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Corrupt Ebay

Ebay has a history of cheating sellers ever since the original inventor sold the company.

A common practice of Ebay is to not provide a live person or way to contact them when a problem arises.

Buyers buy working used or new product and then claim “Item not as described” forcing the seller who is now a victim of fraud to give a full refund and pay return shipping for a “as described, working product”.

Worse these dishonest buyers send back broken or different products to the seller. Thus the seller loses his product, all the sales proceeds plus they are forced to pay the return shipping fees extorted from Ebay who sides with the criminals and frauds.

Making your feedback profile public or private (What Ebay claims)

We strongly encourage everyone to keep their feedback profile public. It helps you earn the trust of other eBay members, increasing the likelihood that they’ll trade with you.

In order to sell on eBay, your feedback profile must be public.

If you choose to make your feedback profile private, you won’t be able to sell items on eBay and the feedback comments you’ve received will be hidden from other members. However, your overall number of positive, neutral, and negative feedback ratings will still be displayed.

The (Fraudulent) buyer below takes advantage of Ebay’s (private feedback) option which means Sellers can not warn other sellers of fraud of problematic buyers.
In fact Ebay while promoting FEEDBACK stopped allowing sellers to leave anything but “Positive” feedback therefore rendering the Feedback system useless.
Seller will see ) Neutral of Negative feedback for dishonest buyers, why? Because Ebay does not allow seller to leave Neutral of Negative feedback.

Screenshot ebay profile

Below is the actual Ebay feedback page image and text for sellers to leave feedback, Note Only option is “Positive” Feedback

Screen shot only option is positive feedback

There is so much abuse buyers can make a good living on committing mail fraud by use of the US Mail to receive products which they don’t intend to buy or keep and at the same time send broken, different than what the seller sent them product.

This company below is such a company that abuses Ebay and commits US mail fraud:
Business Profile
Tablet Equipment
Contact Information:
1316 Avenue M Ste 2
Brooklyn, NY 11230-5206

best price elctronicsbest price electronics repairs ripoffbest price electronics repairs

Notice above the storefront photo, they claim to REPAIR not only phones but other electronics, victims have reported this business abuses sellers on Ebay
to buy working products and sell them to customers who come for repairs and de-fraud the sellers on Ebay plus sending back broken different product (with different Serial numbers demanding refunds)

(877) 230-4175

EBAY buyer user name: pleaseshipfast1
Ebay buyer shipping address
Mark Furman (fake name)
1316 Avenue M
Brooklyn NY 11230-5206
United States

The above uses several AKA names such as

(718) 513-3100
1316 Avenue M Ste 2 Brooklyn, NY 11230

According to records electronicforce.com has ONLY been online since 2010 (11 years in business)

Which business is located at this address:
Focaccia Pizza
1316 Avenue M Brooklyn, NY 11230 (347 492-3422

ZILLOW Property Info:
— bd– ba1,260 sqft
1316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230
: None : $1,900/mo$803,000


Paul Ballard
Apr 28
Just like Kyle said, please do not do business with this buyer. He will buy your phone and use it and then return it under their buyer protection program, unbelievable.
Updated Apr 28
Kyle Perish
· Nov 23
This company is a scam, the phones they sell on their website actually come from legitimate eBay sellers like me. This company charges you a fortune for phones they sell on their website but they actually source their phones from people like me who sell on eBay. How do I know? Because they sold a phone to a customer on their website for $150, when in reality they sourced the phone from me on eBay for only $50. And the kicker? This company then opened a fraudulent return request against me on eBay and returned the customers old broken phone back to me! Completely different serial number and with text message and call history still left in the device from dates that preceded the date they purchased the phone from me on eBay. I’ve tried emailing, texting, calling and messaging them via their website and on FB and they are completely avoiding me. Next step is to report mail fraud via USPS and the BBB, total scam. Save yourself some money and hassle and just buy a phone from elsewhere.


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Street View
1316 Ave. M
Brooklyn, NY 11230

ElectronicsForce.com | Better Business Bureau® Profile
https://www.bbb.org › ny › profile › tablet-equipment
Tablet Equipment in Brooklyn, NY. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, … Location of This Business 1316 Avenue M Ste 2, Brooklyn, NY 11230-5206. Email this

ElectronicsForce | Better Business Bureau® Profile
https://www.bbb.org › ny › profile › tablet-equipment
Tablet Equipment in Brooklyn, NY. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. … Location of This Business 1316 Avenue M Ste 2, Brooklyn, NY 11230-5206 …

CELL2GET – Mobile Phones – 1316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY …
https://www.yelp.com › … › Mobile Phone Accessories
3 reviews of Cell2Get “Well as my overall experience with cell2get was nothing but fantastic in the end. As i was searching to get myself a brand new Christmas …
Rating: 2.5 · ‎3 reviews
Missing: 11230-5206 ‎| Must include: 11230-5206


Better Business Bureau (Records)
Contact Information
1316 Avenue M Ste 2
Brooklyn, NY 11230-5206
(877) 230-4175

Customer Complaints:
71 complaints closed in last 3 years
36 complaints closed in last 12 months

Erica S (1 star) 04/16/2021
********** reviews Categories Blog My Reviews My Settings Help LOG OUT ES US For companies Review of Electronicsforce ES 1 review 1 star: Bad 1 days ago Wrong product for the third time They have a no refund on open box policy. They have sent me the wrong phone 3 times and have messed up for the 4th time with me. I can’t know if it’s wrong until I open the box. I’m tired of spending money to send the wrong phone back and wait 2 weeks or more for the phone to leave Brooklyn. There is too many other more important things I should be stressing over. Out $300 because of their policy and their incompetence. I’m done dealing with them because all they are is a source of unneeded stress and incompetence.

Jim L (1 star) 10/31/2020
I ordered a phone from these people on Oct 25th of this year. Promised 3 day delivery (which I paid extra for). I am writing this on the 31st of October…still no phone in sight. Fairly sure I have been *******. Have emailed them twice with no response. When trying to decide what is true, consider that all the good reviews are 5 star, and all the bad reviews are 1 star. There is one 3 star review, and he isn’t sure yet of his final response. Ever see reviews where there were no 4 star, 3 star, or 2 star reviews? They are obviously putting up a lot of fake reviews to try to keep their rating from sinking down to 1 star! Our corporate attorney(s) are kind of hoping they are crooks. The poor guys haven’t had any fun recently! Our unofficial corporate hacker is looking for some fun, too! Should I hear anymore from them, I will come back and tell you.

