Corrupt Multnomah County District Attorney‘s Office

Work in Progress Claims of gender bias at Multnomah District Attorney‘s Office Last week, an attorney at the Multnomah District Attorney’s Office, Amber Kinney, submitted her letter of resignation to her boss, Mike Schmidt, who was elected in 2020 on his platform of criminal justice system reform and police accountability. Kinney explained that she was not quitting because of any “philosophical differences” with Schmidt’s policies — for which he was elected in a landslide — but rather due to her workload and his gender discrimination, which she stated had impacted the promotion and retention of women prosecutors. Kinney noted that the problem of gender discrimination predated Schmidt’s arrival at the office, but asserted that it had worsened under him — even going so far as to claim that “women’s forward progress” had been “set back decades” under his leadership. She included statistics in her letter to support her allegations: Women mostly have not been hired or promoted into leadership roles under Schmidt; and of the people who have resigned since Schmidt’s election, the majority were women. Those stats appear compelling at a glance, but Kinney’s data was produced in a relatively small office (77 attorneys) during… Read More

MA Probate Court Horrors Lawyers Send “Extortion” Letter for $410K to Daughter of Six Million Dollar Man

Boston MA Probate Victim Marvin Siegel

UPDATE, AUGUST 27, 2021 – And so it continues, the financial and emotional torture of Massachusetts Probate Court whistleblower Lisa Siegel Belanger. Can you imagine having a judge order you to pay more than $410K in lawyers fees, but refuse to let you see the billing details, the invoice, anything used to construct those “fees?” Lisa sent out a Tweet today in response to yet another letter she received from certain lawyers involved in her father’s estate. Her father, Marvin Siegel died after being “snatched” by the probate court and placed into near isolation from certain family members. Indeed, Lisa was fined by one probate court judge for visiting her sick father in the hospital. Yes, it’s that bad. We’ve reported extensively on Marvin Siegel, his taking, like so many other seniors, and the torment and financial drain upon family members. In this case, Marvin had a $6 million estate on the line. Lawyers engaged in extensive billing against his estate, draining millions. Indeed, one prominent Boston attorney, Marsha Kazarosian, a member of the Mass. Board of Bar Overseers and a multiple political appointee of Gov. Charlie Baker billed hundreds… Read More