Dissection and Analysis of Standing and Jurisdiction

Dissection and Analysis of Standing and Jurisdiction

What is standing and who has it?  The first part is easy to answer; standing basically means that someone has the right to sue another or others, the specifics of which vary greatly over the legal landscape.  So as to who has it, that question of course differs, depending upon the time of day, and naturally whom you ask.  Depending upon which party or parties are in favor or disfavor with the “judge”, that is your answer as to whom has standing at any particular time.  In other words, there is no set standard anywhere.  Courts often use “standing” or more specifically a claimed lack of it, to dismiss cases that are not conducive to more crimes being committed by the courts or the hiding of previous crimes.  Yes, you read that right Dear Reader.  The courts often misuse their alleged power and authority to commit more crimes in order to cover up their previous crimes.

The so-called judges are just ordinary men and women too, so can easily be bought, or at least rented out for a while.  They all have a price of some sort at which they are willing to settle for, so you only need to find out what it is and then pay it, if you can.  For most “judges”, their price is 30% of all civil judgments going into their “retirement fund”.  Other “judges” can be bought for much less than that, and some desire a seat on a higher court’s bench where they can REALLY rake in the big bucks.  All of this is as plain and easy to see as the nose on your face, Dear Reader.  You only need to open up your eyes a tiny bit to begin seeing it.

Many people like to gossip about the secret rituals and information of very exclusive clubs, but whoever brings up the inner workings of the legal system and the criminals in it who are using it to feather their nests and line their pockets?  The corrupt legal system is a sibling of the banking cabal, and they both enjoy an extremely cozy and incestuous relationship.  You couldn’t duplicate it out here in the real world without immediately being locked up for it.  The lieyers and banksters live in a totally make-believe world, it’s all lies and fraud from one end through the middle to the other end too.  This is why you will NEVER see any kind of real reform coming out of either one of them.  Oh you may get some tough talk and hot air now and then, but that’s all that it is, empty talk and hot air.  It takes massive amounts of education at all levels of the PUBLIC in order to effect real change therein.  Which is where this Author comes in.  Through these works, exposing people to the facts, that is the only real way to get out from under the boot of tyranny and throw off the yoke of oppression.  In case it hasn’t been noted yet, banksters and lieyers are far more dangerous to have around than most standing military forces of any country.  The military people kill each other off, but the lieyers and banksters feed each other peeled grapes and similar treats while they cavort around in an endless orgy of fraud, murder and other heinous crimes against humanity behind locked doors and drawn curtains.  Yes, very strong words indeed, but absolutely true nonetheless.

Just killing all of the lieyers as urged by some will not do any good at all, for the banksters will just create some more of them.  But if both are done away with and made a good example of for all to see, and the lessons are learned well, then we could have a lasting peace among all nations.  Just as a single weed left in a garden will spread throughout it, one lieyer or bankster left standing will create more of the same until the whole place is overrun with them again.  If this is wrong in any way or place, then please just show where and why.

So just what is it that determines standing and jurisdiction in the legal system?  Are there any premises that are being operated off of which we have not been made aware of and are not in complete agreement with?  If there are such premises (places where you stand and operate from, be they in the mind or actual footings), then we are being kept at a severe disadvantage and are being forced to suffer under a hardship.  You would be correct in assuming that this is something that absolutely no one who is operating in the legal system for a profit will ever want you to think about, let alone be asking any such finely pointed questions of.  The reasons for that reluctance to have the spotlight shined in that area are painfully obvious, or at least they should be.  Anyone who can think in a straight line longer than to the end of their own nose can see why.  And people that are not able to do so are the normal prey of lieyers, attorneys and “judges”.  Questions such as those can pierce the thickest veil of lies, no matter how tightly and intricately woven they may be, stabbing it straight in the heart.  The legal “profession” cannot stand such inspection any more than a spider’s web can hold up against a lighted match.

