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Abigaile Golec’s Story

Our daughter at age 5 months was vaccine injured. I thought it would be a quick fix to the Dr. and 17 years later. It not only injured our daughter but it injured our family as well. In May 2017 our daughters were abducted and interstate kidnapped. This blog was started to give inspiration and to have HOPE and FAITH in God. The girls FB page @JusticeforAbigaileandNatascha and outreach https://restoration-ranch.blogspot.com.

Monday, July 5, 2021

The last meeting – hearing was for Probate court in Citrus County Florida for supposedly our daughters dad to post a bond to be able to remove the state oversight of guardianship over our Minor daughter, who is handicapped. Instead the meeting went a whole different direction.
There is no docket with MY name listed – why is this ? The attorney SAMANTHA SHEALY RAUBA sent this NOTICE to me ( notarized March 1, 2021 – supposedly signed May 20,2021 ) giving me 20 days to respond.
SAMANTHA SHEALY RAUBA did not attend this meeting- instead a Pamela Martini attended the online zoom meeting. Whom I was not serviced by, and she remained silent when I asked her questions on how she could relate to the guardianship or trust or crime if a a crime was committed and Pamela Martini did not answer.

The acting administrator PETER M BRIGHAM instead took it upon himself to dialogue with Pamela Martini after asking if I would like to make a statement. He refused to allow me to speak on the record instead he claimed, no – no- no several times and even threatening me with contempt if I did not stop talking. I continued talking but Peter M Brigham refused to allow me due process, refused to allow me to speak to the record.

I stated that my handicapped daughter who is a minor has been abducted and kidnapped and that she is being held hostage and that there is trespass on my biological property and her estate. I sent the citrus county probate court prior notice prior to twenty days and stated that my biological property and her estate where abducted and kidnapped and that I want them returned to me immediately.

The acting administrator continued to speak over me and would not allow me to finish and PETER M BRIGHAM AND PAMELA MARTINI continued their conversation while refusing to acknowledge my presence or verbalizing the kidnapping that had taken place.

Once again I am trying to sign on to the https://www.citrusclerk.org with my user id to E-file. I am being blocked from the website stating that my user id doesn’t exist- my password is not valid. I reset the password and continue to get user id does not exist even though I have a valid profile.

I called the CITRUS COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS https://www.where I get a voice mail that they are closed for the Holidays until Monday ( but gives the date they will reopen Monday Nov 30, 2020 with normal business hours of 8 am to 5 pm ). This number does not allow to leave a voice mail – if you press any number there is a message that states ” I do not understand your request -thank you for calling and the line disconnects”.


This also is not to even mention the gross violations of Human rights to all of us. Especially our handicapped daughter.

I seriously can not believe that I have been at this for Four years. I have shared my story, Abigailes story, #Justice for Abigaile and Natascha thousands of times to encourage others to tell their stories of injustice but the stories of Human Rights violations and the violation of unalienable rights being violated by a system that is not only stealing the right to what God has given us physically to live with – but to violate what Spiritually God has given. Stealing our own flesh and blood children and giving them to the system.

This is reprobate. All for what ? Money, so other family members can control , dysfunctional family systems, addictive behaviors – killing a handicapped child and stealing her blind?

The even larger and pressing question is why is there a system that labels itself as helping families and children doing just the opposite and it is enlisting named corporate terms to abduct, steal , kidnap and killing our children while moms and dads sit by idle and do nothing about it ?

I have been told to share my story because of named agencies, organizations, FBI, NCMEC, I have a list of 70 plus agencies including missing persons – my court documents are NOT EVEN on file. I don’t even get served all the documents. I have been accused of being abusive, neglectful ( NO DISCOVERY , NO EVIDENCE, NO INVESTIGATION) NONE of my court documents are on file and I do not receive everything filed. My own lawyer ( ignored me when I asked for the the documents on file – the country clerk said there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to open them and then said I could pay $3.50 per page to retrieve them – I filed as INDIGENT ). She said INDIGENT status does NOT apply to court records or transcriptions.

Meanwhile, my daughter Abigaile has been abducted, kidnapped and held hostage , against her will in CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA- by the ALACHUA COUNTY FLORIDA COURT ( the address where she was detained against her will is citrus county Florida according to the uccjea document ) Why was this case in ALACHUA COUNTY FLORIDA – and now the PROBATE NOTICE IS IN CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA ?


Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Earlier today I was having some time reflecting on this entire event. I found some extremely fitting memes with Martin Luther King, Jr. that are very appropriate in this situation.

Its amazing to me that there are friends, family, co workers or what ever label or title you want to use that pick and choose when such an event has happened but this one has really given me some enlightenment. It gives the word ” SHAME” a whole new level of meaning.