Susan L. (1 star) 07/02/2020
I purchased a Note 8 online. After waiting 2 weeks and seeing my order status still “pending” I sent an email to get an update on when it was shipped. They emailed me a tracking # for me to look into it myself so I did and was surprised to find out it didn’t exist. I emailed again and was then told they refunded my acct because the phone was returned to them. I didn’t believe that and emailed them again with my concerns that it seemed very sketchy and I hoped this was not a scam. I was nervous that I was out $358. Fast forward to now, my debit card was hacked for every penny yesterday, over $5300 gone, 5 transactions within 8 minutes to an electronics store through *****. The bank could not tell me if it was *****. Com, an ***** store or what. I have to wait until the auth’s go from pending to posted before I can dispute the charges and begin an investigation by my bank. I have not used my card since this purchase and I knew something was NOT right when I couldn’t track my order with the bogus tracking #. This is a scam. I now feel sure the reviews on their site are not legit. They’re luring in customers with low prices and great reviews to bleed you dry in the end. Please do not fall for it, buy from a credible source.

B-LAW (1 star) 04/20/2020
BUYERS BEWARE! I ordered a product from this organization that was supposedly promptly shipped a couple of days later with no provision of any sort of tracking number. After two weeks of non-receipt of product, I contacted the company to ask for a tracking number so I could 1) find out where the item might be, and 2) better determine when the product would actually arrive. I received a message from the company (Steve) that he had provided a refund (bear in mind, I never even asked for any refund). When I responded, I informed Steve that this organization had now placed our business in a very hard spot as we had been awaiting the product for business purposes. He apologized stating that the product must have gotten lost during the shipping process by the **** and provided a tracking number at that time. Even though he communicated the refund had transpired (obviously, hasn’t posted to my account yet), I then utilized the provided tracking number to see that “something” had been shipped from Manteca, CA on 1 APR 20 and had arrived in Jersey City, NJ on 17 APR 20. Bear in mind, I live in the Memphis, TN area. I then asked “Steve” if he had actually provided the correct tracking number on the package and was then informed that they “intercepted” the package to have it returned to their organization in Brooklyn, NY. Ummmm…nope…no way. And, certainly not in the time frame allowed. Although there are some reviews of successful purchases on the BBB site, I fear this organization is collecting Consumer credit card information to be fraudulently utilized (or sold) at a later date. ElectronicsForce.com’s information WILL be forwarded to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) immediately following this post. Again, BUYERS BEWARE!!! PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Charles M (1 star) 03/23/2020
I ordered a phone in early March. I received a shipment very promptly. Unfortunately, the phone I received was not the model or in the configuration I ordered. When I called to resolve the issue, the customer service was horrible. It took me two days to get a RMA to send the incorrect phone back. After sending it back, I again received a replacement phone very promptly. Again when I called, the customer service was horrible and, as the first time, the representative lied about the product that I ordered. The second phone was what I ordered in every respect except color. That may seem like a minor problem, but I paid almost $130 for that phone and the company never told me that the phone I ordered was not in stock. The CR even had the gall to tell me that I ordered a white phone, when in fact I ordered slate gray/black. When I asked why the first one they shipped was slate/black he claimed it was a mistake. This company is unethical. The CR basically invited me to try to get resolution through my bank, saying, “Good luck with that!” Do not buy anything from this company! This was a simple issue that you would think shouldn’t take three shipments, but even if it did, that they would value customer service enough to focus on resolution rather than arrogant indifference.

Glenda C (1 star) 03/03/2020
I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing from this company. I knew I would need a new phone, as the one I had was becoming more unreliable everyday. And, after checking w/******* about what their new network would allow, I was told: “as long as it is 4G LTE or 5G, it willl work”. And, so preferring the physical “Qwerty Keyboard” that I’ve grown accustomed to I started looking @ ****** (where I have purchased my last few phones, avoiding Upgrade fees & etc…), but they no longer had. And, came across this Electronics Force website. They had the NEW Droid 4 w/the Qwerty Keyboard and was 4G LTE, so I ordered it on Dec 30th and was quite pleased that I found it. With the 10-14 business days for shipping (from NY to OH ???) it arrived on the 14th day. I did call them shortly after w/questions as to why, w/it being NEW was there a phone # attached to it, already. They sd they tested them out B4 sending them out…Okay, that made sense to me. However, it didn’t explain all of the pictures of someone’s home and cats. ??? Anyway… But, after spending 2 weeks, and a dozen ******* Reps trying to transferring it to my Account, a Mgr from Tech Support sd even though, it is 4G LTE it is not HD Voice, and apologized for not being given all of the new info. And, was able to give all sorts of credit on my account. In the mean time, I still had a phone that was failing and a “new” phone I couldn’t use. And, even though, I have been w/******* for 13-14 years now, & still believe them to be the Best Network, I checked w/the other 3 to see where I could get my Droid 4 activated. NONE of them could activate this on their NEW networks! ??? Why is a “Cell Phone Company” selling phones that can’t be used on any networks???!!! So, I called Electronics Force/CellToGet, and finally got through to someone, and they sd to send it back, at my expense, and they would call me when it arrived, and send out what else I might want. We sent it out on Wed., and by the tracking # and insurance (since we had quite a bit of $ in it, already) found out it was delivered on Friday, before noon. Still had not gotten a call by early afternoon, and called and reached someone who said “they’ve already gone home…they go home early on Fridays”… No call on Monday, Tuesday and I finally called and reached someone on Wed., and he said the other phones I wanted, were more expensive and I would have to pay more $. I asked what I could get for the $ I already spent…or did he just want to refund my $. “Oh no…he didn’t want to do that…he could send me a Kyocera Flip Phone.” ??? A “Flip Phone”?! Seriously?! For the $ I already invested?! I haven’t used a Flip Phone in over 13 years! REALLY?! Thats the best they could do? So, needing something reliable, I told him to go ahead…He told me it would be 7-10 days. I did receive it on the 10th day, but, when I went to activate, there was no SIM card. I called back and TT the same guy, and he sd I would only get that If I had service w/them. Seriously?! Any phone I purchased from Amazon, all had active SIM cards already installed! Anyway, just went to the ******* store this week to have the SIM card installed and phone activated, and the rep did confirm what I had suspected, that the phone is not worth what I had already paid this company, even w/tax! But, I’m not contacting the Electronics Force again about this…YES, they should make it right! But, the frustration caused from this whole experience w/them is NOT WORTH IT! I have no idea where the good reviews came from, unless they were employees trying to keep their jobs…But, I for one, & looks like i’m one of many, willl never use them again!

