Diane Stickle Berkebile Court Victim

ELP Pennsylvania Lawrence County Diane Stickle Berkebile Mother Jane Berkebile

NOTICE: ATTENTION BELOW NAMED COURT OFFICERS OR PARTIES, THESE PAGES WERE NOT CREATED BY THE VICTIMS OR PERSONS THE PAGE IS NAMED AFTER, WE ARE AN INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS INVESTIGATING JUDICIAL ABUSE AND YOUR COURT HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE OPERATING OUTSIDE THE LAW For the public record, we follow thousands of US cases every year which show proof of corruption, conspiracy and crime by the court as well as no due process and fraud upon the court. Our community does not follow US law as we are ICELAND-based Diane Stickle Berkebile and her mother Jane Stickle are victims of a corrupt county which has a long reputation of corruption and judicial abuse. This goes back to “Kids for Cash judges” Court Victim Diane Stickle Berkebile ON FACEBOOK ORIGINAL COURT VICTIM Jane Stickle Berkebile Why wasn’t a lien put on her house? Why was Diane Berkebile the one penalized, her parents’ $212,000 home pulled out from under her 180 HOURS after she inherited it having just had a second surgery for Cancer? Plus Boyd admitted no notifications were sent to her  – She was blindsided the day after the… Read More