Be careful what you do to others because you can hurt a lot of innocent people with your own fears and selfishness. You can even destroy a family, destroy someones life and livelihood that is completely innocent – all because of your own fear and selfishness.

Even worse you can destroy a child

This is precisely what I am watching with my daughter Abigaile. How many co-conspirators were involved in the witch hunt against me – an innocent mom who was raising her children, supportive of her husband, and supportive of her God , her family and wanting the best for each individual in the family. Oh- and this mom, decided and chose to always place everyone in her family needs above her own.

So when the discard came – now the system gets to further trauma abuse me and even worse I am watching the system try and steal our handicapped daughter to Guardianship fraud, steal her estate that I won entitlement for her vaccine injury.

Yesterday she was so stoned – and drugged she couldn’t speak. If you doubt what I am saying I have recording of this and many, many more. In addition, because I taught Abigaile her words, I also have written transcripts of every call I have had with her.

I have seen ALOT of evil in my life , and A LOT of people with EVIL behaviors but this situation – these people have it mastered evil on a blackbelt level. Starting with the Probate court hearing. Theft of a handicapped child in addition to theft of her estate and her property.
What a sick and disgusting generation.

How many have I spoken to for help – and you chose to look the other way? Or even worse defend the criminal actions that were happening and now you are speechless? Or you in the system saying your helping and advocating – I was told this by a contact I was given for guardianship fraud help – ” you will have to prove to me that it is guardianship fraud first and prove that it is criminal – but because the lawyer I use and the lawyer who withdrew from your case – I give her a lot of cases and gave her a lot of cases around that time ” so I can see how this would happen. Sorry, I have given you close to an hour now … ( I am guessing that all of the credible documentation that I have and 2 TB of Dropbox info previously shared with the lawyer – that never got entered as evidence wasn’t a good enough clue for you ( especially since that lawyer never got it on record – and why????? Because there is NO Discovery in my case. Surprise – surprise ….. an innocent handicapped child further harmed and could have been prevented. But there is a bond with money and cronies right?

Rather than defend an innocent mother , or help to raise funds to defend her innocent handicapped daughter- you defend criminals, and make excuses. No one wants the dirty work- ( self explanatory).

So 06/22/2021 the very short hearing in the ( Citrus County Florida probate) ( show) took place as scheduled. I was thankful to have the entire event recorded, in addition to having two witnesses who were flabbergasted with the manner in how the judge , or Admin-Is-Traitor acted.

In addition I asked Peter M Brigham ( the minor child – trafficking , co-conspirator ) if this proceeding is taped ( the last meeting for custody to traffic to the next court was not). He stated that it was being taped.

The last meeting, ( Alachua County Florida meeting – to kidnap our handicap daughter and further estrange her from me, there was no recording, no transcript and I was told that I would have to motion to have that ordered. During the meeting. Robert Groeb ( Abachua County handicapped daughter co-conspirator and kidnapper ) advised me, that I could motion to have a recorder or transcriptionist and that if I did he was letting me know – he would deny the motion. The entire kidnapping proceeding took place as a default , as though I wasn’t even there.

****** NO ONE can explain why there are TWO different counties. In fact, there are a lot of things about these co-conspirator meetings that can not be explained.

Peter M Brigham asked my daughters dad ( presenting himself – Sui Juris )if he had statement, he stated no. Then there was an attorney. The attorney named Samantha Shealy Rauba that sent me the Notice – ( WAS NOT PRESENT AT THIS MEETING ). However, there was another woman attorney , named Martini that was there and informed Peter M Brigham that she in fact had sent me service on the documents. This woman Martini – not even listed on the firm, and I have never received any documents from her. Stated to Robert Brigham a brief run down of her narrative. Then Robert Brigham responded with asking me if I would like to speak – and I responded yes I would. I had written my opening statement and narrative just as I had the past two meetings to speak – I was immediately responded to by no, no, no and was interrupted the entire time. My microphone kept being muted. My witnesses stated that they could see my mouth moving but they couldn’t hear me. I kept being disconnected during this time as well. I was even muted and taken off the zoom several times as Robert Brigham continued speaking to my witnesses and whomever. On my screen it showed that I was on hold outside the zoom and that the host would allow me in momentarily. So everything that was being said – I was BLOCKED from and was not allowed to speak.

When allowed back in I asked if I was being denied my due process to speak and to read my opening statement – I was responded to by Robert Brigham that this was not the way things would be ran. He further proceeded telling the attorney – ( I don’t know who this Pamela Martini was or who she represented but I was never served anything by her) .