 John D (1 star) 05/27/2019
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE. The moment I placed the order I felt I was being scammed. Paid an extra $20 for 3 day delivery and didn’t get until many days later. Phone looked very used. I returned phone and was refunded much less than what I was charged. He charged a 19% restocking fee and charged me for shipping. I will never use this company again!! BEWARE

Yousef H (1 star) 12/05/2018
This Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (gsm unlocked) did not arrive as described at all!! It is supposed to be new but it appears to have been used and has scratches on it. Also,it is in the wrong box. Lastly, it did not include any car charger. I tried calling 5 times and cannot get through even though I called during normal business hours. I filled out a form to request authorization for a refund online. Extremely disappointed.

Slanglie (1 star) 11/24/2018
i bought a phone on sale on (11-22-2018) on sale for $194. I got the conformation and payment went through. 6 hours later i got an email saying that it was out of stock and my payment had been refunded and it was not going to available until december 17. So I went back on their site today and checked the phone. What do you know , its in stock, and now its $250 instead of $194. These guys didnt either made a mistake or didnt want me getting the deal so they decided to tell me it was out of stock and that they’d refund me and I could repurchase in december. But suddenly the next day its back in stock for $50 more? Hmmm… sounds about scammy to me.

Steven P.(1 star) 11/10/2018
Buyer beware, this company advertises new products and delivers used ones, also operate the *************” website. I called electronicsforce.com before ordering and they told me that they sold only new products. It was ordered on 27 September and shipped on 5 October. On 22 October a second item was shipped because the original never arrived (it is now 10 November and still is in transit according to ********). The item that was delivered was used, there were scratch marks everywhere and was obviously repackaged. I called and they offered a refund or replacement; I did not feel that I could trust this company and requested a refund. They stated that they would pay for return shipping, this is also stated on their website. They did refund the purchase price but did not pay for return shipping as promised. I decided not to complain because I’d rather not deal with this dishonest company.

BBB does not have images to go with reviews. I have receipts and images of the phone to demonstrate that I was indeed a customer and did receive a used phone. I can also share excerpts of this company’s return policy proving that they defrauded me by not including return shipping in my refund. Part of the reason companies like this can exist is that there is no functioning cellular phone market. This fact worked when subsidized contracts existed but the cellular phone companies still control the market entirely, that is the reason why phones are much more expensive and computers have come down in price. This fact does not excuse a company for dishonest practices and for not adhering to their self published policies.

Ethan S (1 star) 09/30/2018
I got scammed by them, they repackage used phones and sell them as new.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
This past December, I ordered a telephone from Electronicsforce (AKA Cell2get) and was greatly disappointed with the product. I had ordered a new phone and paid extra for expedited shipping, but received a used telephone and regular first class mail. How do I know that the phone was used? Well, once I opened it for the first time I discovered a very nice screensaver of a woman and her child. Further examination revealed that the phone contained 393 photographs, 490 telephone contacts for Ardmore, Oklahoma and 11 text messages. I returned the phone, but the company kept close to half the purchase price. I contacted my credit card company which initially returned the remainder of the cost, but after receiving an inaccurate narrative from Electronicsforce they again withheld the amount. I sent CapitalOne 13 pages of documents, which they apparently decided were not sufficient to reimburse me. I hope you can assist me in obtaining the $68.91 which is owed to me.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

The company’s return policy applies to new items, not the used cell phone which they fobbed off on me. If, as they claim, the policy can be used to defraud customers, then there is no recourse for internet buyers, and no

way to prevent sales of damaged or stolen goods.

I have spent over two hours attempting to provide photo documentation of the status of the phone. Your system will not allow for the submission.


Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[The phone was advertised as new, it was not. It had been used for quite some time.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased an LG v40 smart phone from Electronicsforce. I paid for 2 day shipping and did not receive phone until almost 3 weeks later. The phone was suppose to be new. It did not come in original box or have original accessories. I contacted them the day I received phone and someone began yelling at me. It was then I realized they are frauds. The total I paid was $296.72 which included 2 day shipping. I was only refunded $237.56. They misrepresented themselves. I should have received a full refund plus $6.25 I paid for return shipping. Would you please help me get the remainder of my refund. I would not recommend any one do business with this fraudulent company. I am uploading all documentation. Thank you!

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint 1st ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

1st of all the 1st order Was never shipped out. It was canceled !!! I am fed up with repeating myself. I am going to talk to my attorney, regarding this issue. You will be hearing from my attorney. I thought the bbb would be able to do something about this. Please post on your website to see how this company operates. I would hate for anyone else to have to go thru this. I sent phone back immediately when I received it!!! Other company’s would have gladly refunded my money fully.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
After making a purchase with this company, I decided to look up the reviews. I saw many cases where the phone was used or not what the person had ordered. So I decided to cancel my order. The are also using the business name ******** I would appreciate a FULL refund since I already have to pay twice for the shipping. They REFUSE to give me a return label. They also plan to charge me a restocking fee when I am going to return it right away.

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
I am trying to return a phone that was delivered a month after ordering it, I was informed from “Steve” via email the shipment was delayed due to covid 19 and I have to bring my complaint to the Post office. I have since spoken to the Postmaster in my area and she informed me that the item was not received by any post office in New York until December *** 2020. This is 15 days past when it was said by “Steve” that said the item was shipped. I did not receive all items ordered and am well within the 14-day return policy. Since the time that I ordered the phone the website has since been updated to say that said phone is now ALL Sales Final. I Am trying to work with this company to resolve this matter and seem to be given the runaround.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered a cell phone in October 2020, waited the 14 days to receive it, tried to use it, couldn’t understand any muffled word coming out of it. Called electronics force numerous times, left message, never got returned phone call. Went on line, requested a return authorization code. (Within the the 14 day return policy period ) Got that with instructions on where to return phone for my refund . Well, the next e-mail states that my EXCHANGE PHONE is on its way?? I asked for a refund not an exchange?? 14 days later, never received credit or a new phone. So…I called again, no reply, so..I E-mailed Steve AGAIN, he finally called me to inform me that they never got the original phone back lol….so I ask, why would they send me an EXCHANGE PHONE without getting it back? So of course that being said, he claims that the phone wasn’t sent back within the 14 day period which is also a lie because I have the E-mail to prove that they did in fact receive it. Long story short, I paid $129.00 for a broken phone that I returned to them , asking for a refund not an exchange phone. After arguing extensively on the phone, I was told they would refund my money. GREAT!! Only problem is, FINALLY in December (2 months later) I received $76.50 not $129.00! So…I E-mailed them again, was told there is a restocking fee and non refundable shipping fee. Okay, I get the 15% restocking fee (even though the phone was broken!!) Not sure why you would re stock a broken phone other than to RIP somebody else off. But that’s only less than $20,00 not $52.50???? And as far as the shipping fee, I had to pay for the shipping fee to send the broken phone back!!! RIDICULOUS!!

