Malissa Denise Taylor Court Victim

On June 30, 2016, my ex-husband, Keith Eugene Evans, and I appeared in Loudon County court regarding a child support modification case #8832. Our attorneys, A. Wayne Henry and Bill Petty, and we were asked to work it out if we could. All were also told that if an agreement could not be reached or if the agreement was broken Judge Sledge would then hear the case. My ex-husband and I were left with our attorneys.

My ex-husband and his attorney said they would agree to pay the bills that I had presented to them as well as my attorney fees. The child support was supposed to be evaluated. I was asked to contact Parent Place to establish supervised visitation for Mr Evans. Then we would all meet again to reach an agreement. Parent Place was unable to do the supervised visitation for many reasons. I immediately tried to contact my attorney A. Wayne Henry to let him know and was only able to leave a message. I contacted Mr Evans and told him what I had been told.

A. Wayne Henry never had any contact with me after court that day. I eventually had to file a complaint with the Board of Professional Responsibility, file #52498c-2-ps. A week after court, Mr Evans sent me a note advising me that his attorney had told him he could reduce his child support. Nothing had been agreed upon and for weeks, I checked with the clerk about it. Nothing had been filed. Finally, I was able to scrape together the funds to hire a second attorney, Kevin Angel. He was the one who discovered that a new order had been filed on our case over a year after the court date by Mr Evans attorney, Mr Bill Petty. I told him then that I NEVER agreed to any of the order and had not even been contacted. I filed a complaint with the Board of Professional Responsibility against Mr. Petty because he filed without our agreement My prior attorney, A. Wayne Henry had been suspended and could not have agreed. The judge would have known that Henry wasn’t able to practice because Judge Dale of Loudon county also filed a complaint which resulted in Henry’s suspension and eventual disbarment. I also have a post office signed document that Henry was no longer my attorney five months before the document was filed. Neither of our signatures were on the document. The document contained many falsehoods such as that Mr Evans had seen our son and that Parent Place was doing the visitation.

Mr. Angel filed documents to start the process saying that by filing the court would know I never agreed. Mr Angel has since been suspended by the Board of Professional Responsibility and is currently under investigation for theft and fraud. Once again, I have had to beg and borrow the funds for another attorney. My new attorney, Taylor Jenkins-Dowd, tells me that Mr Angel did not file the appropriate documents and the agreement will stand that I NEVER would have agreed to.

From the date of our divorce and the original parenting agreement, I have made absolutely sure I never was out of compliance. Many can state that I NEVER speak of Mr Evans angrily or the case in front of Jeremiah. 1. Because it’s not his fault. 2. Jeremiah becomes upset if I raise my voice. 3. Because of Jeremiah being severely autistic and nonverbal, no one can tell how much he does and doesn’t understand. I have consistently told Mr Evans of medical problems and when Jeremiah has been hospitalized and he never visited him. I kept him informed of school activities.

While Mr. Evans openly admits, he has broken them at will. Mr. Evans admits he has not paid his half of the medical bills, school fees, etc. When I have sent him the bills, he ignores them or returns them unopened. Mr. Evans has even told me to “let the government take care of him”. (A mentally ill family member told him I get funding from the government that I don’t. Most agencies no longer have funds. I have never gotten Aide to Dependant Families for Jeremiah.) He was supposed to carry my car insurance until our daughter turned 18 and he dropped it. He stopped carrying our children’s dental insurance which I just had to pay $800.00 for dental surgery for Jeremiah. When I remarried, he refused to direct deposit the child support because he would not put the support into any account with my husband’s name on it even though I pointed out that Jeremiah had two other accounts by himself.

The two times I tried to be nice and take Jeremiah to see him, he spent the entire visit slandering me and my husband. He did not want to pay for visitation and actually brought a family member of mine to court who I had told him I found to be abusive to Jeremiah and had stolen from Jeremiah and his sister to do the supervised visitation. Mr. Evans was only granted supervised visitation after being found unfit by Judge Bill Russell.

I have tried every way possible to get justice for my son. I have stayed compliant and done everything required of me. I have presented proof of my income and bills. The bills I cannot submit were given to the prior attorneys who refuse to return my records. When I gave the pharmacy records to his attorney, Bill Petty, Jeremiah’s and my doctors were called with false claims of me being abusive to Jeremiah. (DHS, DCS, social security received multiple calls with falsehoods.

All investigations proved our family innocent. Because of the abusive family member, I had hidden the information carefully up to that point.) I have been forced to spend Thousands in legal fees which I have had to get loans for and still I am asked for more evidence. When I gave a reasonable 2 months account statements, ORNL began freezing my account because someone keeps calling or going on the internet to break in and after 3 password attempts it freezes.

On September 20th, a court appointment was set because the opposing attorney is demanding 2 years of bank account information which ORNL wants $50.00 an hour to obtain and fees per page. I attended hoping to testify and tell the judge why I was unwilling to supply them. When I seen that the judge was NOT going to hear from me. I pleaded “Please, Your Honor.” To get his attention and was immediately hushed and told I could not speak by both attorneys and Judge Dale. Now I am told I looked disrespectful to the judge and worry how the information will be manipulated and used. How can anyone account for everything they have spent when MANY purchases were made with cash? I already have to look over my shoulder everywhere I go in fear of a mentally disturbed person causing havoc and harassment.

A simple child support modification case has become a nightmare for me and my family from corruption and greed that is NO fault of mine nor my son. I am pleading for Justice. Is it not illegal for a judge to sign fraudulent documents? Is it not illegal for someone to make false allegations to government agencies and a person’s doctors? Is it not illegal to attempt entry into a person’s bank accounts? I will NEVER stop seeking justice for my son.

Malissa Denise Taylor


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