An Elastic Money Supply?

An Elastic Money Supply?

When we have what is euphemistically referred to as an “elastic” money supply in use, then through various manipulations and schemes to revalue and devalue the fiat currency, many more hardships are wrought than we would have with something that acts as a storehouse of human labor.

That is why the smart (but sometimes also very evil) people use their fiat currencies to buy up gold and silver before the fiat currency loses ALL of its perceived purchasing power. Why is it that gold is now over 1,500 USD per ounce, silver is near 50 USD per ounce, except by explanation that the perceived purchasing power of the fiat currency is declining and so now many more of these “dollars” are needed to counterbalance the equation?

There is a REASON that we have the old, old saying about “worth its weight in gold”. Spices, which were used to preserve foods and meats before refrigeration, traded on par with gold, weight measure for weight measure, because the amount of human labor needed to collect up an ounce of gold was about equal to what it took to collect and process an ounce of spices. Ounce for ounce, pound for pound. It didn’t matter how small the unit of weight was. The volume of course is very wide in difference between the two, but the weights were the measure of the commodities at the time as they were so close. Anyone with a scale that was balanced when empty was also balanced when loaded, provided of course that the same amount of weight was in each pan.

So when we hear or read of someone denouncing money, real money, something that is tangible and also represents human labor (time/life) which has been expended, we know that there is something underhanded going on.

When the supply of “money” comes off of a printing press at near lightning speed and electronic bookkeeping entries are created completely out of nothing at all except a few key strokes on a computer, then where is our proof that we are trading our valuable labor (time/life) for something of equal value?? Who wants to give up their life or any part of it for something of no value? There might be an amount of perceived value to a fiat currency, but it’s just an illusion, that’s all! Is there twenty times more of anything in a twenty dollar bill than in a one dollar bill? If not, then why does it have more purchasing power than the other? In short, it doesn’t.

And as this illusion is exposed more and more, and more and more people take advantage of the ignorance of the ones who still support the idea of using fiat currencies (unjust weights and measures), we of course get more “inflation” which is just a word used to confuse the masses about what’s really going on. The reason that we need an ever-increasing supply of fiat currency is because the amount of fiat currency we already have is losing its perceived purchasing power. So more and more is needed to offset the loss from the week before. It’s like a heroin addiction, where more and more of the drug is needed to just maintain the body in a state of bare existence. Eventually, the heroin addicted body dies a rather gruesome death. Look at the pictures of people from before they became a drug addict and the ones of them in the morgue or even while on skid row. That alone should be enough to keep people off of the stuff, but it isn’t. Fiat currencies are the same way, just look at the societies from BEFORE they decided to go on a trip with fiat currency and then after they got addicted to it and died an ugly death. Everyone who starts using a drug
believes that they will be different because they think that they can control it. Societies that embrace fiat currencies think the same thing. “Oh, we can stop and go back to real money any time we want to!” is their mantra on the road to oblivion.

Look at nearly any street in America or other countries around the globe and see how many homes are being foreclosed on, how many streets have big potholes in them, how many people are out of work, how many businesses have gone under, how many business buildings are vacant. Do you REALLY think that there’s no connection at all between any of these things?? You need to think again and again and again until it becomes apparent that they ARE all connected, and that they are connected via fiat currency.

The fraud of fiat currency is the common thread running through the entire fabric of societies on Earth. It IS the pin which when pulled out allows us to see what’s inside of the bag. That’s no pig in the poke sack, it’s a SKUNK!! Why didn’t we smell it for what it was BEFORE we got it home, and the seller is now far, far away from us?

Stretching the “money” supply out further and further does no one any good except for the ones doing the stretching and their cohorts!! To someone who is printing up the fiat currencies, they don’t really care that gold went from 25 dollars for an ounce up to 500 dollars and more, they’ll just print up more and more each week to keep ahead of the game while they still can. But, eventually that balloon will pop, and when it does, it will make a VERY loud sound heard around the entire world. The shock waves will leave very little standing in their wake.


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