Bona Fide Jurisdiction; What and Where Is It?

Jurisdiction.  A term of comprehensive import embracing every kind of judicial action.  It is the power of the court to decide a matter in controversy and presupposes the existence of a duly constituted court with control over the subject matter and the parties.  Jurisdiction defines the powers of courts to inquire into facts, apply the law, make decisions, and declare judgment.  The legal right by which judges exercise their authority.  It exists when court has cognizance of class of cases involved, proper parties are present, and point to be decided is within powers of court.  Power and authority of a court to hear and determine a judicial proceeding; and power to render particular judgment in question.  The right and power of a court to adjudicate concerning the subject matter in a given case.  The term may have different meanings in different contexts.

Areas of authority; the geographic area in which a court has power or types of cases it has power to hear.

Scope and extent of jurisdiction of federal courts is governed by 28 U.S.C.A. § 1251 et seq.

(Black’s law Dictionary, 6th Ed, Abdg)

From this definition, we can see with some degree of precision when, where and how jurisdiction can be negated, at least up to the point of threat of death by gunfire from the enforcers of alleged jurisdictions that is.  This is where the power of the third of the Three Magic Questions really comes into its own.  What IS the basic premise that the courts are operating off of when they presuppose to have jurisdiction over us?   It depends upon several things.  Maybe it was the fact that we showed up, perhaps it is some undisclosed alleged contract, or even the fact that jurisdiction was not challenged from first contact with a governmental or quasi-governmental agent.  The phrase “I have no contracts with the State” comes to mind here.

The entire legal system is a scam, a humbug, created in order to force us to give up something of value to it and its operators.  Our time, money, property and even our very life is subject to being stolen from us by these corrupt organizations and their minions.  Is the correct time to challenge jurisdiction, well BEFORE any is contemplated being forced upon us?  Again, this is where it is just oh so vitally important for the question of the “basic premise” to be asked!

Since no lawyer yet who has had the TMQs posed to him or her has given a straight answer, maybe the top lawyer in any country needs to be put on Constructive Notice that the scam of the legal system has now been deduced and exposed!  And so on down the line to the local attorney in each neighborhood.  Since each nation pretty much uses the same basic set of rules in its own legal system, the TMQs are universal in nature.

So what is a bona fide jurisdiction, and where does it come from?  As was amply demonstrated by logic and facts in the paper The Scam of the Legal System, there are several pretenses which are used to create the illusion and delusion of actual jurisdiction.  This is why the lawyers (actually lieyers) of the world try so hard to either ignore or decry the Three Magic Questions.  The TMQs completely destroy all of the icons and slaughter the sacred cows of society, especially the ones in the legal arena, where they are most prevalent.  They totally strip all the pretenses of justice off the body of crimes committed by the legal system, leaving it bare naked in the cold, harsh winds and rain of reality.

The legal system’s operators are deathly afraid of the people waking up to its fraud, chicanery and lies.  It’s just like the illusions of the gambling industry.  If the people who participate in gambling ever really understood how slim the chances are for them to just break even, let alone make enough profit from their risk taking to justify it, they would never make a bet again!  The gambling industry would dry up and blow away on the first slight breeze that came along.

So too the legal system.  As soon as enough people learn about the complete corruption and fraud going on there, all of the lawyers of the world would be out of work!  Who would be left to support it then?  There’s a reason as to why bustles are not put on dresses anymore, nobody wants them!  Once the people wake up to the fact that lawyers are nothing but criminals, no one will ever want to have anything to do with them anymore.

And what about politics?  Same thing there as well.  As soon as enough people wake up as to how corrupt political systems are, no matter what brand of politics they may happen to be, they will all be dropped in a ditch along the roadside to be washed away in the next rain.

Just about now, it should be obvious to the Dear Reader as to why the governments of the world are all so eager to take over the schools and turn them into indoctrination centers for our youth.  If you can control the education of the young and program them with what you want them to think, and do it well enough, your position of power over them is almost guaranteed!  Now does it make sense to you why the free thinkers of the world are so often ridiculed and driven to the fringes of society, no matter where you may go or era you may live in?  The idea there is that the status quo must be maintained at all costs, even to the eventual destruction of the society further on down the road.  Contrary to what some may like for you to believe, it is not in our nature to destroy ourselves, even though at times it may appear to be that way.  Once you step outside of the bounds of the programming we’ve been forced to accept, then it is easy to see that we can do better than we have to date, and how to do better becomes quite obvious to us.

So now we can see that we have been “educated” into accepting a false jurisdiction that seeks to control us by overbearing force.  Many others have come to the same conclusion as this author in this regard.  It is an inescapable conclusion, once most of the facts are seen.  You don’t need to see them all, but some people do need to see more of them than others before this becomes real to them.  If you can think in a straight line longer than to the end of your own nose, the less facts you will need to see where they all lead to.  Those who understand and can apply the concept of ne plus ultra-thinking, are the ones who need the least amount of data in order to function and reach logical conclusions.

Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice, is a maxim of law which is hardly ever heeded.  Instead, the so-called judges ride roughshod over all it chooses to.  How can anybody get real justice in the courts when it is not the duty of the courts to dispense any?  The idea that justice can be found in a court of law since 1939 is a lie the size of which has never been seen before in any realm!

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