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I bought two phones and did not get the model I ordered. The phones were not the number or picture I ordered. I payed extra postage to get them in three days and it took seven to eight Days. I never received an email or order number. I finally got the phones and missed the 14 day return limit, it took 8 days to get them, so how would it he possible to return them. When I finally got to talk to a human I was told to call back during business hours. Could not get them. I would get customer service and told that I would be called back. The call back never happened.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

It took over seven days to get the phones and there was no way to get the returned to them within their time frame.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I have given up in any compensation.

Complaint Type: Advertising/Sales Issues
This company sold me a used item. The item was’nt listed as used and damaged. I emailed them a picture of the damaged item and they stated that they would send me another one. I asked for a rma number they emailed me and stated that they refunded $7 to send it back and they didn’t. I emailed them and let them know if the product they’re sending me is used I’d like my money back. Never heard from the merchant again. I sent the merchandise back and they sent it back to me.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I contacted you the day that I received the product. I informed you the next day that I would like my money back. I never heard anything back from you after you said you were going to refund $7 so I could send the product back. You purposely dragged this out to get past the 14 days not only by not responding to my email, but not refunding the money to my bank so I could send it back like you stated you were going to in the email you sent me. Not only were your not being honest with the products you sell you’re being deceitful stating in your email to me to refund some money so I can send it back.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered a brand new phone and received it – in the factory box, with all accessories. However, it turned out that the phone was attached to a certain AZ customer so Sprint could not activate it!!! I wanted to return the phone and asked for Returned Merchandise Label. The company representative Steve said that they did not have labels at the time but that I will be reimbursed for the shipping cost. After the phone arrived to the company I got full price refunded to my credit card – but not $7.49 shipping cost (a copy of the postal receipt was submitted). After a few back and forth emails Steve stopped answering. The bottom line: they owe me $7.49. It is not a life-saving amount but such a penny-pinching scam is outrageous.

Complaint Type: Advertising/Sales Issues
I purchased a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy s8 from Electronic Force. They sent me a Samsung Galaxy s8 LOCKED with T-Mobile. When I filled out a return form it was not responded to in the period of time their website says to allow for. I feel as though I have been scammed.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
On April *, I ordered a Consumer Cellular 101 Flip Phone ($79.99, order number: *****) on the ElectronicsForce website and paid $62.77 for *** Next Day Air delivery. On April **, the phone arrived by **** Priority Mail 2-Day delivery for $29.16. On April **, I contacted ElectronicsForce to ask why my order came so late and the response was there was a delay in shipping it due to COVID-19 and *** does not deliver to my neighborhood. But *** does deliver to my neighborhood and has continued doing so during the pandemic. There is a *** store at ***** ******** ***** and a **** office at ***** ******** *****. Both locations are less than one mile apart, and each is one mile from my house. ElectronicsForce then suggested I return the phone if I was not satisfied with their response. On April **, I returned the phone with its accessories and packaging and within the 14-day time frame for returns after obtaining an authorization code (rma # ****) from ElectronicsForce on the ****. I enclosed with this phone my letter requesting a partial refund based on my dissatisfaction with the shipping method and a copy of a *** Next Day Air envelope that I received last January. I returned the phone at the *** store and paid $14.31 for Next Day Air delivery. On April **, the phone was delivered to ElectronicsForce. On April *** I told ElectronicsForce I had returned the phone. Later that day, I received a second package from ElectronicsForce, but I had not requested an exchange for the phone. On April **, ElectronicsForce said once they received the phone, it would take 4-5 days to process the return. On April **, I returned the unopened package at the **** office and paid $8.70 for Priority Mail 2-Day delivery. On April **, the package was delivered to ElectronicsForce. On May *, I told ElectronicsForce about the two returns on April ** and **** and requested that I be charged for the **** Priority Mail 2-Day ($29.16) delivery of the phone on April ** and to have the charge for the *** Next Day Air ($62.77) shipping method that I paid for on April *, but was not used to deliver the phone to me, removed. On May **, I received a third package from ElectronicsForce, but like the second package, I had not ordered this one either. On May **, I returned this unopened package at the **** office and paid $8.70 for Priority Mail 2-Day delivery. On May **, the package was delivered to ElectronicsForce. On May **, I told ElectronicsForce about the three returns on April ** and **** and May ** and repeated my request about the shipping charge. On June **, ElectronicsForce refused my request because I had opened and resealed the package that the phone arrived in on April **. I never wanted a refund for any of these packages, one of which I ordered, the other two I did not. Having paid for the initial *** Next Day Air delivery and to return all three packages, I have paid much more for shipping than I did for the phone. When I ordered the phone, I paid $142.76 for it and the shipping that I selected. The phone and the shipping that ElectronicsForce used cost $109.15, which is what I should have been charged. I paid for the most expensive shipping so I could get the phone on the next business day. But I had to wait for more than a week for a phone that was delivered, without my knowledge or consent, via a 2-business day shipping method. I have paid $174.47 for the phone, the shipping that I selected, and the return of three packages when I had only ordered one.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I did not return the phone to get a refund. I returned the phone because I did not want it. I also never wanted to receive two packages after having returned the phone. But I had to pay for the return of three packages when I had only ordered one and had only planned to return one.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

The July ** response from ElectronicsForce.com is exactly the same as their July * response. Therefore, my response is the same one I submitted on July **:

I did not return the phone to get a refund. I returned the phone because I did not want it. I also never wanted to receive two packages after having returned the phone. But I had to pay for the return of three packages when I had only ordered one and had only planned to return one.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered a Samsung A50 cell phone and never received a confirmation number at the time of purchase. I saw the reviews from the BBB and immediately called to cancel my order. The agent said he cancelled my order and he would send me an email which I never received. I asked the agent to stay on the phone until I received the email but he hung up on me. I contacted American Express to reverse the changes if they appear on my bill. This is not a repeatable company and I urge buyers to avoid this company at all costs.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy s relay with an Internal Booster Antenna – Increases Signal Strength, I ordered it on their website on june ** and it said it would be delivered 10-14 days, I messaged them for a tracking number and they answered me that it will be shipped on Monday june ** and they would then send me a tracking #, but I haven’t recieved any response and contacted them many times but no answer.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
Hi I ordered the blackberry classic verizon on June ** and I’ve paid for overnight shipping another 48$, on Thursday June ** when my phone didn’t arrive I sent them a email and thair response was that my phone has shipped and I will get it on Friday june ** but they didn’t Tell me a tracking number. But it still didn’t arrive. Today on June ** I tried to reach them and send them emails But they did not respond

