact most loans are so big it’s impossible for them to re-pay if you consider their salary. What does the FBI, DOJ or local sheriff or police do when victims report the abuse? Nothing, they say, “It’s a court… Read More


Dr. Richard I. Fine

Help pass Los Angeles California Dr Richard I Fine bill amend SBX 2 11 Help stop the corruption

Who is Dr. Richard I. Fine? Richard I. Fine, (Doctor of Law; Ph.D Law-International Law). He is a patriot and lawyer (presently qualified to practice before the United States Supreme Court). He was disbarred from California and “unlawfully incarcerated in solitary coercive confinement without charges being made” for 18 months in the Los Angeles County jail in retaliation for exposing (Dishonorable) Judge David Paul Yafee #29399 and all of the Los Angeles County Superior court judges for accepting unlawful payments/bribes from the county. These payments resulted in literally no one winning a case against the county when a judge made the decision. Dr. Richard I. Fine FULL BIO His Amend SBX 2 11 Legislation that can stop judges from getting away with legally accepting bribes (from tax payer’s funds) awarded by those in charge Dr. Richard I. Fine Videos Richard I. FINE – part 1 Richard Fine, a Champion for Justice, Part 1 Why Won’t the ACLU Help Jailed Attorney Richard Fine? #556 Trailer Interview: Richard Fine with Bill Windsor of Lawless America Family Law Report – Richard Fine Part 2: Miscarriage of Justice & Abuse of Power Richard Fine… Read More


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