Tamsen Bowles Court Victim

Mother tries to protect her children and is abused & arrested by two Sheriff Deputies

On the evening of Friday, January 10th, 2020, I, Tamsen Bowles, was arrested by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, for what could essentially be summed up as being a mother.

The Sheriff’s Department, with no warrant, arrived at my home at approximately 7:00 PM with a writ of assistance to aid CPS/DHS with a pickup order for my children. CPS/DHS are known for lying, so, when law enforcement is involved, it, to me, intensifies the situation.

My husband, at the advice of an attorney he had been consulting with, opened the door for the sheriff’s deputies. He told them he would bring the children to the door. A deputy then said to him, “we’re coming in, stand back”. The deputy then came at me at the same time that I was attempting to get my children away from the chaos.

I managed to get my children in to the bedroom and close the door, but the deputy opened the door, and I proceeded to run with both of my children toward a closet. By that time there was already a second deputy in the bedroom. I was grabbed by these deputies, one at a time, as I was running with my boys toward the closet. The two deputies cuffed me, arrested me, and manhandled me all in front of both of my babies. They left bruises on my arms and injured my neck to the point where I had to visit the emergency room a week later. While they were battering me, they claimed I tried to bite them.

It is evident that the sheriff’s department escalated this from the beginning. My husband and I believe that the sheriff’s department were trying to provoke an arrest, if not more. They did not present any paperwork at the door; they instead just barged in.

The sheriff’s department was not there to arrest me or my husband (supposedly). I was only arrested for running toward a closet. My husband was not arrested at all. I was not arrested for anything pertaining to child abuse/ neglect/endangerment.

The charges were, and still remain as: obstruction; resisting arrest; and two counts of assault on an officer.
These are all misdemeanor charges, and they are all bogus.

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