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a phone on May *, 2020 and recieved it a week later than the delivery date they told me. I am very upset at how late it shipped but also that they shipped a phone which cannot charge, therefore they sent me a defective phone that is in no way usable as it is dead. I need a refund or a fully functional phone as they advertised.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Order # ***** I placed a cell phone order 5-** they took $187 from my debit card 5-**.I had it shipped **** first class at a cost of over $10.Last email from them said it had shipped and contained no tracking no.I have e-mailed them twice in the last 4 days and have received no reply.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
I ordered a Samsung Galaxy s8+ Unlocked refurbished phone from this company on May ****. Paid for 3 day shipping. Waited a week and had not received my Phone. I called Electronic Force and was told because of COVID-19 it wont ship until the following tuesday and I will receive it 3 days later on May ****. THEN later that evening i get ane-mail saying it had been shipped that day. I was confused, but ok.. looks like Im getting it sooner. Nope. Now it is May ****. STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED THE PHONE. I called them again. Spoke with Melvin, again. He stated he would refund my $ and sent me a tracking Number for the packaging. This made me feel a little better until I looked deeper into the tracking number and found that it has yet to be approved by the post office. Meaning, all the tracking number does is prove he printed a shipping label. This phone is detrimental to my business and not having one has made me lose business because I rely on its capitally of producing high quality videos in an easy to send format. I am devastated by all the Reviews that mirror mine. Im against a wall and now have to spend more money (that I really dont have) to pay for a new phone from a reputable supplier. I them you the last bit of $ I had due to the High reviews I read online, but now am beginning to think Ive been scammed. And By the way, I have am a public figure in my local community and my YouTube channel where I will be calling this company out and telling my audience what I experienced with their service.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
Never received, unable to speak to anyone, my order statuses show, “Pending,” “Processing,” “Need Additional Info.” I try to contact about the additional info they need and cannot get an answer. I feel I have been scammed and I would like to know where my order (#*****) is, for $191.74, which I placed on May *, 2020. 11 days later with no explanation to “Needs Additional Info” and what that even means.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered an LG441 flipphone for my husband that has a straight talk provider. Well I asked for a 2 day shipment and didnt receive it for about a week. Then when I received it supposedly they said it was unlocked but after trying an old straight talk sim card from my husbands current phone which is under straighttalk and is exactly the same phone as I ordered for him but is old, and then buying a new sim card kit — none of these would work to get the phone going. This phone cannot be unlocked and I would like my money back $131.00 for all of this plus $35 for a sim card kit. I have sent them messages and called them and never get an answer. PLEASE HELP Thank you

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
I ordered a cell phone from electronicsforce the last week in April and they have been giving me the run around ever since. I never received any email stating a tracking number or receipt of payment and when my phone would be shipped so I contacted them and they told me they emailed a receipt and the phone was shipped by **** and they provided me with a tracking number. So after tracking it for a few days I see it was delivered to the post office front desk in Brooklyn NY so I contact the post office in Brooklyn and give them the tracking number and they tell me the package was coming from Minnesota (which is not true) to be delivered to someone in Brooklyn NY and that the package had been delivered so they told me to contact the company Electronics force to find out what is going on so I called with no success so then I sent them an email explaining the situation and provided them with all my information. So then a few days later they call me and the guy tells me that I will have the phone by the weekend and still provided me with no information on what is going on or a new tracking number. Then a few days later I receive and email stating I will receive my phone on may **** and that they was trying to receive it from the post office to ship it to me. So I have no clue what is going on I feel like this is a scam

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a LG V20 cell phone from ElectronicsForce.com on January * of 2018. This was also purchased with a 2yr extended warranty up to $500. The phone died in June of this year and in turn I contacted ElectronicsForce to describe the problem. I was told to ship it to them and they would determine what needed to be done. I shipped it to them on June ** by FedEx. On July *** I received an email from them stating the phone has been replaced and shipped. I was given a tracking number that never showed any activity. I sent them an email on July ** asking about the status of the shipment since I could not use the provided tracking number. I sent another email on July ** still requesting information due to no activity on the provided tracking number. On August * I received an email stating that they were waiting on the **** to send them the phone back due to an invalid zip code used to ship me the replacement phone. On August ** I received another email with a new tracking number. That tracking number was stated by the **** tracking service as an invalid tracking number. During all this time I have also made several phone calls to the company requesting status of the replacement phone. I am now going on the third month without a phone and no communication from ElectronicsForce regarding the status.

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
I ordered a phone and was charged for it. A few hours later I received an email saying they were out of stock and I had been refunded only I have not been refunded and now can not get ahold of the company at all.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a Lotus cell phone about a month ago. When I received it, it had a few scratches on the back of the phone and also had 399 contacts. The phone was supposed to be new or like new and was not delivered to me in that condition. I emailed ElectronicsForce and they said I could exchange it. I let them know that I was no longer interested in the phone. I had needed it immediately and it was not in the right condition so I wanted a refund. I mailed the phone in over two weeks ago and still have not received a refund.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I did not wish to receive an exchange. I ordered the phone and a phone was sent to me that was NOT in new condition. As stated previously, there were scratch marks on the phone as well as 399 contacts in the phone. It was not in new condition. I sent the phone back and asked for a refund, which I was not given. Instead, the company apparently sent me a new phone? I contacted them via email and asked to be refunded, stating the reasons why. They said to sent the phone back and not turn it on/activate it. I never receieved a refund. I spoke with them on the phone days later and was told that because my debit card had since been cancelled (due to being hacked and charged $400), they could not refund my purchase, but would have to give me a new phone instead.

I then explained yet again that I do NOT want a new phone as I no longer need it, the first phone was not sent to me in a timely matter, and I specifically asked for a refund. I was told that they “tried to contact me and called and left a message.” I checked my voicemail and did not have one and let them know this. However, even IF I had been contacted via phone, it is unacceptable they did not also try to reach me by email as all of our correspondence thus far had been through email. I asked them why I was not emailed and told about the debit card/phone and they had no response. I was only told that “it is impossible to refund you since your debit card has been shut off.” I asked them to either write a check, or refund me to my new card if I give them the information. I was told “this is impossible to do.”

