URGENT: Federal law requires your office protect us from judicial racketeering and provide our testimony before Congress

Affidavits-of-Government-Employee-Crimes.pdf Dear Ms. McCardle: We sent you a formal letter below reporting irrefutable crimes by government employees demanding a formal investigation and our testimony before congress. Yet we received no response from Congressman Gaetz nor you nor any protection for our safety against documented life endangerment and Crimes against Humanity. This failure to reply by Matt Gaetz violates his duties as a government employee and obstructs our justice, tampers with us as witnesses before a Congressional governmental agency; and interferes with our Federally protected activities. These acts violate 18 U.S.C. 1503, 18 U.S.C 1503 and 1515 and 18 U.S. C 245 among other laws. In addition, a string of other laws are being violated by forcing us to act as whistleblowers to crimes by judicial and other other public servants and as a result be subjected to more crimes of vicious retaliation. Congressman Matt Gaetz is responsible to protect the public and his constituents and protect us from harm under 42 U.S.C. 1986. Ironically, this is exactly what he stated that Jerrold Nadler failed to do in his letter to Nadler seeking to testify before Congress regarding the Britney Spear illegal “conservatorship”. Enclosed are unfathomable Affidavits regarding the crimes against humanity, murder, looting and human trafficking perpetrated against us by extrajudicial government employees in the charade of guardianship taking place in the auspices of government sponsorship. It is not our desire to sue Congressman Matt Gaetz and bring about a public relations nightmare. However we will pursue all legal remedies in the event our justice continues to be obstructed and our rights as witnesses and to federal activities are being tampered.. There is no immunity for these acts. Please respond to our communication today with a date for us to… Read More