Elizabeth A. Benedetto Court Victim

I was arrested in Charlotte, N.C. last Saturday (May 25, 2021) on b.s., fabricated charges alleged by N.C. on behalf of the state of Florida (Pasco County). (Stalkers no doubt involved… so obvious.) Once again, I raised my voice of dissent… peacefully as usual… during arraignment.

Apparently, standing my innocent ground was not in vain this time. I was released six (6) days later and the case was dismissed before going any further (i.e., my being extradited to Pasco County in Florida) – not before, however, North Carolina attempted to cash in on the deal (i. e., my being trafficked) to the tune of a $25,000 bond.

As my family, friends, and advocate friends know, my family and I were defrauded of our entire inheritance in and via the Probate court in Pasco County, FL. And they also know what these rogue public officials and state agents did to me personally in order to cover up THEIR CRIMES. I was the the designated Personal Representative of our estate, the key witness of the crimes, the objector, and defender of what rightfully belonged to me and my family.

As a result of my dissent, I was caged for three (3) years in Pasco County jail based on false allegations… solely to malign me, discredit me, and silence me. After being defrauded, I was steamrolled and trampled upon along with my rights and protections in and via the conveniently weaponized criminal court… and then some.

They remain hell-bent in their pursuit of me to discredit me and conceal their individual, collective, and systemic crimes against me (as well as the good people in the state of Florida – and duping them along the way). Interstate stalking, harassment, and interference in all my affairs by a hired henchman (a rogue federal agent from the state of New Jersey) persists… including during my stay here in Charlotte, N.C., and while seeking an apartment.

It’s been a despicable, reprehensible display (albeit largely covert) of abuse of power and authority.

No matter their ruses: the facts and evidence of both the theft of my and my family’s inheritance, and the ensuing cove-up (all perpetrated under the Color of Law) will never change.


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