I am very frustrated, displeased and livid. I am a social worker with little income and many bills. This company has the worst customer service of any I have ever seen. PLEASE ENSURE I WILL BE REFUNDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a nexus 6p from electronicsforce.com on july ****. The phone description does not state that the phone is used or refurbished and i received a phone with a bad battery and some other minor damage. I contacted them on july **** and was told I could return it for a refund. Unfortunately i dropped the ball and didn’t make time in my schedule to go to the ups store, and on September *** i contacted them again and got a managers approval to return the phone to be fixed and sent back to me. In stead of a refund. I got the phone to ups on September ****. There were several screwups in shipping and I didn’t receive the phone until November ****. I can’t prove it but I’m fairly certain they just sent another phone. There was very distinguishable damage on the sim tray of the first phone, but it may have been replaced. This phone is worthless. If i use it for more than afew minutes off the charger the phone shuts off. I tried rebooting the phone and one time it turned on for afew minutes after 25 tries. Another time it turned on after over 30 but still shut off again. After these crashes the battery sometimes drops up to 25%. I contacted them via phone and followed they advice of having a sim card in the phone and doing a factory reset. Neither worked. Ive called asking to just return and get a refund but they will only switch phones. I do not have any faith in their products. I do realize I dropped the ball by slacking on returning the phone.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
12/*/2018 I ordered a Blu Studio 7.0 II on electronics force.com website and paid $235.87 via credit card ending in **** order ******. I did not receive what I ordered but received a cheaper phone. Shipped the phone back to Cell2get and requested a refund but was Informed they shipped the Blue Studio 7.0 II despite my written request for a refund. I also stated I am disabled and getting to the Post Office is a hardship for me. I just want my refund and to never do business with the company after their bait and switch action with me. Thank you!

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a phone from electronics force originally on Feb ****, 2019. When the phone came I used it for half a day and it had issues after that. Turning off randomly and not keeping a charge unless it was plugged in. I had to contact the company four times before being able to talk to someone about the issue. In talking to “Steve”, he said that there was nothing he could do until I sent the phone back to him and he had it in his hand. After a 20 minute dispute over the fact that it wasn’t my fault and why should I be inconvenienced without a phone since they were the ones who sent a broken one, he agreed to ship me out another phone that would arrive in two days. I sent the phone back and I did receive the replacement in two days. However, at this point I had borrowed a phone for the meantime since I absolutely need one for work so I did not open the replacement for 6/7 days. In opening the replacement, I found it completely smashed and broken in the box when “Steve” had promised he would personally check it himself. The charger they sent with it, was also the wrong one and did not fit the phone. Because he had been so rude with me on the original phone call, my husband wanted to handle the situation from there. My husband was able to get in contact with “Steve” who once again was very rude, cursed at him, and said that we were liars because it had been a week and the phone didn’t come like that. He then put my husband on hold to call me and yell at me calling me a liar as well. After once again, another long dispute, he told me to send him pictures of the broken phone and he would file an insurance claim and refund my money. It has now been three days, I have yet to see a refund, and I am unable to get any answer back from email or phone. I have all the emails, order #’s, failed promises printed out as proof. This “business” is a scam and on top of it extremely rude and demeaning. I would hate to see anyone else involved in what my husband and I have had to go through.

It did not take 7-10 days to charge my card the $255.42. I’m wondering why it will take that long for a refund and why I was not told that. Please see attached for exact email conversation. Thank you

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Since I’m disabled, I shop online a lot because it’s supposed to be easier! I have never had a problem like this with any other retailer. This place has sent me the wrong phone twice. I have a stack of emails from Steve, who refused to mail me return postage for the first wrong phone, and insisted on emailing it to me. It’s very difficult for me to get around, so I had to have a friend drive me to the library to print the postage label, and then drive me to the post office to mail it. It was his error. He should have had the phone picked up at my house. Then he promised to send the correct phone, if I’d give him another chance. I agreed because I couldn’t find the phone anywhere, and, again, I did not get the phone I ordered. (It was not unlocked for Boostmobile and it clearly was used.) Again, he told me he would send a return postage label. I have been waiting a month and emailed him several times trying to get the postage label. He keeps sending me expired labels. The last time I heard from him, he told me: “I keep telling you they expire in 24 hours.” 1) No, he didn’t even tell me that once. 2) Why would it expire? The first one he sent me, for the first incorrect phone, didn’t expire. 3) Why can’t he just send me one in the mail??? I believe this is his passive aggressive way not to take his lousy phone back, so I am going to my bank tomorrow, with all my emails, to show them how he is jerking me around, and disputing the transaction. If he wants his phone back, he needs to get a return postage label to me.

No, they can’t charge me a restocking fee for sending me the wrong phone … twice. It’s their mistake. And they never provided a valid return from. They’re lying.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I purchased a windows 8x phone from this company which turned out to be on a blacklist as a stolen phone. Contacted the seller immediately about the issue. He maintained the phone was not stolen and that the problem was that it was a 3G phone and verizon flags 3G phones, which is funny because I have the exact same 3G phone in operation right now. He discovered this wasn’t the problem and asked us to send the phone back to him with a promise of sending out a new phone as soon as he received the old phone and the new would be sent out next day air. We shipped the phone back to him on 8-2 he received it on 8-5 at which time he printed a shipping label off but never took the package to the Post Office, this is another scam in itself. The package/ tracking number is showing it’s forever in transit because the Post Office never received the package. I’ve talked with the local Post Office, I’ve left several messages without response and feel I have no other option than to proceed with complaints.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered a cell phone using electronic force (Samsung galaxy A7 2018). And they sent me an old phone, open box, not what I ordered, the same day that I received the package I return it with instructions that they gave me by mail (all the times that I called them, they were super rude). I was told that I would received my money back in 6 days, has been 9 days and I haven’t receive my money, I mail them with no answer, I call them with no answer.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered a phone from this company and was trying to contact them about the shipping address I have left several messages with this company they have not responded and have a complete disreguard for customer service. they have yet to respond to emails or phone calls.



