Your data deletion request

(This applies to info you provided as a user, NOT information on our website provided by victims or concerned parties that may expose criminals, abusers and dishonest parties who the public deserves to be informed about)

Private Data and Public data already found on the internet are two different things. If you don’t approve of your business or public info being on this site because victims have brought your abuse to our attention we can’t help you. We are a public service and serve the public.

To whom it may concern,

This notice is to inform you that I would I would like to have my personal data deleted from your records.
My contact information is as follows:

Full Legal Name:________________________________________
Private home Address:______________________________________________
Private non business Telephone Number: ______________________________________
Private Personal Email: ______________________________
The reason I am requesting deletion of my personal data is as follows:

The information that I am specifically aware of, that you process or retain, is as follows:

If you process other personal data that belongs to me, which I may not be aware of, please consider this
request to apply to that data, as well. I would like all of my personal data deleted from your system

Please respond in writing to confirm that my request has been honored.


Your Signature______________________________

Updated 12/23/2020


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