I addressed her as a woman and asked her if she knew of a man or woman who stated I committed a crime. She looked down and never responded. I asked Robert Brigham if he knew of a man or woman who says I committed a crime, was Robert Brigham there at this crime? Robert Brigham responded that I have not committed a crime that this is civil court and I told him but this case is a criminal case and even his actions are Minor child kidnapping- he threatened me with contempt. I asked Peter Brigham why this kidnapping case is not in criminal court and is kidnapping a criminal offense? He further avoided me, did not allowed me to speak, I continued reading my stated to exercise my rights and he stopped the zoom on my end.

My witnesses both stated they are writing affidavits for me and my handicapped daughter. One of my witnesses is writing her affidavit to place on the Robing room – I was told by my professional witness that Peter M Brigham stated he is assigning the case to another judge, I didn’t get any of this information. That Peter Brigham also stated that he is requesting a state guardian and a state advocate for our daughter who is incapacitate, medically kidnapped and being drugged , unnecessarily and excessively, in addition to my receiving emails stating that property that has my name and our daughters dads name on it that we own – we were asked if we wanted to purchase this property ???? Yes. Purchase property that we are owners that was purchased to use for our daughters rehabilitation. So that the money from the sales could be put back into our daughters trust and guardianship. A week or so ago, After this mockery of justice meeting- I was sent another email stating that it is too late now for us to purchase the property ( that we are OWNERS on ) and that if we wish to keep them that we need to pay rent to the Trust or Guardianship of our minor daughter.

Our daughter turns 18 – in early September. Im curious if anyone has a shred of decency to do something to help us save our daughter from this fraud. I have been asking and begging people for help for FOUR years now.

It is amazing to me how many people are spectators and watch child and human cruelty and say ” boy I cant believe thats happening “. Even more evil is to sit back and be so paralyzed from fear that you can’t get your own child to a place of safety.

Read the memes above – over and over until you get it.


These are photos of our handicapped daughter – if you see her tell her that her mommy loves her and misses her and her sister so much. I pray that someone – anyone who is brave will save her. Is there anyone out there ??????


Remember this last photo – and remember my words. Because if my daughter ends up being dead – I want this to be the last thing you remember when you wake up – I want this to be the last thing you remember when you go to sleep. I want you to be plagued and haunted by her face during every waking breath and every waking hour you have. I want you to do something – to help set my daughter free from this hell and if you don’t I hope you never forget it.
Abigailes mommy forever

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Update on Child abduction and kidnapping of my daughters -EMERGENCY

This is being posted for my daughter Abigaile ( a disabled and handicapped daughter that I won her vaccine injury case and received a entitlement proffer for. My daughter was abducted and kidnapped and the court has been removing me from her life. My daughter has been mentally, emotionally and physically tormented and traumatized. Her estate and property pillaged and plundered and now set to probate hearing after the dissolution of marriage she is now labeled a WARD of FLORIDA. Her dad was given custody 10/2019 after the Abduction and Kidnapping in May 2017 and divorce filed subsequently 12/2018. And given custody again 11/2020 and assigning label to show our daughter as a ward of Florida – and the citrus county Florida probate court now is assigning guardianship to her estate and property. I , Paris Golec, never abandoned my daughters , they have been abducted and kidnapped 05/21.2017 from Arlington Texas to Floral City Florida.


Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim

May 2017 days before abduction and Interstate Kidnapping .

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim

Photo taken days before abduction and Interstate Kidnapping. May 2017.
Photos sent via text December 2020 . The girls with Christmas gifts that I had sent to them .
December 2020 - this photo breaks my heart. It destroys my soul to see my daughter traumatized and drugged. To hear her phone calls as though I have been made a stranger to her. Not by my choice. This goes beyond trauma and is beyond a hate crime to cause this trauma to a child who has been traumatized since her vaccine injury at five months.

December 2020 – this photo breaks my heart. It destroys my soul to see my daughter traumatized and drugged. To hear her phone calls as though I have been made a stranger to her. Not by my choice. This goes beyond trauma and is beyond a hate crime to cause this trauma to a child who has been
traumatized since her vaccine injury at five months.

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

December 2020 – this daughter should be seeing a therapist who is skilled and not related to the family that she is near. She should see a therapist that is skilled with ACES and Dysfunctional family therapy. This has been recommended to her and her dad several times. It is not typical, normal or healthy for a young adult female who had a Healthy, communicative relationship with her birth mother prior to this abduction and Interstate kidnapping – to abruptly stop all communication. I have done multiple welfare checks to check to see if she is in fact living. Sadly enough there are sheriffs deputies in Citrus county florida who have the projection of the “male entitlement movement” and has made derogatory and verbal remarks regarding my daughters relationship with me. Deputies know nothing regarding this relationship prior and should refrain from there abusive, hate filled, female racist remarks.

