Twila Apger Court Victim

Justice for Houghton Michigan Twila Apger

Twila Apger passed on January 1, 2020

Twila Apger Victim of Corrupt Probate courts

Obituary: Twila J. Apger


Need and never let you go hungry. My parents loved children, they took in neglected, abused children and raised them as their own.
What upsets me, is after my dad passed away, my mom was not treated right. She deserved the world, the best care and love that anyone could have because she did everything for everyone and gave so much in her life to helping others. Her life was cut short because of abuse and neglect. They said her life had no quality and that it wasn’t worth living, even though she said she didn’t want to die and she didn’t want to be on hospice, they didn’t give her a choice. She did not commit any crime to be treated like a criminal and be put to death by euthanasia. On top of that, she never wanted to be in a nursing home.
Some of you may know her story, but for others that don’t know, I will be telling you what happened to her and exposing the evidence. People that did this to her, and others, need to be held accountable and exposed!
In this video, I did an interview on Alex Jones and a woman named Trish went on after me, she was also from Michigan, she talked about her dad and the same thing happened to him. This has happened to too many people and it needs to stop!
Please share and join my page. You can find me on MeWe as well. I would like to know of others that this has happened to, and help save others by educating and bringing awareness ????


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