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For the public record, we follow thousands of US cases every year which show proof of corruption, conspiracy and crime by the court as well as no due process and fraud upon the court. Our community does not follow US law as we are ICELAND-based

Diane Stickle Berkebile and her mother Jane Stickle are victims of a corrupt county which has a long reputation of corruption and judicial abuse. This goes back to “Kids for Cash judges”

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ORIGINAL COURT VICTIM Jane Stickle Berkebile

Why wasn’t a lien put on her house? Why was Diane Berkebile the one penalized, her parents’ $212,000 home pulled out from under her 180 HOURS after she inherited it having just had a second surgery for Cancer? Plus Boyd admitted no notifications were sent to her  – She was blindsided the day after the Sale notified by a Third-Party Saturday, 5/1/21 it was sold at an auction – as she was making preparations to move in and sell her home, now being foreclosed 3/8/23.

All Denise had to pay from Jane Stickles (Diane’s Mother) , accounts was $13,000 to pay Taxes current BUT ONLY $8,000 was required to save the house we grew up in worth almost a quarter of a million dollars not including content she never let my mother look at, not touch again after stripping her from her home, putting mom in storage for 44 months.

Had Denise paid those Taxes, it would have prevented Diane from taking to Facebook for the past twenty-two months.

Makes you wonder: A dirty Tax Sale & millions missing from Ellwood Hospital’s Pension Fund with New Castle News mentioning Boyd’s name in the article – is this why the young man resigned, and Josh Shapiro is sending him to Harrisburg?

Josh Lamancusa “You sure you do not want to tell the county to pay Diane the $170,000 due to her for conducting an illegal sake on your behalf” which Josh orchestrated that went awry all because he believed Denise when she told you our mother was “in such bad shape and had to go to Assisted Living?”

It seems interesting how many parties involved have moved on since my mother’s death, real and fake:

Commissioner Morgan Boyd

Janet Kalajainen
Recorder of Deeds & Wills
who signed Diane’s mother’s Will and did a $1 Transfer online to Diane without my knowledge reflecting differently than the paper copy! Having not removed the Life Estate preventing Diane from moving in 2017/ causing Sale of Diane’s house to fall through, now in Foreclosure.

Cheryl Waters
Realtor/Tax Assessor tried to Low-ball Diane at an appointment arranged
by Jonathan Miller, Assistant D.A.

Doug McBride
who unknowingly was used by Miller to sell Diane a Bogus Fire Insurance Policy on Diane’s mother’s House which was illegal since Diane was not the owner

Chris Frye
demanded Countywide Tax Sale as he should on Vacant Properties. This one though led to the murder of Diane’s mother.

Frye pursued Lt. Governor,
Mayor position eliminated then created again, but he was appointed higher paying position

Kathleen Fee Baird
Assistant District Attorney

Dr. Norberto Yumang
Resident Doctor approving sedatives Diane’s mother Jane could not tolerate per her records he never received after being misled to believe another patient who was his was the one assigned to Diane’s mother’s room

Staff at Clen Moore Place
terminated including those when Jane Stickle got sick / date of a formal complaint

few of which were used to threaten me with Fines & Imprisonment for not cutting my mother’s grass
after Lamancusa’s Law Firm manipulated the Deed making it, so I would be arrested for trespassing while Diane was not the owner.

Police Officers named in Lawsuits involving false charges and rape

Straw Buyers, Illegal Repository Sales
Intimidation & Harassment

Slam the Gavel welcomes Diane Berkebile to the podcast. Her Mother, Jane Stickle was made a Victim of Lawrence County’s, “I Care A Lot” scheme”. Diane soon realized this was a real life monopoly after seeking help from an attorney after receiving an inheritance from her uncle in 2010.

However, a year later, her father died, TARGETING her mother by this attorney and his partner’s son, an Assistant District Attorney, who joined forces with her sister who had medical issues.
Diane received a call from her sister that she was taking their Mother out for lunch. That would be the last time Diane saw her Mother. Several weeks later, she was allowed to see her mother in an assisted living home. Her Mother was wearing an ankle bracelet and did not have her cell phone.

Before this happening, Diane was to move into her Mother’s home in 2017 per the document her sister and the attorney signed in full agreement to live with her mother. However, 8 weeks before the targeted move in date her Mother was stripped from her home and from her life as she knew it….
After telling everyone in town for months that her Mother had Alzheimer’s, on 8/4/2017 her sister then took her to an attorney to sign papers to remove Diane as POA. 96 hours after signing the paperwork, her sister dropped her off at Glen Moore Place Assisted Living, like a dog on 8/8/2017 and had her fitted with an ankle alarm.

What happened next was her sister permitted the facility to chemically restrain her every time she went near the door, cashed in interest-bearing annuities before Mother’s passing, having her loser home to go to tax sale (after refusing to pay Property Taxes the POA was responsible for) and is now suing Diane for $800,000.00 for ruining her name and career while still employed to Diane’s knowledge.

Diane’s goal is to save her home from foreclosure scheduled March 8, 2023 resulting from the, “I Care A lot” scheme. Diane would like to obtain help to pursue reimbursement from Lawrence County for selling her Mother’s home illegally and deter others from ever taking part in being named in a Life Estate, to never tie up their home in that kind of Red Tape as it is a doorway for corrupt attorneys. Diane would like to get others to come forward who are withholding information as well as covering up and taking part in harassment.

Diane so wants to obtain justice for Jane Stickle so that her Mother’s death will not have been in vain.
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