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  The Goal of the unethical judges, lawyers and family The goal is not protecting, conserving, guarding, helping or even assisting. The fact is it’s about MONEY, GREED and CONTROL. Once a court is involved everything you own and all your rights and freedoms are decided by one person. Fraudulent petitions and motions are granted which cause great harm and abuse to the person conserved or guarded. While they claim or promise you can object or take part in what takes place the truth is the majority of the time you’re ignored and taken advantage of. This is where the term “Probate Rape” comes in. Victims are violated and forced against their will to give up all their rights, freedoms and finances. Lawyers can charge anything per hour they want which can be a $1000.00 per hour create unnecessary hearings, motions, paperwork, meditations, unwarranted actions and petitions all with the goal to increase billing. Imagine a carpenter or auto mechanic creating problems and then billing you to fix them. Below we explain the problem and the goal. Money is the sole reason lawyers and unethical family get involved. Lawyers have… Read More


Other Agencies, organizations or companies who have questionable backgrounds and history What is PROBATE RAPE? Read More