HELP Stop the forced Dangerous Haldol Drugging of a Mother fighting for her children

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein drugged to death

December 12 2022 Haloperidol is a typical antipsychotic drug. This drug is still widely used in emergency medicine, psychiatry, and general medicine departments. It is mostly used for acute confusional state, psychotic disorders, agitation, delirium, and aggressive behaviour. Overdose of haloperidol can cause sudden deaths. Cardiopulmonary arrest related to use of haloperidol had been reported in literature as case reports but are very few. No such cases have been reported in India till now. We report a case of cardiac arrest due to the use of haloperidol. Case number is 900327-22 Elizabeth Harding Weinstein More on Elizabeth Harding Weinstein Court Watch: Lizzie to be Involuntarily Drugged Virtual Hearing (apparently) Open to Public Who: Elizabeth Harding Weinstein What: Hearing in New York Court to order her to be drugged over her objection When: Monday, December 12, 2022 at 10:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST Where: LIVE STREAM LINK. Passcode: 1212. Below is from Barbara Stone via email: Background: As many of you know, Lizzie Harding Weinstein was falsely incarcerated using a void illegal ‘restraining order”. The void order had expired but as we know, our country is lawless. So now, the government has kidnapped her into a “psyche” facility to obtain more money from the federal government to traffic her. The psyche facility is seeking to hold her longer than “ordered” by void order. This hearing is so they can keep her kidnapped and forcibly drug her. WE NEED MASSIVE attendance at the virtual hearing. I thought each of us would have to register but I pre-registered and it seems like everyone can use the same link that was sent to me below. If it becomes necessary for everyone to separately register,, I have and will send the instructions and… Read More


And Justice for All? An American Illusion: My Life As A Freedom Fighter

And Justice for All An American Illusion My Life As A Freedom Fighter

Americans are living in the “Land of Make Believe.” That’s what Freedom Fighter, Rights Activist and Whistleblower, Cheryl A. Kennedy discovered while going through an amicable divorce in 2004 that turned into a horrible nightmare. She found herself fighting back against brutal gangs comprised of corrupt judges and attorneys, insurance company representatives and criminally-organized judicial regulatory agencies who fabricated numerous cover-ups. Since NO oversight existed, she contacted NO Jurisdictional political Honest Service Fraud stooges that were running the State of California and New York, Congress, the F.B.I, the Judiciary and U.S. Department of Justice. She was granted a fraud ruling against a biased mediator, an attorney who misrepresented her. Because she was continually victimized and traumatized by cover-ups and violations of her rights, in 2008 she subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a jury trial that was denied (a violation of her Constitutional Rights) and later subpoenaed Attorney General Jerry Brown. This California Fraud on the Court crime led to an unlawful foreclosure of her private property in the State of New York. As her fight for justice continued, an increasing number of crooks, crimes and officials abused the power of their offices. Kennedy encountered other victims of Court crime and exposed their cases to assist them. The Government’s and Courts’ intent to destroy the lives of Americans and their families trickled down from the Bush and Clinton Administrations and the usurped terroristic traitor DEFACTO Government infrastructure that has existed for many years in America. Educated by a lucrative Wall Street career, she explains the intentionally plotted and planned banking foreclosure derivative debacle (the 2008 Recession) and other deliberate failures. Our American Republic is being destroyed from within by government employees for the creation of the New World Order. Mainstream media… Read More