Justice Must Satisfy the Appearance of Justice?

Justice Must Satisfy the Appearance of Justice?

Now just EXACTLY what does that phrase mean?  What at least is the meaning of the word “appearance” as it is used in this wise?  Does the word “appearance” mean that it is plain and obvious for all to see, like someone or something right before our very eyes?  Or does it merely mean seems to be?  A very great deal of difference exists between the two.  And to whom is this thing called justice supposed to appear?  The accused?  The accuser?  The pubic at large?  If we cannot nail this concept down exactly and correctly, then the Void for Vagueness Doctrine MUST kick in and all bets are off.  Of course no one who relies upon the criminality of the court system for their livelihood would ever allow such a thought to enter their own mind, for then they might be obligated to deal with it in an honest manner.  And the last thing that any criminal can do is to allow themselves to see that they are committing a crime.  Crimes deserve some sort of punishment, and they would therefore deserve to be punished.

In 1919, an article written by George Everson entitled The Human Element in Justice was published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.  Let’s peer into that work now a bit and see what we can see, shall we?  One of the more important observations that he made was on the remarkable amount of latitude of judges in how they handled their cases.  41 New York City Magistrates and 150,000 cases was not a small sample by any stretch of the imagination, so no charge of inaccuracy due to too small of a sample can be leveled at him from those quarters.  Mr. Everson was astonished at how the temperament of judges played such a huge role in the disposition of cases, but then what else would any sane man or woman expect?  These so-called judges are not gods of ANY kind, size, stripe or color, so how can anyone expect to receive real justice in front of one of them or even a group of them?  This may fly straight in the face of what the reader may have been taught in school or church, but it happens to be a fact.  Those men and women in black robes may be more educated in various laws than the rest of us, but they do not deserve to be placed high upon some pedestal and worshiped as if they were a superior Being.  In fact, just the opposite should be done with them for their checkered past and varied crimes against humanity.  This will become quite apparent to anyone who takes a good, honest look past the end of their own nose.

These men and women who usurp power through false oaths of office and commit crimes against society are every bit as fallible as the next man or woman on the street.  Show me just one who isn’t, is all that I ask.  Just one.  So with each trial being pretty much a crap shoot, there are no guaranteed outcomes, except for the ones where the trial is orchestrated well enough in order to achieve it.  Even the biggest dullard in the classroom of life should be able to see the obvious conclusion that ALL trials are no more or less than a roll of the dice with our life, liberty, property and good name at stake.  And this Author for one does not like very much the taking of unnecessary risks with those things.  They are just too darn valuable!  And then another question of course pops up, that of can we be forced to gamble against our wishes with anything?  Especially with those things which we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts?  This is the elephant in every home that no one wants to admit is there.  It’s big, and noisy, and smelly, but we just pretend that it doesn’t exist.

The idea that you can hire someone to either obtain for you or help you obtain justice is a big lie.  Justice is a personal thing.  It is as different to each of us as is the concept of love.  Is that what the above phrase is really supposed to mean?  If it appears to you that you have obtained justice, then you have and the books are closed.  For you.

This business of justice not being of any quality that we can measure or any kind of standard which we can hold it to are some of the things which led this Author to the first two of the Three Magic Questions.  There were several others as well.  Such as discovering how the modern banking system works.  How politics works.  How tax laws work.  In fact, there isn’t even one area of society that isn’t dependent upon fraud for its existence and survival.  Not one.  In fact, to this day, NO ONE can name for me even just one part of society where I can’t expose a major fraud going on in it.  Everybody it seems is selling someone else a piece of blue sky!

Every church that ever was has been based upon the promise ( or premise) that they can save us from spiritual ruin and can lead us to salvation, but yet not one of them can actually PROVE to us that they can do so!  Yes, we sometimes do see some repentance (turning away from our old behavior) by the parishioners, but who has actually been to Heaven and come back with a key fob or T-shirt to prove that their particular church or brand of religion got them there and back home again safely?  ANY group of any kind that has a 501 (c) (3) appellation to them is in fact a CREATION of some governmental agency.  And since ALL creations are owned by their creator and are created to serve it, just whom are they going to serve?  Are they going to serve God, or are they going to fawn at the feet of Mammon?  Those priests who molested the young boys over many years, were they not supposed to be acting as God’s Messengers?  Is that what God really wants, His children to be emotionally scarred for life by some of His OTHER creations?  I most certainly do hope not!  So why do we tolerate them?  They need to be run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered.  Politicians promise us that we will have a better life if we will only allow them to lead us to one, but then they nearly always do just the exact opposite.  Why do we allow this?  They all deserve the same tar, feathers and rails too.  The legal system is supposed to protect us, right wrongs and punish those who commit crimes.  But yet when does that ever happen?  What we see are deliberate manipulations, tampering and even sabotage of trials in order to satisfy some political or financial agenda.  O.J. Simpson’s first trial comes to mind here.  Most police cars say on the side “To Serve and to Protect”, but just look at how badly they treat us!  Just WHOM are they serving and protecting??  More tar, feathers and rails, please.

Just as the medical schools are funded in large part by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors are then instructed only in the cut/poison/burn method of “healing”, so too the legal system is rife with fraud.  Lieyers go to work in a system where they all commit fraud upon each other as well as their clients, and then the biggest fraudster usually wins the case.  If this Author is wrong, please point out where and how.  Don’t just call me names and spit in the air, lieyers of the world.  It’s bad manners, as well as juvenile.  Time for even MORE tar and feathers and rails now, if not ropes hanging from trees.

So let’s apply the Three Magic Questions to life and livingness from here on out, and see what comes from doing so.


Randy Gaumond, Sui Juris


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