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Yelp Reviews
CELL2GET – Mobile Phones – 1316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY …
https://www.yelp.com › … › Mobile Phone Accessories
Rating: 2.5 · ‎3 reviews

Fernando C.
Las Vegas, NV 5/29/2020
This review is actually on their online ordering and not on an in store purchase. I needed to purchase a new phone for my girlfriend and I happen to stumble on Cell2Get.com as a seller of a brand new Galaxy S9 in purple at the lowest price on the internet which I was looking for. First off their website is not cell phone friendly and only available in laptop version, but looking for what I was looking for and checking out was surprisingly easy. After my order was placed I never received any kind of email confirming my purchase. After 3 days I finally decided to send them an email. This was about a month ago and as an essential worker I was working so many hours and hardly any days off, so a phone call to them during their business hours was out of the question. Anyway, after several email attempts I got no answer. I did select the free 10 – 14 days shipping. So 6 days went by and without any response what so ever from them and not knowing if my order was even processed I decided to order another phone elsewhere and actually received it in 3 days after I ordered it. Finally after 10 days without any conformation what so ever my order from Cell2Get finally arrived. Since I already had gift wrapped the phone I ordered from a different seller that I had received the previous day, I went ahead and requested an authorization code to return my order from Cell2Get. I requested a return code which it said “my request has been submitted successfully” every time and several emails to Cell2Get but received absolutely no response. So that brings us to today I finally have a 4 day weekend and was able to call them directly. I first called them yesterday and the gentleman said they had no emails or any requests to make a return in their system that I submitted at all. I had told him that I had submitted several request to their return center and emailed them directly. He said they had nothing from me and I needed to submit a return request again and to call him tomorrow. So I went ahead and submitted a request yesterday and another today. I never actually opened the package so I decided to open the package and take a look at the receipt before calling them back. So I opened the package and found no receipt. Then I went ahead and took the phone out of the box and it was Blue and not Purple like I had ordered. So I called them to see if they had received my request for the return but he said they had nothing in their system. I also told him I had received a blue phone when I had ordered a purple one. He pulled up my order and said it was past the return period and would only be able to exchange it for the right color. But I explained to him that I have tried to contact them thru email for several weeks and was not able to call them cause of working long hours and I already had purchased another phone elsewhere. The gentlemen on the phone was nice and understood. I was kinda joking with him and told him good thing they had sent me a blue one instead cause I can either keep it or sell it to one of my buddies. It’s a nice phone and it was brand new like advertised. Anyway, I just want Cell2Get to please update your website so you can communicate with your customers thru email or figure out a way to better their online ordering processes so that customers can know if their order was processed thru an email confirmation and provide a tracking number when item is shipped. Luckily I’m a nice guy and just posting this on Yelp and not making a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Steven R.
La Quinta, CA 2 reviews 1.0 star rating5/4/2021
My experience for 2 phone purchases were not so good. 1st phone was shipped but never left Brooklyn and finally almost 2 weeks later phone arrives….YEA! We then ordered a new Samsung S10. When phone arrived took to Sprint to have it added as a replacement, they were unable to get the phone to update. They tired and tried but were unsuccessful. Somehow this business sees that YOU the buyer assumes all risks and even when purchased phone DOES NOT WORK ON ARRIVAL, TOUGH LUCK!! My purchase price was 509.13. Even though phone didn’t work, I was charged a “RESTOCKING FEE” and no reimbursement(36.60) to ship INOPERATIVE phone back. My refunded amount was 417.56 a loss of over 100.00 for a phone that didn’t work!!! Thanks Melvin.

William B.
Grand Rapids, MI 1.0 star rating 3/2/2021
Not only did they send me a used phone (contained someone else’s personal information) that was advertised as new they refused to refund the purchase! The phone was also locked in encrypted recovery mode and unusable

Laura Z.
San Francisco, CA 1.0 star rating 10/5/2020
These guys are awful. I ordered a Sprint phone and got sent some other phone. I sent it back 2nd day air and was told I’d be sent the correct one. A month and several phone calls and emails, I never got my phone and am still waiting for my refund. Too many excuses and I got fed up.

Deborah R.
Riviera Beach, FL 1.0 star rating 9/16/2020

I had a very negative experience! They still advertise a phone that I had ordered from them, because I didn’t want to pay a fortune for it, so I took a chance! I ordered a specific model, color, and internal memory that I desired. They sent me the wrong color and the lowest internal memory model. There is no way that it was just a mistake because I had emailed them the specifications for the device I wanted and I called them when I ordered my phone. They assured me that they had the exact model in stock, so there should have been no issues or excuse for sending me the wrong item. Then, when I went to return the never activated and never used device, they only gave me 14 days to get it back to them. I phoned them about making the return and was assured twice that there would be no problem with getting a full refund!!! When they issued a refund, it was for half of the amount that I had paid!!! Then, they ignored my attempts to try and reach them and to get the rest of my refund. I lost about $300 on that deal!!! I regretted ever doing business with them! The headaches that they put me through was not worth trying to save a $150 because in the end, they made more off of me by only giving me back half of my refund.

Jason S.
San Francisco, CA 1.0 star rating 7/15/2019
Long story short. Unlocked Phones have been unlocked by them and they “lose” that info if you ever need a repair where you send in your phone to the manufacturer (it will be reset) You will own a nice piece of hardware that cannot be used.

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Hi yes my order was ***** and they told me that when I purchased the t mobile stick for one it was available online but three days later it said in email that it was out of stock and that the 59.42 wasn’t charged to my card but that wasn’t true I called electronic force and they said oh no we didn’t do it it was the bank, so I called the bank and they confirmed that it was electronic force that charged it out

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
I bought Blackberry Motion cell phone and paid through my credit card amount of $ 418.89 but didn’t receive my phone and I tried to reach the company but every time I call they said will shipped tomorrow or next week and recently they start not responding. Per **** office in brooklyn, NY they told me th