Let’s look at a case for a moment or two which doesn’t get nearly the coverage that it should, and of course the logic and facts in it which are similarly ignored.  A man named Randy Lee Oxxxxxxxxxr was up in front of a judge (see Randy Lee Beats the IRS) on charges trumped up by the IRS acting in criminal collusion with the DOJ.  Mr. Oxxxxxxr stood up before the judge and stated “for the record” certain facts which undermined the alleged case that was at bar that day.  Such as that he was a man on the land.  What is meant by that?  He was countering the silent judicial notice that was being taken against him by the court, i.e. that he was not a flesh and blood man or woman at all, but an artificially created entity (person, corporation, straw man) and he was under some kind of a contract with the court system and was at sea or at the least was under maritime jurisdiction.  Of course none of that was true at all, but no lieyer or attorney would ever let that cat slip out of the bag as their livelihood DEPENDS upon such ignorance in their clients.

Mr. Oxxxxxxr also stated his name as being spelled in a particular way, which was not consistent at all with the way it was spelled on the court’s documents.  Gregory A. Roth, who was serving as counsel for the DOJ and IRS, took umbrage that Mr. Oxxxxxxr would assert that an improper spelling of his name would exclude him from being prosecuted for a non-crime.  Exactly where Mr. Roth got his legal education from is not known at this time, but it might as well have come as a prize in a box of candied peanuts and popcorn for what it was worth.  He apparently had never heard of the Seven Elements of Jurisdiction.  Nor did he have any kind of a clue at all of the definitions of the words contract and fraud, and if he did, he was surely ignoring them at that time, for how else could he excuse his own behavior?  Either he was acting in a criminal manner with malice aforethought and committing fraud upon the court as well as Mr. Oxxxxxxr, or he was completely incompetent in his field.  He can choose which ever one of those conclusions seems best to him, but in actuality, both of them are correct!!  He was in fact attempting to commit massive fraud upon Mr. Oxxxxxxr, a man who truly understood at least who he really was and was not.  It would be of great interest to find out what else Mr. Oxxxxxxr had deduced from his studies of the law and the legal system.  This Author is 100% certain that he would look upon the Three Magic Questions with excitement and glee to say the least.  His case on that day was a major contributor in their discovery!

There were several other points of law which were taken up, but the Dear Reader can review the transcript of the case that is available on the internet and other places and see them for him/herself.  The “judge” in this case dismissed it as a case of mistaken identity, and if one looks up the word of art “Identity” in a law dictionary, they will see that that is just the kindest way possible to describe it.  In short, the scam of the legal system is just that, a scam, crime, artifice and needn’t be tolerated anymore.  That is if we have the boldness to see it as it really is.  If there IS some reason why we must succumb to the outright lies of the lieyers, attorneys and “judges” then what is it?  Is it the pitifully lame excuse that several millions of lieyers, judges and court personnel would be out of work if their crimes were exposed to all, or that we don’t have enough jail space to hold all of them?  That’s not quite good enough, I’m afraid, for me or anyone else who seeks the truth at all times.  Is there some OTHER answer/excuse that can be offered up which will stand the scrutiny of being looked at in the full light of day?  If so, then please let it be shown what it is, devoid of all fraud, remembering well this maxim of law; Fraud vitiates all that it comes into contact with.  Just CONTACT is all that is needed, not a thorough mixing in of it.  If one cannot fathom the reason behind such strong language there, then they will most likely not be able to figure anything else out on their own and will need their opinion leaders to tell them what they should think and when until the day that they die.  This IS the sad result of the outcome based “education” system.  No free thinking or reasoning is allowed in such a system, for such things will cause the system to fail across the boards and everyone will be able to see it.

So now that the Dear Reader has been given a taste of some facts and logic, does it whet the appetite for more of the same, or does it make him/her want to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to it?  Either way will not necessarily lengthen nor shorten the lifespan, but the enjoyment of that life can be altered dramatically by the choice.

Your ever humble logician servant,

Randy Gaumond

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