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If you’re a court victim you have several options to combat what’s being done to you. It’s an nationwide epidemic that affects millions every year. Our courts have been taken over by dishonest judges who arrange back room deals with the involved lawyers. If you’re on the wrong end there is NO WAY to win going to court. Laws, rights, legislation or code are useless because a judge can ignore, over rule anything you put before him. DOJ and FBI as well the Legal BAR, Commissions on Judicial Performance are all involved which means you reports or complaints are ignored.

We strongly suggest you make your case public, join user groups where you can share, network and find support in other victims in your area. A movement is taking place bringing all the victims together.

Get your case listed at the National Court Victim Database at at no cost, it’s offshore hosted so free from US government control or censorship. You will only be providing public information which is already available. The goal and benefit is your addition establishes a “pattern of abuse” and is shown on a map for others to see and be informed of other local victims. Your contact info will always remain private and protected. You will also be updated with changes to the movement and events. National Court Victim Database

Get more public attention to you case and help other victims of the same abusers to find you via free online Google search sites such as: Which offers free pages for your details and complete story. This means once you add your info once, instead of having to repeat your details you can provide a short URL such as this example
Thus anyone you wish to give the details can access this page for PDF documents, photos, case details as well what the abusers did to you. You can choose what you wish to share and add, it can be just your name, county and state if you wish.

You should also consider joining Facebook (Free) and joining the existing user groups such as Court Victims United or Twitter has also been a place for Court Victims to network as well Instagram.

We are NOT lawyers or government parties who can offer free legal help, we are victims from all over the US who have been involved in the corrupt American judicial system for decades. We have been thru what you may be starting and we can offer our experience. It may save you thousands of dollars on getting involved on a very corrupt Judicial system. Note that when good lawyer speak out about the corruption, bribery or wrongs they are disbarred. That itself tells you volumes about the legal system in America. See Richard I. Fine a California lawyer who took a stand and helped expose Judicial corruption

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