NOTE: When you install the APP make sure you use an EMAIL ADDRESS to create your account. Don’t opt to create an
account with an Apple ID unless you are certain which email address is tied to the Apple ID.
Write down your password to ensure you can log back onto your Podbean account.

1. Download the APP or Windows software
For PC you’ll need to get a microphone that plugs into your sound card
You can use the microphone built into your mobile phone but you’ll need headphones plugged into your phones headphone jack otherwise you’ll get audio feedback.
2. When installing the APP make sure you say “Yes” or “approve of the app using your microphone or sound system’.
3. When logging in the first time, make sure you’re on the LOG IN screen NOT the Sign Up screen
4, Some accounts may require you to “CONFIRM” your email, look for an email which asks to confirm your email address.

Sign up for an account Sign up Screen Log In Screen make sure its this one Look for your Invite Email
Click on “Join the show link” Click thru tutorial Click get started LIVE when you see message

Trouble shooting
Make sure your phone microphone has permission to accept sound (often when you installed the app you much approve this feature)
Use headphones to hear the show while you use your phone as the microphone.



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