The Legal System is Even WORSE Than Gambling!

To fully understand the contents and ramifications of this paper, the reader must first come to know the definitions of the words Contract and Fraud. They MUST be studied until you have them down cold. Originally, this paper was titled The Legal System Equals Gambling, but after some careful consideration, it became quite apparent that it is far, far worse than gambling. In legitimate games of chance, one usually has a pretty good idea of what the odds are there, but in a court case, absolutely nobody but the fake judge who is operating under a false oath of office, and the Prostituting Attorneys on the case, ever knows for sure what the outcome will be. The flip of a coin is obviously a 50/50 chance of winning or losing, but when a man or woman who has multiple personality and mental defects is put in as an overseer of a court case, even people who are blatantly and obviously guilty, like O.J. Simpson is, can get a free pass! That entire “trial” was really a mockery of justice from beginning to end and all points in between. Nobody was more surprised at the outcome of that sham trial than O.J. himself was! He looked at Robert Shapiro, in complete and utter disbelief that he had been acquitted! He KNEW that he was guilty as could be, and thought that everybody else in the world either knew or would find out the same thing too. It’s no wonder at all that he was so astonished at the outcome! Simpson was told by Shapiro at the beginning of the trial that he would not be convicted, but he didn’t believe it, and asked how that could possibly be, since he already knew that he was guilty! Shapiro parried the question and just said that Simpson was to simply trust him and go along with it all. Shapiro KNEW that the fix was already in, to sacrifice the lives of a man and woman on the altar of fake justice and “keeping the peace in the ‘hood”.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, the definition of gambling is this: Gambling. Making a bet. Such occurs when there is a chance for profit if a player is skillful and lucky. A play for value against an uncertain event in hope of gaining something of value. It involves, not only a chance, but a hope of gaining something beyond the amount played. Gambling consists of a consideration, an element of chance, and a reward. The elements of gambling are a payment of a price for a chance to win a prize.

There you have it! Now, how do the antics in any court room not fall under that definition? Men and women pay a price to a LIEyer or Attorney and the court to help them make a gamble, a bet, one that maybe they will win, and hopefully not lose! Who knows what will happen? It is a gamble when supposedly no one knows for sure what the outcome will be! If there IS someone who already knows for sure what the outcome will be, well beforehand, like the fake judge and his/her Prostituting Attorney, for instance, then it’ not a gamble at all, but a scam that is rigged up to only LOOK like a gamble, and no luck or skill is actually involved in it. either way you look at it from, there is some kind of deception going on, which is fraud, and fraud is a crime! Fraud vitiates ALL that it comes into contact with. That is because there is no way to measure out what amount of fraud is OK to have, and how much is too much, so the bar must be set at zero.

Is there any valid law on the books in any nation on Earth, that compels us to gamble with our life, liberty or property? If there is, then why isn’t it made well known to all? Or is this just another hidden scam that the legal system needs to be kept hidden, for it to operate freely and generate profits? All court rooms in America are listed in Dun & Bradstreet, because they are businesses and are making profits.

Since there is no Actor, Officer, Agent or Operator of the legal system/Matrix who will truthfully answer The Three Magic Questions, why does anybody have a bona fide obligation to get involved in it? The questions referred to above, are “What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has a right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to be made a victim of? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case?” That leads us to a second level question of “Why will they not answer those questions?”. The answer is quite simple, it will expose their con games for all to see if they do so! And whereas no one can be guaranteed that they will actually get a fair and speedy trial, despite being promised that we have the Right to one, we must then ask why do we have to get involved in it, if we don’t want to? Can any casino in the whole world force people in off the streets at gun point and force them to make a gamble with their life, liberty or property? No, they cannot. So why do we tolerate these actions from the legal system, which has been at the least partially corrupted from the time of its inception? Now, it is 100% corrupted!

So here we have now the very interesting situation of the Actors, Operators, Officers and Agents of the legal system/Matrix, who are supposed to be working to right wrongs, dispense justice and punish the law breakers to the point of where they hopefully will not commit crimes anymore, actually committing crimes against Humanity and doing it writ extra large! How crazy is that? PLENTY crazy! How do they get away with committing all of those crimes, day in and day out? It is through the populace being dumbed down in the public fool systems and being told lies and kept ignorant and unable to think logically.

The legal system is a world wide crime syndicate, and though many men and women will clamor as loudly as they can that it is not, in a lame defense of it, not even one of them has any legitimate proof that it is not such an organization. To the contrary, there are just mountains of evidence that it IS a crime syndicate. The brick bats will come fast and furiously now from the scumbags who make apologies for the crimes and criminal nature of the legal system/Matrix for one reason or another, but they will be of no force or effect to suppress the truth.

As Shakespeare said, “Murder will out”, meaning that crimes will ALWAYS be exposed, eventually. And when they are, someone will pay for that crime.. It is only a matter of time until the truth is told and the guilty parties are finally brought to to justice. What that justice meted out to the guilty parties will be remains to be seen, but one thing is totally certain, it will be appropriate, swift, and most likely without any mercy. There is is simply just no room in prisons for traitors or pirates, so do not expect to see any of them in there! You will be able to visit them elsewhere, but they won’t be talking back to anyone.

In Liberty,
Randy Gaumond


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