Golec, Paris case info. 6/20/2021

Allen Golec ( man -plaintiff ) v. Paris Golec ( woman- respondent )

Is there a man or a woman who says that I have committed a crime?
Was this man or woman physically present during this crime to testify to this crime ?
Is there a man or a woman that was present that can show proof and evidence of this crime?
I am requesting that each of these be required and presented before the court.

Case: 01-2018-Dr-4259 – dissolution of marriage Alachua county Florida


1. Allen Gold and Paris Golec were married 5/17/1997 in Eureka Springs Arkansas. A Twenty year marriage at the time Allen Golec absconding with both daughters 5/21/2017. Allen and Paris Golec were married under a Covenant Marriage { https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Covenant+Marriage } at Thorncrown Chapel , Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A state that recognizes Covenant Marriage. {Arkansas passed its covenant marriage law in 2001 (Covenant Marriage Act of 2001, § 9-11-801 et seq.)} It would be Twenty Two years at time of being served with long – distance divorce 01/2019 filed in Alachua County Florida and I was served in Arlington Texas where I was abandoned and deserted.

2. Allen Golec and Paris Golec have two daughters.
The eldest daughter DOB 09/14/1998.
The youngest daughter handicapped DOB 09/07/2003.

3. Allen and Paris Golec agreed prior to engagement and marriage that Paris Golec would take the role as stay at home mother and caregiver for their daughters, this being the daughters best interest. Allen and Paris Golec decided it in the best interest of the handicapped daughter that Paris Golec manage her care.



4. On May 21, 2017 Allen Golec, fled from our address in Arlington, Texas without giving Paris Golec any notification of Allen Golecs intention to keep and withhold their minor daughters. This left Paris Golec despondent and in mental anguish, traumatized not knowing where her children were, no communication and no assistance from public services to help aid in finding her daughters. In addition she was left with no transportation, and without financial support and no resources.

5. Allen Golec admitted to addictive behaviors to Paris Golec. Paris Golec had requested Allen Golec to seek professional counseling for addictive behaviors due to excessive family of origin history. Allen Golec stated he was seeking counsel from his mom and his sister for these addictive behaviors.

6. Paris Golec from May 21, 2017 until January 2019, husband never communicated where husband or daughters were at. Paris sent excessive messages requesting whereabouts and to bring daughters home, sent via text, email were never responded to by Allen Golec. Phone calls to Allen Golec went to a full voice mail leaving no way to leave voice mails.

7. In December 2018 Allen Golec files for divorce against Paris Golec. On the UCCJEA document that Allen Golec signed states that Allen Golec and daughters were residing at the address of Allen Golecs mother with his mothers name, and address listed and her relationship – since June 2017 through the present filing date of dissolution on December 2018. This address listed as Floral Springs, Florida in Citrus County Florida as resident and not Alachua County Florida where this filing or hearing took place.

8. Allen Golec since May 21, 2017 through current date 2021 has offered no financial assistance or support or any contact between Paris Golec, the mother and their handicapped daughter. I was the primary caregiver and the continuity of care for our disabled, handicapped daughter until she was absconded and subsequently kidnapped.

9. In March 2019 Paris Golec was forced to relocate to Missouri due to eviction. Eviction was from Arlington Tx due to refusal of documents needed to register motorhome of handicapped daughter.

10. August 9,2019 Paris Golec requested A Motion for Extension of time to answer summons. This was never responded to by opposing counsel, Allen Golec or the court. It was never addressed.

11. August 9,2019 Paris Golec requested a Motion for Telephonic appearance due to financial hardship from abandonment and desertion. This was never responded to by opposing counsel, Allen Golec or the court. It was never addressed.

12. August 9, 2019 Paris Golec filed Respondent Answer and Counterclaim. All serviced according to Rules and Procedures for Alachua County Eighth Judicial circuit. Sent USPS Priority Express 8/9/2019 with POD requested signatures. All emailed to opposing Counsel 08/11/2019 and Alachua county court clerk.

13. Paris Golec called Judical Assistant week of Sept. 23, Oct. 4, and Oct. 7 and was told the day of trial, when Paris Golec called in the Judge denied motion for telephonic hearing. This was verbalized by phone when I called the Judicial assistant Kelley Jones at Alachua County court ( not the county or city that Allen Golec lived in) .

14. October 7,2019, a trial was scheduled without Paris Golec present and a final judgment was entered October 15, 2019. This trial only information of Allen Golec was entered.

15. December 27,2019 Notice of Limited Appearance and Designation of email address by Leslie Ferderigos, Bar# 0127526 10454 Birch Tree Ln. Windmere Fl.

