Victor W Lambou Court Victim

Father Victor W Lambou 92 with dementia, isolated from family for over 2 years, they
changed estate documents and took everything

Abusive Lawyer
Twyla Sketchley BAR 478822
3689 Coolidge Court
Tallahassee, Florida

My father 92, with dementia, is isolated for over 2 years from family.
Sketchley changed all estate documents and stole everything, she
vilified the family, Howard Kessler and Anne Van Meter is part of the

Case Number
2019 GA 67

Abusive Judge(s):
Judge Everett
Judge Anthony Miller

Timeline for GR Lambou September 1, 2020

1.       April 5, 2018, Geralyn Lambou was given DPOA by Victor Lambou as attorney Twyla Sketchley compiled and registered it. Signed and notarized April 5, 2018. Recorded in Wakulla County May 5, 2019. Please see attached DPOA to show authority granted by my father to protect him and his property from an unwanted future guardianship and the scope of my responsibility to handle his property. Section 3.02 and 3.04 of original DPOA. Please note I have never been formally notified of anyone revoking my DPOA. Copy on file with my attorney Ms. Johnson

2.       November 23, 2018, signed an agreement with my father for caregiving services, free rent, monthly salary, and reimbursement of all expenses. Copy on file with my attorney.

3.       June 1, 2019, signed a formal lease agreement with my father. Section 3.02 and 3.04 of original DPOA. Copy on file with my attorney.

4.       August 7, 2019, (on or about) Contacted Howard Kessler per Mary (friend of Dad and Mom) for a medical recommendation. Howard Kessler made an appointment for Dad to see Dr. Katz. I did not know Howard Kessler at this time. Dad’s relationship with him I would characterize as a political acquaintance as my dad had advised him on environmental issues when he was Wakulla County Commissioner. I had heard from my father, mother, sister, and nephew that Kessler would often solicit dad for political contributions. I told him then that dad was exhibiting signs of forgetfulness, erratic behavior, bursts of irrational anger over small insignificant issues, driving recklessly and leaning too to heavily on his “friendship” with the housekeeper.

5.       August 14, 2019, Appointment with Dr. Katz. He gave him MoCA test. Dad was formally diagnosed with Dementia. Dad received a score of 19 out of 30, which I was told later after informing Dr. Kessler was unbelievably bad considering my father’s education. I told Kessler then I had installed a nanny cam because of the suspicions I had about the housekeeper abusing and stealing from my Dad. He agreed that was a good idea and that we needed to get the housekeeper out of the house and protect Dad from her. Copy of Doctor’s report on file with my attorney.
*shortly thereafter the nanny cam picked up video of Dr. Kessler asking dad to sign papers without encouraging him to read the content. This is when I became alarmed that my dad was perhaps being exploited by the Kesslers.

6.       August 2019 (on or about) Kessler called to tell me Dad was going to a home for a week or 2 weeks at the most to get him away from MaryJane, the housekeeper who was stealing from Mom and Dad. Neither him, his wife or Sketchley would tell me where. I was told they needed Dad to trust in them only. I did not see my Father for a month. I was in a panic over not knowing if he was ok. Sketchley told my son, Kari, and his wife that they were “using Victor’s paranoia to their advantage”

7.       September 2019, (on or about) Attorney Twyla Sketchley instructed me that it was my job to put all his investments into a Trust and to get his driver’s license revoked ASAP. (And she wanted copies of all his investments, which I did not give to her) She also told me to get his house ready for sale.

8.       September 2019, (on or about) Anne and Howard Kessler told me to take $20 thousand from one investment and put in his checking account. I though this to be highly irregular and refused. I did not comply with Kessler’s request.

9.  September 2019, (on or about) my father’s bank called me to inform me two checks written for $7,000. that depleted Dad’s account. I called and emailed Twyla and she ignored me. Signed by my father to Tapestry and Senior Transitions.

10.    October 11, 2019, Twyla called to tell me Dad was going into a long-term facility. As of today, I have not been legally notified according to the rules on the Florida Bar website and according to Florida Statutes. See links below. Twyla, Howard, and Anne had lied to me so much at this point that I lost all faith and trust in their integrity.
Sketchley also told me I could live in my dad’s house as long as I wanted’

11.  October 17,2019, Dad was taken to a new undisclosed place by Kessler and Van Metter I tried desperately to find out where that had taken my father. I wanted to bring him his medications and warm clothing, more importantly make sure he was okay as I knew in his right mind, he would never willingly move from his home and plant nursery.


