The Federal Judiciary is an Affront to the Peoples’ Right to Justice

The Federal Judiciary is an Affront to the Peoples Right to JusticeBrian Vukadinovich

A very enlightening article recently came out by Gallup reporting that the peoples’ approval of the United States Supreme Court is down to 40%, a new low. This is very troubling and people in our country should be concerned. The article pointed out that Americans’ opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court have worsened, with 40%, down from 49% in July. This represents a new low in Gallup’s trend which dates back to 2000. According to the article, Americans’ opinions of the Supreme Court are now the worst Gallup has measured in its polling of the Supreme Court over the past two-plus decades.The September survey also shows a steep decline over the past year in the percentage of Americans who express “a great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the overall judicial branch of the federal government, from 67% in 2020 to 54% today. Yes, there are certain lightning rod issues that will spear opinions about the Supreme Court such as issues of abortion rights and gun laws and so forth, but there are other factors that come into play as well when Americans are expressing their confidence level (or lack thereof) in the federal judiciary. In fact, Gallup’s recent report of declining approval and loss of confidence in the federal judiciary is seen among all party groups, so it can’t be said that it is a “Democrat” or “Republican” or “Independent” thing, but it is actually an “American” thing across the board. The article pointed out that the job approval among each of the three party groups is either 12 or 13 points lower than it was a year ago. This is a bright red flag which underscores the need for an overhaul of the federal judiciary as… Read More