16. January 14,2020 Leslie Ferderigos filed a Motion to Set aside judgment. The previous 10/7/2019 decision was overturned and a hand written notice by judge ( I requested Carina at Leslie Ferderigos office emailed me June 2020). Labeled continuance for hearing and trial November 2020.

17. In June 2020 Dr. Kartzinel the long time Dr. for handicapped daughter refused to send Paris Golec medical records or progress notes stating my custodial rights were removed. In response to this and additional medical maltreatment, violation of Oath and ethics.

16. July 2020 I filed a formal complaint Florida State Medical board for Oath and professional rules and conduct, ethics violations of Medical maltreatment to our disabled daughter. This was filed online and in addition sent USPS POD to MQA Sherra Mears , FBI, Medical government investigator. Ref.# 202025354.

17. August 2020 Sherra Mears requested a letter from my attorney Leslie Ferderigos stating that I have parental rights to request this invention in order to be continued. August 2020 through October 2020. August 6, 2020 email sent to Leslie Ferderigos and Sharteen Viera ( paralegal ) requesting letter for Medical board investigation for Sherra Mears Medical investigator, stating URGENT matter. Leslie Ferderigos agreed to write letter but after repeated reminders ( emails to Leslie Ferderigos and Sharteen Viera ) never responded with the letter.

18. October 2020 Leslie Ferderigos withdrew from my case. Reference for ACAP # 21-5268.

19. November 2020 Final Judgement for Allen Golec granting Sole custody with removal restrictions for disabled daughter. This is recorded.

20. November 2020 hearing that was previously reschedule for Removal of Co-Permanent Guardian Paris Golec. This hearing in Arkansas to remove Paris Golec from the Guardianship that Paris Golec filed the lawsuit for vaccine injury, won entitlement based on my testimony and evidence of causation in record. Entitlement and care plan established with DHHS. Ruling: Paris Golec , mother removed as Co-Permanent Guardian granted by Judge Schrantz Nineteenth Circuit Bentonville Ar.

Case# PR-10-297-6 ( there were Four revisions to this order prior to filing ).

21. March 2021 I checked the Alachua County Florida Court Clerk court case site. The case 01-2018-DR-004259 has pages of documents that my lawyer never responded to send to me. I have never been serviced all of these documents. I have a list – and binder of all the documents served by my lawyer, the opposing counsels who have diligently worked to remove my Handicapped daughter from my life as well as theft of her property and my oversight.

22. March 2021 While looking at the Alachua County Florida Clerk case website I noted ( and printed ) that Judge Groeb is not showing on the docket, not on any page of the docket. Instead a Judge Wright shows presiding over the case. I have never met or saw Judge Wright during this entire proceeding. Screenshot

23. Sole Custody was granted to the dad Allen Golec based on false statements, no evidence, actors of the court and no due process to Paris Golec the mom.

The reality is my children have been traumatized, abused, medically exploited, mentally, emotionally and physically traumatized. When you have family of origin who talks down about your mother in front of the children and the mother that is abuse. Our daughter is being exploited for her estate and her property to further exploit.

This is child and human cruelty the worst form of human cruelty that any human being could ever perpetuate on a child or an adult.

Summary :
My former husband used the Dallas county family shelter in home state of Texas( Court UCCJEA doc. with filing of Dissolution of Marriage 12/2018). I contacted the shelter, Arlington police numerous times, attached ( list to exhaust all means – occurred from 5/21/2017 – present ). With No investigation, no inquiry, no evidence – and note Leslie Ferderigos final email to me when I requested for records to be sent to me regarding the case file- she states she never entered anything and the reason she didn’t was because Opposing never entered ( Discovery). Why was no discovery done but yet they made all these unfounded accusations against me with no evidence and nothing substantial to prove?

Abduction and kidnapping –

In my mind this is PKPA, kidnapping, fraud, guardianship abuse, medical maltreatment, legal abuse. Removing me secures an estate over $1 Mil for the beneficiary.

Dr. Kartzinel -125 Terra Mango loop Windmere Fla.

I retained when our daughter was 18 mos. old. I worked with him as the primary contact. I contacted him for new therapies and to seek new specialists etc. see medical record/ progress notes evidence – all prior to May 21, 2017. Since that time, has refused my request for medical records and all intervention , even prior to divorce even though I was our daughters Primary caregiver and Health care manager who showed progress – not abuse.

Leslie Ferderigos – 10545 Birch tree Ln Windmere, Fl

Parental alienation lawyer – with a non profit to assist parents like me with no money. Took my case December 2019- filed a motion to set aside judgement in order to file a motion to change custody. However, no communication, no case updates, and change of multiple appointments on calendar – resulting in withdrawal from the case in October 2020 – Twenty six days prior to the trial I had waited Three and half years for. Reason shown for withdrawal : conflict of interest .

