The Appearance of Justice?

When one steps back a little bit in order to take in a larger view of the legal system (more approaching completeness) and its machinations, it becomes almost comical to see the limitations it imposes upon itself in order to keep the covers on what it is doing the whole time.  That is, various opinions have been promulgated by and from the legal system which always seem to fall quite short of truth and logic.

In the cases of the disqualification of judges for bias and even the APPEARANCE of a potential bias, we still do not see even one instance of taking the logic out to the Ne Plus Ultra or anywhere near it.  If one takes this idea out to the Ne Plus Ultra, of course it leads us straight to the point of the entire judicial system as we know it today being thrown out onto the trash heap of history!  In other words, the judicial system performs the most adept act of tap dancing around the issue that anyone could ever hope to see.  The feet move with such blinding speed and finesse that no one can follow the movement!  It’s all just a blur to the eyes as the feet whir and the dust flies up into our eyes.  How do they pull this off?  Is it some sort of legerdemain albeit one performed by ten toes?

This disqualification of judges has been discussed and explained and justified for many years now, but no one ever really gets right down to the brass tacks of it all.  Namely, that as was stated above, the entire legal system has been corrupted and is not to be trusted any further than one can watch it.  And even then it is suspect, as we can see in any stage show performed at a magic club.  It would be the complete undoing of many decades, if not centuries, of con jobs left and right.  It would be a dismantling of the legal system and prison doors flying wide open for all but the most heinous of crimes against humanity.  In the case of U.S. v. Robert C. Braun, the prostituting attorney himself said that if Braun’s argument of exclusive legislative jurisdiction (federal zone argument) were allowed to prevail, that Half the prison doors in America would fly open!  Now is that the kind of fair trial that we are supposed to get?  One based upon convenience and maintaining the face of the legal system and the status quo rather than having real justice?  The only reason that the admonishment of the prostituting attorney did not actually come to pass is because so few have heard of this case or the ones before it that Braun took his cue from.  But here it is now, for your education, Dear Reader.

The legal system has been hijacked from we the people, and given over to a private consortium to do with as it pleases.  And what it pleases to do is to make slaves of us all via various kinds of frauds.  From top to bottom, men and women working in the shadows of the legal system have twisted and warped it into a monster of unbelievable complexity and wretchedness.  Who can confront this ogre and effectively deal with it?  This Author knows of only one man who was able to come close to doing such a thing, and his name is long forgot now with the passing of a dear friend who knew him.  He reportedly won 100% of the cases that he took on, and he did it solely by using The Maxims of Law!  He was said to never have got past a preliminary hearing at the most, as all he would do was study the facts of the alleged case at bar, find out which ones of the Maxims of Law were being violated, and then point them out to the judge.  Of course the case would be dismissed and no one got a fee for their time except for him.  No “judge” got a 1/3 cut of any judgment to go into his or her retirement account, no attorney for the plaintiff(s) got any payments for their time, and of course that put this man in VERY bad odor with the legal community in general.  The legal system takes its profit margins seriously in the extreme, and no case is ever taken on if it will not turn some kind of profit for someone.  The legal system is a business, but one in which ONLY the members of it may really reap any benefits or profits from the crimes it commits.  So when some “rogue” attorney keeps other attorneys from being able to rip off a client, many feathers get ruffled and fur gets rubbed the wrong way.

Something that most people outside of the legal community do not know is that “witnesses” for the government side of a case are allowed to commit perjury without fear of being charged with it!  Terry Reed discovered that fact when a government “witness” was shown by hard evidence of printed out weather reports for the day in question to be lying.  This “witness” claimed that “high winds” at the airport where Reed’s airplane was hangared blew the door open and allowed him free access to where he “found” drugs on the plane.  A competent locksmith was called in to examine the lock on the door and it was found to be in perfect working order and had not been changed since the incident.  The recorded weather for the day in question showed a gentle breeze blew from time to time, certainly no “high winds” that could possibly blow any doors open, most certainly not a securely locked one!  When Reed pointed out to his attorney that they now had conclusive proof of the government agent lying under his oath to tell the truth, and that a motion for pressing charges against him for doing so should be made, Reed was informed that government “witnesses” were ALLOWED to lie under oath in the furtherance of justice.  WHAT?!?!  So that means that police officers are given special privilege to lie under oath to make it easier for the government, State, etc to win cases, even when they do not deserve to?  How cockamamie does it have to get before the term “hanging judge” takes on another, and 100% correct meaning?  At that point, Reed probably should have fired his attorney for aiding and abetting in a crime being committed against himself (Reed) and demanded that all charges be dropped immediately!!

The cases where disqualification of judges is upheld are almost legion.  U.S. v. Sciuto, F 2d 842, 845 (7th Cir. 1996) is one of the latest cases. Also see such cases as Liteky  v. U.S., Taylor v.  O’Grady, Levine v. United States citing Offut v. United States and many, many more.  In short, the legal system is a network of good ol’ boys and girls that pat each other on the back and get away with murder when they can.  They do the best that they can to keep each other out of hot water, and they do it best by keeping the masses ignorant of their rights.

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