James Walbert Court Victim

James Walbert implant removal

I would like to begin with the State Rep Jim Guest of the 5th District in the State of Missouri and his offices direct involvement and strong support of this case. In the year of 2007, The 10th of October, The State Rep Jim Guest had issued his first letter of strong support in this case, as well as the complaint of the masses of this serious violation of being forcibly implanted, without consent and or knowledge of this criminal act against a Human being for any reason.

Very soon after that, I had the chance to introduce to the State Rep Jim Guest of the 5th District of Missouri and his offices, the case in its entirety for his review and consideration of support, and further introduction into Legislation of the State Of Missouri in the form of House Bill 550. Prior to the introduction of the written Legislation of House Bill 550, the State Rep Jim Guest had reviewed this case and had issued another personal letter of support on my behalf to the courts, of the 18th District of Kansas, Sedgwick County.

Per the offices of The William J. Taylor Agencies findings, The Private Investigator William J. Taylor has been professionally investigating the claims of this active crime against many others and myself. The Private Investigator William J. Taylor is responsible for many famous cases, in the Untied States and abroad. At the brunt of his Investigations would be the cases of The Charles Harmon Murder, Domingo –Viernes Murders, DuPont Plaza murders, Greensboro Murders, Iran Contra Investigations, L’Ambiance Plaza Building Collapse, and My Lai, Karen Silkwood Murder,

Three Mile Island, Locating Ex-Nicaraguan President- Anastasio Somoza. These are only a few of the Prestige cases that Mr. William J. Taylor has investigated over the last 50 years of his career.

With this investigation being implemented, I moved to introduce the case into the 18th District Courts of Sedgwick County, Wichita Kansas. I filed for an Order of Protection against this Illegal Tracking of a human being for any reason. Per the findings of the State Rep Jim Guest and his offices of 5th District of Missouri and the Private Investigator William J. Taylor, the courts granted this filing, making it the very first the issued Order of Protection of its kind in the Untied States History against this type of criminal activity.

Early into the investigation of this criminal act against myself, the private investigator, William J. Taylor had reviewed an MRI medical scan of my upper back area, in the Trapezium muscle of my person. Upon the examination of the area in concern of my person. William J. Taylor had also noticed the possibility of a foreign body Illegally placed, Via way of Telemetrically measuring the area in question. Upon this measurement being taken, William J. Taylor had then confirmed the presence of and RFID type-tracking device buried below the skin of my person. With this suspicion in mind, William J. Taylor then moves to suggest for further medical testing to be done. Upon this testing being completed in the form of Hard X-Ray, MRI as well as CAT scans being done. The Medical professional Dr. John Hall M.D. had also read and confirmed Via way of listed medical scans the confirmed presence of a foreign body and most likely that of an RFID tracking device were the type of foreign body that were found to be Illegally placed in and on the person of James Walbert.

Further Toxicological testing needed to be done to confirm the findings of Dr. John Hall. For this task I then turned to, the Integrative Health Systems of Los Angles California. The Toxicologists for these tests is the well-known Dr Staninger. Dr. Staninger, is author of the international environmental bestseller the Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Material: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling & Safety, Lewis Publishing/ CRC Press, is among the leading international scientists in the field of industrial toxicology. She pioneered the use of biological monitoring tests for targeting organ exposure to parent compounds, metabolites and their xenobiotics. Her research has opened the door of protenomics, enzynomics and genomics as recognized by John Hopkins University, Pandey Lab and Harvard University Medical College’s small molecule genome project. Dr. Staninger is a former president of the Florida Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and is a former President and founder of the International Academy of Toxicological Risk Assessment (IATRA), which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2005. Additionally, she was the first Industrial Environmental Toxicologist Registered by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals and is a Certified Safety Executive by World Safety Organization and Inspector General for the International Environmental Intelligence Agency (IEIA), a division of World Life Research Institute. She received the prestigious 7th U.S. Army and Greater Stuttgart Community Award for her work during Operation Desert Shield in preventing increased chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from the Kuwaiti burning oil fields during Desert Storm. Dr. Staninger is recipient of two Presidential Awards from Mr. Walter Lowry, Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace President, for her work involving “Pregnant Women in the Workplace” and the “Increased Risk of Genetic Mutations in Contaminated Ground Water.” Her knowledge base and compassion are ever more necessary as cleanup work takes place in the Gulf from the oil spill and in an ever increasing polluted world. Per her offices, were issued a number of blood tests in the way of confirming the presence of such RFID tracking devices and for further testing of any and all damages to the person of James Walbert. Upon these tests, the enclosed documentation will reveal the severe damages to the person of James Walbert.

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