Where is the case now? The docket shows the case in alachua county, Florida closed. A different judge on it than presided. Judge Robert Groeb who attended the private office interrogation on zoom is no longer on the docket. Instead a new judges name appeared , a judge I don’t know. And who never held a hearing, trial and I was never served any documents from this judge. Found on court docket under Case Summary


**** I DO NOT know who judge wright is. I have never seen this name prior. This was not the judge at the hearing who I was served as being judge Robert Groeb. ** Why would the name change on the docket and there is no service, no hearing, no trial ?

I have on dropbox 2 TB of documents that Leslie Ferderigos requested and she stated she never entered because the opposing counsel never entered Discovery.

I have progress notes and medical records prior to abduction and kidnapping. Showing that our daughter had made substantial progress over the years under my care, my health care management and the DHHS caregiver used my care plan in her findings and used it as evidence in her case for Entitlement and proffer of funding for the Entitlement award for vaccine injury and Trust fund as well as Reversionary Trust which specifically was taken from my Careplan.


  • I was Primary Caregiver
  • Primary Health Care Manager – who had proven results I trained and implemented this care plan as well as trained on all of our daughters therapy in order to give her additional therapy at home. In addition I worked with her one on one in education and mastery of skills with classical education, charlotte mason and Montessori. Her care, her health, her skills, her education, her daily living skills – gone.
  • Medical maltreatment
  • Legal Abuse
  • Child Psychological Trauma Abuse
  • Guardianship Fraud
  • Financial Abuse
  • Our Handicapped, disabled daughter who was walking with single pole canes, a walker and had even documented up to 25 independent steps at the Therapy ( Neuro- therapy – physiotherapy ) has now been labeled a ward of the state of Florida so the village can exploit her.
  • State of Florida now has scheduled hearing for June 22, 2021 at 3:30 EST for a Thirty minute hearing to distribute her property. An estate with funds of $1.3 Million and a handicapped accessible van that I designed specifically for Abigaile in 2010 for her rehabilitation needs. Photos can be viewed on #JusticeforAbigaileandNatascha Facebook page. Photos can be viewed on Wholebodyrestoration.blogspot.com.
    Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

Posted service – Paris Golec tracking numbers to
Allen Golec – Sui Juris 7020 2450 0001 7753 2616.
Samantha Shealy Rauba – 7020 2450 0001 7753 2630. ( attorney for Allen Golec ).
Circuit court for citrus county florida tracking # 7020 2450 0001 7753 2623.

circuit court for citrus county florida probate division

file no. 2021- GA- 33

file no. 2021 – GA 000033 A ( listed from document mailed regarding notice to guardianship property.

Minor was NOT RELOCATED – minor was ABDUCTED and KIDNAPPED 05/2017 from TEXAS to FLORIDA. TRAFFICKED via court.

Now the state of Florida moves to distribute her estate in Citrus County Probate court on June 22, 2021. This is a scheduled Zoom hearing. I have served via Express Mail by US post office with POD and listed each US Postal Express ID number on each document.

Please keep in mind, due to the dissolution of marriage filed , the handicapped child , a minor was labeled a WARD OF THE STATE. This Notice and petition is now to petition for the property of the minor.

It states on the notice the minor was relocated, NO, this is incorrect.

Also the date the minor was trafficked and kidnapped was May 2017- a copy of UCCJEA filed by the opposing counsel states June 2017. I can provide a copy of this document as evidence.

On this probate notice it states the dad and minor moved to Florida in 2019.

The Minor handicapped child was Trafficked. The daughter was abducted and kidnapped and has been held hostage as a prisoner while being exploited and traumatized under fraud.

circuit court citrus county probate division
petition for appointment of guardian of minor
guardianship of property only
transfer due to relocation of minor

video conferencing , peter m brigham , on 22 of june 2021 at 3:30 pm or as soon thereafter as me may be heard , the petition listed above time alloted 30 minutes.

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

1,465 days May 21, 2017 – May 25, 2021 Psychological Trauma Abuse
1465 Days

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec

May 21, 2017 – May 25, 2021
Psychological Trauma Abuse

Poppy, hi, hi, bye, bye, bye ( screaming bye, bye, bye ) she is screaming in loud outbursts and saying bye, repeatedly. Please, bye, bye, poppy, bye,

Storytime :
A little Sweet Tea –
she screams poppy, bye. Please, bye. She says bye repeatedly over and over.
She continues screaming bye – sounding as though she is trying to cry- she says bye, bye, poppy.
Poppy, she says bye, bye, bye, bye, screams bye, bye, ( screams her version allen several times then cries bye, bye, bye ).

