Remove Corrupt Judges from the Courts

Remove Corrupt Judges from the Courts

TO: President Donald Trump, The New York State House, The New York State Senate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

When You have a judge that is bias and prejudice the scales cannot be equal then corrupt by exchanging verdicts for wins in a case, or a Judge is telling a Lawyer what to do in that particular case out weighs the Judicial scales, Judge’s that protect other Justices should be a criminal offence which not even the FBI will enforce This happens each day in all courts from the lower district courts to the High Supreme court to the Appellate court ruling over all the lower courts, and the Federal Court systems, an finally the Justices in the God Almighty Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Who continues not to Balance the scales of Bias, Personally I can Prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt, Judges should be removed from the benches by the Citizens removing all Judges and Lawyers from the commission, not as it is right now, all the investigating committee are compiled of a Panel of 7 Judges two attorneys and one citizen, which we have today, I personally challenge any Judge any Legislator and Attorney General with the Facts which include minutes of cases showing factual evidence of the Corruption on the benches, one and all! This needs to be done to Protect each citizen of the United States! ( 2 – E X A M P L E’S ) = #1. Imagine being found Guilty for something which was done when you were 7 years old some 52 years before you were charged. #2. The in the Supreme Court Judge ( Italian an White) refused a motion to exhume the body of a Husband, the Appellate Court Second Department Justices ( White, Italian‘s) refusing to Exhume the Body of your husband an threw out the case, because the Wife now Disappeared an was not present for the arguments, all when You (wife and witnesses) have 99% of your evidence point to Your husband being Murdered, all this happened during the time your Lawyer ( Italian) walked into your home with your in-laws, taking your safe (the Wife) all your papers in the house proving you own 7 businesses and your home, on the day the wife was in the Hospital being treated for a kidney disease, taking all your deeds and signatory notes for all your businesses you own, because you are a black Women and the husband was white and the family of the husband did not like or accept the Black Women in the family, All because she was BLACK. On the same day all the Police Officers were told by the neighbor the Black Wife was in the hospital and the White Italian Lawyer and White family had no right to take the safe out of the house, while witness watched the Police help carry the safe out of the house placing it into the Car. Now is the time you all need to act. Imagine this being you, The Justices knew all the facts, and refused to act. The justices each of them is aiding and abetting a crime of murder, in this case a women, (Black) Went from having it all to nothing in a matter of hours while she was in the hospital being treated. The Time Is NOW, No Judge will protect you, only we can protect ourselves and the broken system, Please act on this petition,

*Judicial Commission should be made up of Citizens with a chosen Law firm of the commission, which has the authority to fire that Firm at will if found to be Aiding an Abetting any single Justice.
*Any Justice to be found Guilty shall Be placed in general Population of a county Jailing System, Not some Farm for the rich being caught embezzling money.

Mr. Joseph A.F. Sadowski

Why is this important?

Judges do not care about you or I, Judges protect their own first, even if it relates to covering up murder, Judges defend the County, state and Federal Government, Leaving you and I at the mercy of Fines Jail or losing our children, Some cases are senile from age or dementia from sickness or age, all who do not have a right to rule over anyone. Some have asked the senate Judicial Commission to step in like Senator Schumer and all refuse to clean up the system



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