The Furtherance of Justice?

As final proof of the corruption and duplicitous nature of the legal system, is the fact that “witnesses” for the State are allowed to lie while under oath!  This is said to be done “in the interests of the furtherance of justice”!  Well, exactly whose justice is being served there, when men and women are allowed to lie in a trial, and those lies are designed and allowed in order to sway a verdict one way or the other?  What more proof of a scam being run on us in the legal system than that, do we need to see?

There is a maxim of Law, which states that justice must satisfy the appearance of justice.  And what is the definition of, the meaning of appearance, as used there?  Does it mean to show up, like a guest or some other arrival, or does it mean what someone perceives as their justice?  Or is there some other meaning that we are not being told about?  The legal system is chock full of special meanings of words that the average lay person has absolutely no clue at all of!  The word “is” comes to mind as one of the worst ones.  Bill Clinton was not technically lying under oath when he used the word “is” in his denial of having sex with Monica Lewinski, and he even explained why, when he was cornered about his testimony and he said that it depends upon what the meaning of the word “is” is!  Oh, you see now?  It’s perfectly fine to lie while under oath, just so long as you do it in the right way.  But if you do not do it in the right way, well, your goose is really cooked then!  The fake judges and every LIEyer knows all of these facts, and they all profit handsomely from their criminal acts in their cabal, until they get exposed and the rigged up game must be called off.

What LIEyer, whose livelihood depends upon committing frauds and other forms of crimes, has ever got his or her client off by telling them that the trial is a fake, and is rigged up against them and told them to object to being cheated in the sham trial?  NO LIEyer will ever do that, because their first duty is to the Courts and the State, it says so right in the Corpus Juris Secundum under the heading of Attorney and Client!  If they do not hew to that line, then they will get disbarred!

Just ask any LIEyer where your guarantee of actually getting a fair trial is to be found, so you can read it for yourself and not have to depend upon hearsay evidence of its existence.

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