You Are my miracle
She is screaming bye , bye, ( and allen in her version ) she is clearly upset. ( personal note- I can not imagine the trauma and pain she is in. Having been given the circumstance of going through all the vaccine trauma, the hospitals and Dr traumas, therapy traumas and then to be FORCED by a parent that she trusted and the system to further cause trauma and take her away from the only continuity of care and secure attachment that she had). How horrific how terroristic. Poppy, bye, bye, hi – her version allen . She continues screaming. She continues screaming – she is told to stop that.

Brown Bear Brown Bear
Poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, ( she gives sugars ( blowing kisses ) – how heart breaking). Hi, screams bye, bye, bye, she screams bye, bye several times.

Old Macdonald had a farm
Ma, ma, ma – the phone went silent – I ask if she can hear me, no response. I ask if she can say ma, ma, ma – again the phone is silent. Bye, bye, bye, I hung up phone ( there was no noise it was silent and I called her back) the phone was answered and she was saying hi, hi, then started saying bye, bye, bye.
She said mmmm mmmmm I told her good job saying mmmmm sounds like ma, ma, ma she starts screaming allen . Then bye .
Buh, buh, buh – she screams bye, hi, bye, then allen – she screams several times then says bye
Duh, duh, duh – she screams bye, bye, bye
Puh, puh, puh – she said poppy, I said that puh, puh, puh, sounds like poppy good job.

Pat A Cake – no response, no engagement.

Wheels on the Bus –
Beep, beep, beep – I ask if she can say beep, beep, beep – I repeat the request. She says poppy, poppy, she repeats poppy, poppy, poppy.
Swish, swish, swish – she responds please
Bounce up and down – I ask if she can bounce up and down – no response.
Ma, ma, ma – she says -bye, bye, bye, I ask if she can say ma, ma, ma – she repeats ma, ma, ma
My mommy loves me – she is making a banging noise in background she screams bye allen
I ask her if she can give her and Natascha love, hugs, and sugars that mommy misses them very much-

The Muffin girl
No response no engagement.

Five Little Ducks
Four –
Three –
One- bye, bye, bye, bye
Five – bye, bye, bye

Incy Wincy Spider –

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star –
Bye, bye, bye –

Nighttime prayer – I ask her if she is ready for night, night prayer . No response. Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord our soul to keep guide and guard us through the night and wake us with the mornings light. Amen. I give her night, night sugars and tell her I miss her and I love her – she says poppy, poppy, poppy.

** There are no words to describe the evil and dark behavior behind this. This is the absolute worst psychological trauma anyone could ever inflict upon my children or me as their mother.

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  • ChildhoodPsychologicalTraumaAbuse
  • KidnappingTrafficking
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Emergency Human Reset Needed Parental Alienation Rampant System Failing #Familylaw

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Link to attend: https://fb.me/e/2JCFVGzo1
Emergency Human Reset Needed Parental Alienation Rampant System Failing #Familylaw #Parentalrights

Welcome to our guest host Lisa Breece Linke
Lisa has over twenty years of professional and compassionate expertise as a Child Development Counselor and specializing in Behavior Therapy and modification. She has a diverse background in the mental health field as well as the legal field and is well-versed with case law and case study in the family court system & criminal court system As well as being a Landmark Forum graduate, Lisa is well-versed in conflict resolution and communication skills for solution for the entire family dynamic. All Curriculum Vieta’s are available upon request, as well as personal & professional references. Lisa’s greatest pride & Joy is her daughter, Laila.

PAS Family Advocacy is founded on a 3rd step prayer. being of service to use our pain , experience, and knowledge to educate and advocate for others. Parental Alienation or IPV has profited into a $50 BILLION dollars a year, causing detrimental harm to the innocent babies whom cry for their fit parent nightly, yet can not be seen or touched, or rocked to sleep. This is considered IPV, Intimate Partner Violence to the DSM-5. Any mental health professional should be fully versed on this pathology and underlying signs leading up to full alienation. Between the uninformed and failed court system & the Narcissistic ex-spouse, there is hope, we promise you.

with health and wellness,

#StopTraffickingourChildren https://abigailesstory.blogspot.com

My first interview for this Handicapped Child Human Trafficking event was with James at Podcast Buzzfeed and can be found here.


Monday, May 10, 2021
Motherhood isn’t a day – it is a lifetime

Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec
Momma and Natascha – I love my beautiful girl. To this day I still call her my beautiful baby.

So yesterday I fought between the bad to nonexistent internet here at the campground and a Macbook that I bought in 2010. I barely got the slide show done but it was midnight. I do have some pictures beyond this but nothing besides the photos in the blog I have shared that in my mind are not reality.