What is the procedure for a principal to revoke a power of attorney?
The revocation must be in writing and may be done by a subsequent power of attorney. Notice should be served on the agent and any other party who might rely on the power. The notice should be served either by any form of mail that requires a signed receipt or by certain approved methods of personal delivery. Special rules exist for serving notice of revocation on banks and other financial institutions.

Formal Notice in Florida Probate Cases

12.   October 11, 2019, Twyla filed a petition for volunteer guardianship. The family was not given notice. As DPOA it was my responsibility to make sure dad was not being exploited by a group of politicians and lawyers. This was the scenario that my dad in his foresight had given my power and authority to guard against and if necessary, go to court on his behalf.

13.   October 20, 2019, Howard Kessler, Dad and Al came early morning around 6am to get Dad’s truck from the house. At this time, I knew I had to become proactive to protect Dad’s property. Dad could not drive. So why were they taking it from his home? And why did Kessler tell me several times I had to hide the vehicles from my father? I attempted to report to the Wakulla Sheriff’s office, but they refused and said it was a civil matter.

14’.   On October 25, 2019, I transferred the title of Chevrolet to my name. According to the Kelly Blue Book the car is worth $200.  Section 3.05 of DPOA

16.   October 27, 2019, I went to see my father after I was told by a relative where he was. (Cherry Laurel) He was in a state of terrible and cruel duress. He was without a car, phone, microwave, tv, books, computer, warm clothing or reading materials that he was accustomed to. He was confused and depressed.

17.   October 28, 2019, I went to bring jackets to my father, he was not there. I left them with the office manager. She asked my name and told me they would call the police if I showed up again. Since then I have not been able to see my father. That day I hired attorney MS JaQuetta Johnson.

18.   When did Ms. Johnson file to represent Geralyn?

19.   October 31, 2019, I transferred the truck to my name. I suspected they would sell the vehicles. Why did they take it? Dad cannot drive. The vehicles were housed at my father’s house. According to Kelly Blue Book the truck is worth $4500. I had no intention to sell it only to prevent dad’s lawyer and guardians from selling. Section 3.05 of DPOA

20.   Notice of hearing filed 11/ 8, Ms. Johnson did you receive notice? When did you get notice …I was not given notice … Denita was not given notice …. Vicki was not given notice …. Kari was not given notice. All interested parties should have been given notice.

21.   November 19, 2019, Guardianship signed by Judge Everett, Howard Kessler was given notice, Leonard Hefland was given notice. I was not. My lawyer Ms. Johnson was not? Was my DPOA revoked? I was not legally notified according to the rules on the Florida Bar website.

22.   December 11, 2019, received via email forwarded from my sister Denita’s attorney all the documents that had been filed including the document of revocation of my DPOA in Leon County, which is not the county we reside in. Still have not been legally notified according to the rules on the Florida Bar website.

23.   February 26, 2020, went to DOH to file a formal complaint against Dr. Kessler for exploiting my father. While we were gone Dr. Kessler and Twyla’s contract PI, Beau Webster broke in through a padlocked and chained gate and proceeded to enter the residence without my permission claiming they were taking possession because Anne Van Meter now owned the property. He did not produce any documents that gave him legal right to trespass. Sheriff’s department was there and asked Kessler and Webster to live the property. I attempted to report for trespassing to the Sheriff’s, but they again said it was a civil matter.

24.   March 2020 (on or about), Twyla filed a revocation of my DPOA in Wakulla County revoking my DPOA. Which I was never formally notified. I was informed from a third party. Not allowing any private conversations.

25. During this entire period every time someone in family tried to make contact Kessler or Van Meter would appear.

26. My father’s home is still available for him live with limited supervision.

Please look at section 4.22 and section 3.10 of original DPOA

My father In the DPOA gave me authority to conduct business for him and to protect him and his property from an illegal guardianship. I have never been formally notified that my DPOA has been revoked. This is a Florida Statue. Under section 731.201(18), Florida Statutes formal notice “means a form of notice that is described in and served by a method of service provided under rule 5.040(a) of the Florida Probate Rules.”


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