Campfire Talk

Campfire Talk

In stepping back three feet and using some critical thinking to analyze the situation, this author has come to the most obvious and unmistakable conclusion of all, that the various “economists” and all other delusional pundits of any kind, stripe or color, when they speak about things financial, are nothing more than a bunch of 7-year-old boys on a weekend outing, sitting around the campfire and having the most serious discussion of who would win in a fight between Spider-Man, Aquaman, Batman and Superman! Oh, and don’t forget Wonder Woman!! Each one of them is totally convinced in his mind that their own personal favorite will prevail, be it the Euro, USD, Peso, Yuan, Ruble, BitCONJOB, MaxCONJOB or LiteCONJOB. And that opinion is based upon no facts or reality at all.

Each of these mental competency lacking and IQ deficient idiots lays out his own disconnected and disjointed reasons for his position, totally unaware mind you now, that he has not looked at the basic fact that every one of those un-backed paper currencies and computer program generated digital currencies (and they may as well just be created by a random number generator program) is nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination! All of them are created out of thin air or a few computer keyboard entries, and contain no more actual purchasing power than the rest of the duped ones in the game believes they may have. And these men (with the mind of a 7-year-old) are supposed to be taken at all seriously? From where do these idiots come? How do they get such highly paid positions of “authority” to speak about things of which they apparently have absolutely no clue at all? Or do they know full well about the scam being run on the world, and are merely being paid to keep quiet about it all? It certainly does seem so with the admissions of Henry Ford et al, about the machinations of our monetary and banking system. Surely if everyone were to wake up at the same time or be educated in these matters at the same time, there would be a major revolution before breakfast tomorrow morning! Politicians, banksters, attorneys and judges all would find themselves dancing on the end of a rope thrown over the nearest high object that would support their weight. Or dragged behind something moving at a high rate of speed, or stood up against a wall with a dozen or more expert marksmen holding loaded guns in front of them. Stock market analysts, brokers and every bureaucrat would be found meeting the exact same fate nearby.

It is not a requirement that one be a bona fide rocket scientist in order to understand basic monetary and economic theory, one only needs to be able to look at facts instead of listening to the opinions of others! It is not this author’s mere opinion that un-backed paper currencies are fraught with danger every angle that you may look at them from, it is proven fact that they are so. Don’t go around spouting off about why you think something is true or not, look for the facts of the matter at hand and see what is true or false. It is a known fact that not one un-backed paper currency has survived for very long as a dominant player in the scam we call a financial system. When tallied up, you will get to over six hundred un-backed paper currencies that have failed and still not exhaust all the entries under the letter “B” of the alphabet! Good grief, isn’t that enough proof right there to not believe these totally stupid or evil (take your pick as it’s one or the other) men and women when they come out with their latest pronouncement about money, economies and finances? Just how much more proof of deceit and trickery do we need to see now? Or does everything go down into some kind of memory hole every five minutes or less? Furthermore, how high would that number of failed paper currencies go if we went all the way to the end of the alphabet? That in itself is one of the scariest thoughts that you could ever entertain in your mind! But the memory hole effect of people is like a black hole out in space, always in search of, always looking for its next meal to consume. And people always seem to be more than willing to feed it.

This phenomenon of mental laziness in people is what directly lies behind their all too eager willingness to accept what they are told without any examination of it whatsoever. Someone said it, they believe it, and that settles it. Why should they think when there is someone who is willing to do it for them? Thinking is too hard of a labor for them, so they hire that kind of work out. Thus we get all of these various opinion leaders, men and women who will tell us what’s best for us, what to eat, think, wear and do ad nauseum. There’s hardly any facet of life where we can’t find someone who is willing to do our thinking for us. This author has no desire to be any kind of an opinion leader at all, really. My fondest dream is to wake people up and get them to think logically for a change, instead of relying upon a herd mentality and doing something just because they saw another do it or someone they may like told them to do it. Is there anything wrong with that dream of mine, unless you are one of the minority who truly believes that it is your destiny or somehow a right for you to rule over others? In that case then, of course, there’s plenty wrong with that dream!

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