The Three Magic Questions

The Three Magic Questions

  1. What is the EXACT AMOUNT of crime that ANY man or woman has the Right to commit?
  2. What it the EXACT AMOUNT of crime that ANY man or woman must endure?
  3. What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case?

The obvious answer to those first two questions, of course, is ZERO!  No one has a Right to commit any kind of crime, and no one has a bona fide obligation to be made a victim of any kind of crime.  No one has a right to rob, cheat, steal or cause harm to others, so of course no one is obligated to let others do those things to them.  All that you need to do, is put the spotlight on the ones who are trying to commit a crime against you, by demanding that they answer those three simple questions above!  Do not give in to their evasions and nonsensical explanations about how it is impossible to avoid crimes, etc.  JUST GET ANSWERS TO THEM!  The ONLY ones who will refuse to give you a simple, direct and honest answer of “none”, is someone who depends upon committing crimes for their daily bread.  It matters not what their “job” is, if they refuse to provide you with an answer of “none”, then you can rest assured that they are depending upon being able to commit some kind of a crime upon you to some degree to earn a living.  The fake judges, cops, politicians, school teachers, lawyers, banksters, religious leaders, Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, Senators, Congressmen and women, Governors, Attorneys General, Presidents nearly every one of them is committing a crime against you as you read this!  Can you name even just one of them who is not doing so?

We are living in a society today, which depends upon fraud and other forms of crime in order to operate and exist!  And that is why we are in a societal collapse right now.  If you are squirming in your seat as you read this, then it is assured that you have committed crimes upon others, and now realize the foul and evil deeds that you have done.  ONLY someone with truly clean hands and mind will not be offended by what is written here.  Unless they are a psychopath.  But don’t give up hope just yet, for you can change what you are doing and get honest and straight.  No one is so far gone that they cannot do that, if they really do want it.


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