Corrupt Los Angeles Government

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Los Angeles California Corruption
Known world wide for one of the worst corruption problems within the city of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles. Thousands of victimized Children and families are destroyed at the hand of judges and lawyers of Los Angeles.

Start your complaint and movement to expose problems going to the
District Attorney’s Office HERE
Home of the Richard Fine Scandal when Corrupt and dishonorable Judge David P. Yaffe who was proven to be accepting bribes by Los Angeles County to rule in favor of the county. In fact its been proven almost all Los Angeles Superior Court Judges have accepted bribes. If you’ve been affected by one of the judges in Los Angeles you should consider

Richard Fine

Christopher Jordan Dorner

The interesting connection with Christopher Dorner is the fact that he did the right thing and went to trial. However he would never get justice with a well known bribed by Los Angeles County Judge David Yaffe. This was most likely another reason Dorner went off the deep end, there was no justice. Dorner had done what many today do, stand up for what is right. He faced one of the most corrupt cities, counties and police departments in the world. A place where crimes, greed, profit and abuse of people’s rights mean nothing.
Dorner’s Demise Links to ‘Corrupt’ Judge David Yaffe
Why Chris Dorner Died: Another Hunted Whistleblower describes LAPD/Court Drugs, Fraud, False Imprisonments



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