Be Ready to Turn to the ICC (The Hague)

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Be Ready to Turn to the ICC (The Hague) Jan. 5. Preparing “Easy 3 Step” Doc.s NOW. Watch This Space!

Hi All, Happy and Safe Festive season to all of the 545,000 + that we are. We are the core of the people’s campaign to free Julian Assange and to Stop the Extradition into USA Authoritarian Torture. We are currently drafting the submission of escalation through the International Criminal Court (ICC) also called The Hague. It will be ready to go on January 5, 2021 and if we receive an adverse ruling we can all make our own individually informed decision whether we push to investigate with possibly to prosecute “Public Officers” of Australia, The UK, Sweden and Ecuador that have been alleged to be part of the international criminal network involved in the psychological torturing of Julian Assange. (Already verified by the UN Spec. Rap.

The way it will work is 545,000 Signatories (all of us/our team) will be delivered an “Easy 3 Step” link for letter automatic generate process that then will be automatically emailed to the designate “Office of the Prosecutor” of the ICC. It will be a similar process that allowed 55,000 signatories to email Australian Parliamentarians as well as other gatekeepers in The UK, etc.

Will Halliday produced this YouTube. “My friend, Will Halliday, has put together a little video that speaks for itself of Julian Assange’s plight.” James Ricketson.

From myself I want to wish all of you and all those dear to you the best of times, great health and a great festive season. In the meantime I will be sending some other updates, but please note that due to the holiday season some of our awesome Australian Campaign Team will be on leave so it may be difficult for me to get some information out by email. We will do our best. The great team that have supported us so well in this campaign will be returning on January 3, 2021. I would also like to personally thank Salonie Dua and Nic Holas in the Change Australia team for their absolutely awesome support to our great campaign.

We are confident because we are powerful.




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