The Liars Are Compounding The Lies!

When liars are allowed to lie with immunity, of course it follows that they will tell more and more lies!  First, the little lies that they think no one will notice, and then on to bigger and bigger lies.  But, the truth is that even the very first tiny little “white lie” was noticed  right off the bat, but no one could be bothered to say or do anything about it.  Or they were going to benefit off of that little “white lie” and so they pretended to ignore it.  But what happened next, was that instead of the ending of telling little lies here and there, they began to grow and grow and became huge “black lies” all over the place!  Lies so huge, so monstrous in their size and scope, that no one would even dare to THINK about doing anything then, because that would lead to some very uncomfortable questions being asked, like why wasn’t something done earlier?  When was this first noticed?  How many others were involved and how?  Why can’t we act to get it under control now?  How much more pain and suffering will we be forced into now, for us not having acted sooner?

Now, when we plug the banking and financial systems into this scenario, we see that they fit perfectly, just like a well tailored suit!  We had a perfectly functioning banking system until the bankers became banksters, and issued more paper scrip than they had gold and silver in their vaults!  Then when our less than honest banking system was moved over into a fiat currency system, is when the big black lies began to be told.  Fiat paper was printed up and bookkeeping entries were being created out of thin air too!  All of those lies being told are crimes, and they are what drives this thing we call inflation.  All that inflation really is, is the increase in the costs of goods and services in terms of a fiat currency, due to the DECREASE in the perceived purchasing power of the fiat currency system!  The equation of how much Human labor is equal to some goods or services that are provided by some OTHER Human labor, must always remain balanced, and when the PPP of the fiat currency declines, more and more of the fiat currency is needed to maintain that balance!

Fiat paper currency started out with being made of wood fibers, then cotton fibers, and then on to cotton fibers derived from old cloth rags!!  Each step of the way, a cheaper and cheaper source of the feed stock for the fiat paper was needed because the costs of the labor kept going up and up due to inflation!  In 1964, the cost of Silver was exceeding the break even point, so cheaper Copper had to be sandwiched between Silver, and then in 1982, our Pennies had to be made out of Copper clad Zinc because the cost of the Copper was too high.  And all of that was because some banksters back in 1913 decided to take over the U.S banking system and issue a fraudulent fiat paper currency in order to take over the world.  There was talk of getting rid of the Penny in the 1990s, because the scam was being unveiled to too many people.

Today, the fiat currency system is being attacked by another new breed of scammer, the “crypto cretins”, but they will fail, because huge amounts of electricity are needed to create and support the crypto currencies.  The hyperinflation we are about to see, will destroy the electrical grids all over the planet because the power plants won’t be able to afford the high costs of the fuels they burn, and the ratepayers won’t be able to afford the increased cost of electricity.  Both homes and businesses will have to shut down.  Oil refineries will go cold and dark, just as all of the banks, and without the banks operating, how will any sales be made at cash registers and card readers?  The loss of Diesel fuel will kill the railroads that bring the mined coal to the power plants, and without jet fuel, 99.9% of air travel will be shut down.  Without Diesel fuel, crops won’t be sown or harvested or brought to market.

EVERY fiat currency that has been brought into use over the last 700+ years, has failed.  Some of them have failed more quickly or spectacularly than the others, but all of them met their demise in the exact same way; hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation, is where the PPP of the fiat paper is decreasing as fast or even faster than the funny money can be printed up or bookkeeping entries can be created out of thin air!  That is when the fiat paper starts being used for wall paper and toilet paper too!  Or for starting a fire to burn the furniture to keep warm and maybe cook a meal, if you are fortunate enough to find something to eat.

Even the ones who are now taking steps to prepare for the world wide collapse of every fiat paper currency that is in existence today, are going to have a VERY hard time of preventing what little they have from being taken away from them by the ones who have NOTHING AT ALL, and therefore have nothing left to lose!!  This may sound to be too “doom and gloom” or melodramatic for most people, but when it is hitting them smack dab in their teeth too, then they will have their epiphany and wish that they had done things differently, and done more of it too.  As of today, the Russian envoy to the IMF, has admitted that we have passed the point of no return, and we cannot save anything.

And the ones who have gold and silver set aside, will find very little to spend it on, when the electricity is off.  Foods and durable goods and ammo will be more sought after than they ever have been before, except of course for the other times that fiat currencies imploded and disappeared from society.  These collapses have been planned out and engineered for many centuries, and they always follow the exact same patterns, but the truth of them is never taught to the masses, only the families of the ones who cause the calamities, ever get to know about them.  They are taught from an early age that they are “better” than the rabble, and so deserve to flaunt their “higher” station in life and abuse the underlings.  That is another lie that the liars are compounding year after year.  It looks like they cannot stop themselves from telling the lies that will eventually destroy their credibility, and themselves too in the process.

A lie of comparable magnitude to the banking and financial system lies, is the one of public health, and how the pharmaceutical companies are killing off the very ones who pay them their money!  These mRNA clot shots that were engineered to nearly wipe out Humanity, are a huge lie too!  We were sold a bill of goods about a deadly virus running rampant all over the world.  We have proof that it’s a scam, because no man or woman who is in a position to provide any proof of it existing and has been contacted, will say that they have actually isolated and identified it and have samples of it to prove that they did the work required!  All of them either say that they have not done that work, or they remain silent on the subject.  The mRNA shots are a total lie, and do nothing but create death and misery wherever they may go!  The insurance companies are suffering huge losses due to the sudden increase in unplanned for claims having to be paid out.  Death and medical care benefits being paid out are currently at all time highs!  But the funerary businesses are all doing quite well now!  The sales of caskets and embalming services are going up, and will continue to go up, until the fiat currency system collapses and takes the power grids down with it.  What will society look like then, when there are too many dead bodies laying around to bury all of them?  It isn’t true that there will be only a few segments of society that will be affected, it will be right straight across the boards, no one will remain unscathed.

The ones who are causing all of this mayhem are deluding themselves by thinking that somehow they will be protected from any harm, because the ones who are guarding them now came from a family, and those mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and children of those guards will be dying off, and that will not sit well with the guards.  Will robot guards be used then?  Maybe, but no machine can last forever, and replacement parts will become impossible to find at any price.  And their larders will be emptied out to one day, so what will they do to eat then?  They will have to get their hands dirty and grow anything that they want to eat or drink.  It will NOT be any kind of easy life of luxury and idleness any longer.  It will be one of they either work, or they will die too.  But what a cost to learn that life lesson!!  As Benjamin Franklin said so well lo these many years ago, “Experience keeps a dear (expensive) school, but the fool will learn in no other”.  Some have learned that lesson outside of that school, but not enough to make a difference, it seems.

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