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
Ordered a product over a week ago, paid for 3 day shipping. Called after a couple days to get an update, they said it would ship in two days due to covid-19. I asked if I could update to over night shipping since I needed it asap. The guy said yes, it’d ship the next day (Thursday) and get there Friday. Another guy had emailed me back from asking for a tracking number, he said it wasn’t going to ship until that Friday. It is Monday and I still haven’t received the package or tracking info. I’ve tried calling multiple times, left messages, when they do answer they hang up on me. Horrible customer service.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
I ordered two (2) new Samsung A50 models SM-A505UZKNXAA as advertised from electronic force, to include completing registration with their website in order to ha e an address book to ship this purchase to a new address. The purchase included overnight shipping and remained “pending” and “processing for about a week. I called 3 times and left a few emails that went unanswered until finally receiving an email from “Steve” that they had been calling me, which was a lie but I let that go. I had asked why the purchase hadn’t shipped. He said it was on the truck. I asked to co firm with me the shipping address and he stated he had it to be shipped to my former address as that address was with the card I used to purchase. He would not retrieve the package and ship to my shipping address although Icomplied with the sites terms. He gave me a tracking number and told me the package could not be overnighted due to the current covid-19 crisis. Understandable, however I was not reimbursed for overnight shipping. I was able to I target the package even though Electronic force sent it to the wrong address. Once opened, it did not contain any SM-A505UZKNXAA phones. The package contained one (1) used Samsung A50 Verison locked phone. I called the next day and informed the same man of the problem. He checked and shipped a second A50. This one, locked to Sprint. That the phones were not new and were not factory or carrier unlocked was determine in several ways technically as well as observation in the phones settings. Several email exchanges between myself and electronic force in which I provided pictorial attachemnt proofs of the problem and need for exchange as well as expectation that electronic force provide refund on the first overnight shipping and the shipping for the return of these two phones I did not order. I was told in email by electronic force that the model I purchased would not work in the USA. I emailed back, again with pictorial proof, that the model literally is the factory unlocked USA Samsung A50 and is the exact model I purchased and expected to be remitted to me as the online store had advertised. Ultimately, electronic force asked for a tracking but would not answer specifically if they would sent the two (2) new SM-A505UZKNXAA that I specifically ordered or a refund of my money nor a reimbursement in shipping for the overnight shipping paid nor the return shipping to return these two used phones locked to the carriers Verison and Sprint. My last email I asked that electronic force state specifically if I was being reimbursed or if the correct models and condition of same was being transacted as I found the business dealings to be suspect. I do not trust the business to exchange or remit in full a reimbursement of cost of need be wise nor shipping costs. Since electronic force tended to make excuses or ignore questions regarding exchange/reimbursement, I called the their phone th8s afternoon. Again, receiving excuses and blatant lies as to the model I purchased and language lean g toward attempts to encourage me to keep the phones sent to me and that I didn’t know what I was talking g about. The man representing electronic force made no attempts to reconcile the issu or statement of full refunds and instead degenerated the conversation into his statements of cursing expletives at me and hung up the phone on me. This leaves me no choice but to pursue submitting this complaint in attempts to resolve this matter as this transaction appears to be a bait-and-switch tactic. Full email exchanges including pictorial attachments can be made available at your request. Thank you

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

As well, I have read the response from electricforce. The phones are not unlocked phones. At any rate. The respondent still does not verify that electricforce will reimburse for return shipping once the wrong merchandise is returned. Nor varification to reimbursement for the overnight shipping I paid when the wrong phones were sent of the wrong merchandise. It was not sent overnight due to the covid-19 crisis and it was a locked Verison Phone, which I did not order.
I ordered two new 2 models of SM-A505UZKNXAA. However, I was shipped a prepaid used Verison model SMA505UZKV in the first shipment. And a Sprint prepaid used model SM-A505UZKNSPR IN THE 2ND SHIPMENT

In order for the BBB to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

Customer Response
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ********, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolvedThe IMEI numbers of each phone clearly indicate these are pre-owned used phones locked to Sprint and Verison as indicated in these photos which Electronicforce has and not the factory unlocked versions as advertised and purchsed. Is there a reason Electronicforce can not search their records through the thread of emails I have sent since March **, 2020 when I began emailing trying to get my correct products while the compand ultimately refunding issues? Or from the only purchase made in the account I will cancel once this fiasco ends? Surely the company is able to find my account from ientificati9n within this complaint? Why the continuous stalling? Please, let’s finish this business. Refund the remainder of what you owe me and let’s be done with this.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
On April *** I ordered a phone and paid for expedited shipping upon check out it gave the delivery date of April ***. After two emails and three phone calls and no answers (voicemail messages left) I finally got a very indignant call back wherein the customer service man yelled at me saying they had a disclaimer for two day processing on their web page. He told me that it was shipped and they sent me tracking number. I told him I had not received it and to please send it to me. About 15 min later I got a call from him and he gave me the number. Upon checking the “**** label” had just been printed. I confronted him with it and the numerous similar complaints to BBB and he went into a tirade yelling at me telling me they sold over 50,000 products a year and their complaints were small. He told me that I would have the phone by the **** Today is the **** and **** site shows they have not received it. Looking at the BBB site and **** – there are other similar complaints and it seems to be a plan, scheme or design in their business practice; first to collect for expedited shipping – professing several different shipping options upon check out and disregarding what the consumer picks claiming a disclaimer for two day processing (Those days are well passed); second, due to numerous other similar complaints it is a common practice to print a **** label on their system even though several days later they have not delivered it to the postal service. I suspect they do not have a particular product in stock advertised on their web-site, charge the customer’s credit card, and stall to get the product from one of their vendors. More certain I was charged for expedited shipping and as of the **** – 6 days have passed and it has not shipped! I chose a delivery date of the *** 3 day shipping. Date Ordered: Sunday ** April, 2020 Detailed Invoice: ************************************************************************* Due to Quarantine – attempt to deliver to front desk – or leave in mailbox in front of building Products 1 x Kyocera E6790 DuraForce XD 16GB T-Mobile Smartphone Rugged Water (e6790) = $127.79 Sub-Total: $127.79 **** 3-Day (1 x 4.00lbs) (**** 3-Day): $19.43 Total: $147.22

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
The business is intentionally misleading people about delivery times within Covid19, and then taking peoples money and refusing to ship products. It instead prints shipping labels and then sits there for a few days. The business owner also owned another company ****************, in which they did the same thing. The business IS A SCAM, FOR ALL THOSE READING THIS DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. Afterwards, they say that they have a waiting period due to covid19. They DO NOT LIST THIS ON THEIR SITE AT ALL, and state that the shipping WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
Status: Answered

I ordered a cell phone from electronicsforce the last week in April and they have been giving me the run around ever since. I never received any email stating a tracking number or receipt of payment and when my phone would be shipped so I contacted them and they told me they emailed a receipt and the phone was shipped by **** and they provided me with a tracking number. So after tracking it for a few days I see it was delivered to the post office front desk in Brooklyn NY so I contact the post office in Brooklyn and give them the tracking number and they tell me the package was coming from Minnesota (which is not true) to be delivered to someone in Brooklyn NY and that the package had been delivered so they told me to contact the company Electronics force to find out what is going on so I called with no success so then I sent them an email explaining the situation and provided them with all my information. So then a few days later they call me and the guy tells me that I will have the phone by the weekend and still provided me with no information on what is going on or a new tracking number. Then a few days later I receive and email stating I will receive my phone on may **** and that they was trying to receive it from the post office to ship it to me. So I have no clue what is going on I feel like this is a scam


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