To know what I mean by saying this is that my former husband and I never raised our daughters to live this way. Our daughters were taught to honor and respect their mom ( me) and dad ( my former husband). They were also taught that you don’t have to dress or follow culture in order to “seek attention”.

“Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be prolonged on the land which the Lord your God gives you.

In my mind I see our daughters scared, confused, and emotionally tormented because they have been coerced to live a lifestyle that is not them and they are treated poorly if they don’t. Even medically punished and drugged. I know this may sound harsh to some of you but I know the family dynamics and I have plenty of examples after 22 years. So while I have a few photos of our daughters since 2017 – they cause me trauma triggers they mentally and emotionally traumatize me because our daughters have been forced into living this way and told it is normal to live in culture and addictive behaviors.

I decided to put together a online slide show for our girls to tell them I love them and I’m sorry they were not allowed to spend Mothers day with me, their mom for four years. Hurt people hurt other people. I choose not to feed that and I also choose to react in a way that God would see pleasing.

I was only able to get Nataschas done last night and have started Abigailes and will post Abigailes when it is completed.

Am I hurt because our daughters we not allowed to see me and stay with me Mothers day – of course I was. It is not only disrespectful to me – but it is especially disrespectful to our girls. It is meant to try and show disrespect from our girls , but in reality it is disrespect from those who have retaliated by jealousy , spite, envy and hate. You all know who you are I don’t need to mention names.

You are spewing your hate campaign toward our daughters – it doesn’t affect me. I know nasty behaviors when I see them. Children are to be reared and raised by their mother and father – not the village. The children DNA is made up of the Mother and Father – not the village. And when one sided dysfunctional values get in the way, this is Emotional Incest.

” Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. ”

Being a Mother in the eyes of God is a Mother who loves her children unconditionally – not by conditions. I have messaged, texted and even tried to call our daughters every day the last four years. The questioned should be – why have they not been allowed to call me back, text me when they choose to , or email me when they choose to? It is ignorance to believe it is because of me- it is more the fear of what they have been led to believe, even coerced and forced to believe. And then been forced to live that false narrative. It goes beyond dysfunctional to not allow a 22 year old female to not allow her to call her mother.

In addition my caring for our daughters was not abusive. Nor neglectful. My care for our daughter was not abusive or neglectful. I have medical records to prove this. I also have formal complaints written and filed on record with the state authorities with case numbers. You have caused trauma and mental anguish to me and my children. My care of 17 years and 8 months for Natascha and my extensive care of Abigaile for 13 years and 8 months by far supersedes the four years stolen from me and our daughters.

This video slideshow is for my beautiful girl for the memories that are reality and how your dad and I chose to raise you with purity, modesty and with God. With God as the head of your life. To honor your Mother and Father – not the ways of uncertainty and fear or being forced to live according to culture which is the religion of satan.

” Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.”

Momma loves you beautiful you can call momma, text momma, or email me and come to see momma whenever you want, I can assure you I will always be here for you with no conditions – I won’t questioned what happened because I already know what happened and I also know who did what. You are being held hostage for four years has nothing to do with anything I have or haven’t done. You can see the court documents – I can prove my side of the story – its pretty visual and public. I will answer openly and honestly any question that you have that is with regard to me or my actions. Nothing is hidden or deceitful with me. I am here for you my beautiful girl I love you and I miss you.

If you feel unsafe and wish to talk to me – reach out to a domestic abuse agency or the local Citrus county sheriff dept. I can share the name of a deputy that I have spoken to extensively about the reality of what has happened.

Being a Mother is not about a glamorized day once a year that profits for some, idolizes others and oppresses even the best of moms. Instead Motherhood is a lifetime. If you feel otherwise, you need to do some soul searching and look inward to why you feel that way. Stop destroying others because of the way you feel.

Momma loves you my beautiful girl. Please message me on text , Facebook ( I know you know how to do private groups ) this is how parents and the village teaches their children to dishonor the other parent.

If you feel as though you will be ” punished” like I am there are people here that you can reach out to. That I promise who will keep your information safe. Momma loves you and misses you. I am also working with PAS ( Lisa Breece Linke – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisabreecelinke
Or https://pasfamilyadvocacy.com/about.

Please Natascha, do not allow anyone else to coerce or force you to stay away from your momma who has always loved you and will always love you. That is mental and emotional terrorism. Those thought patterns are stealing your life and stealing your joy. Mental and emotional bribery and materialism can only pacify for so long. Let hurt people be hurt people if they choose to do nothing about it.

with Love, hugs, sugars and more love,
your momma <3




Citrus County Florida Probate Predators kidnapped Victim Abigaile Golec


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