Corrupt Fiduciary Jodi Pais Montgomery

Jodi Pais Montgomery los angeles ca britney Spears ficuary

Corrupt FiduciaryJodi Montgomery: 9 Fast Facts You Need to Know:

  1. Jodi Montgomery will have a number of important duties in her new role
  2. Jodi Montgomery is already Britney’s care manager
  3. Jodi Montgomery’s position will expire in 2020, but it could become permanent
  4. Jodi Montgomery’s an activist, volunteer and served as counselor with AIDS Centers, and Special Olympics
  5. Jodi Montgomery Will Have Control Over Britney Spears’ Visitors & Access to Medical Records
  6. Jodi Montgomery Runs a Fiduciary Firm With Her Husband
  7. Jodi Montgomery Controlled More Than $33 Million of Client Assets As of October 2018
  8. Jodi Montgomery Earned a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Welfare From Berkeley
  9. Jodi Montgomery Is a Mother & Grandmother, she lives just outside of Pasadena, California in Altadena

Jodi Montgomery was given the Britney Spears conservatorship by Judge Penny

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