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Dorothy R Weigman Court Victim

Covid was all about acquiring properties tax free for the banks through probates, I heard in 2009 how it was not going to be repaid due to the overpopulation in China. My sister and her husband Citi bank on public records, mom was american securities, so that became amro, which became citi, Ed countrywide, b of A, hada a cobin and wertz court case in 92 he cooked the books, was not suppose to trade stocks again, used clayton holman wertz trading license and got in at Wells Fargo, I have his GPS shows how he makes phoney backgrounds, he used my mom and my dad, and Fred Imhof and me as a mortgaged backed securities investment for his clients, the pyramid scheme they created
takes inheritances away from people using trustee fraud, it all started in 1992. now as of 1 month prior to the pandemick they now acquired american express.

Kim R Hubbard

Jeff Vanderveen
Paul Jacobsen
David Berschauer

Case needs to be reheard judge authorized evidence and I had a witness and then did not let in evidence: 30-2019-01066813 Case needs to be reheard OC probate Santa ana, Judge duped me told me to being in evidence we did then she claimed I SNUCK IN MY EVIDENCE, I had a private investigator on the PHONE, and my sisters friend unlocked the courtroom doors,and I thought wow the baliff looks like Dory????

Richard Lehn
(JP Morgan and president of discover, also the “life insurance advisor on my mom’s life insurance). Ed Wertz many alias’ he shell games himself, he was the guy who found the loop hole for Walmart putting life insurance on their employees as Bill Wertz, head of Pfizer finance Daniel Wertz (he planned COVID using my mom), he is Philip Wertz of B of A, Ed D Wertz, Ed L Wertz, Ed P Wertz, Thomas Ed Wertz Merrill Lynch), Vic Wertz co creator of the pandemic bonds, and put my mom as president of DATEX-ENGSTROM a ventilator manufacturer of chase, was life insurance examiner of trans america- claimed no previous conditions for the life insurance of my mother) Ed Wertz (goes as Clayton Wertz of Wamu and Wells Fargo & first Cantebury, Bill Wertz Walmart, Philip Wertz Bofa, and David Cunningham Brandywine) Vic Wertz offered me a pyramid scheme works out of Vandereens office in San Diego, created the pyramid scheme to take down the banks and created Covid by using American Securities, and using her mother, and my mother for scheme.

Case Number: 30-2019-01066813

Victims Names:
Dorothy Weigman
Diana Engstrom

My mom was made to take pill
“clinical trials” they used us both for mortgaged backed securities, and they are using my younger brother “the scheme” they took out a loan as the Cardona family on 1400 Edgehill rd #84 San Bernadino, CA, they don’t repay it, they split the deed, My brother owns his home but they still have a Cardona family loan on the home unpaid, as the banks they go in and buy it when their DUPED person dies, i kid you not.


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