Stop the proven corruption in the entire California Court System

Move On Stop the proven corruption in the entire California Court System

To: George Buzzetti, civil rights leader and buster of corruption and fraud, President Donald Trump, The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, and The United S…

Stop the proven corruption in the entire California Court System


We now know through Richard Fine, the Sturgeon Case and SBX-211 of the corruption in our Superior Courts in California. Now, recently, the Federal 9th Circuit Court has stated the corruption of the A.G. and D.A.’s. The State Auditor has shown the corruption all the way to the Supreme Court and in Orange County in a plead guilty of 8 people the D.A. was just kicked out of the case for corruption. What does it take.
Why is this important?

Because I have been illegally charged with perjured testimony by an LAUSD School Board Member who is also an Asst. L.A. City Attorney, of making obscene, P.C. 653(m), phone calls. I have the highest level proof I did not do this. According to the People v. Johnson Calif. Supreme Court Decision I was to have been dismissed last March 15, 2014. The judge just recently broke every part of the Calif. Supreme Court Decision on my requesting a competent attorney in the Marsden Hearing, People v. Marsden. My friend, Richard Fine, was put into solitary confinement for revealing this in court. This is systemic and must be stopped.

Reasons for signing

family court corruption. its a high dollar business. the court is not thinking of the best interest of the children. and its got to change. ty.
leanne b. 01-14-2022

received unfair fraudulent judgent
antoinette m. 06-27-2021

We want Justice
Christina O. 11-01-2020

I am a victim I lost my case due two corrupt in the court system and there is nothing that you can do about it and if it is i would like for someone to contact me and let me know thank you
antoian g. 10-25-2020

CA 9th circuit and CA’s AG & DA’s are extremely corrupt. They’ve been suppressing and violating our rights for decades as institutions. But people keep voting for these corrupt individuals like Newsome, Pelosi, etc. We need them to be held accountable to the constitution and punished. Stop voting for leftists. Every leftist-run city/state in America is corrupt like this. The Moderate Democrat has either disappeared or are keeping silent while this has been happening to us.
Greg C. 07-06-2020

Apparently it is well known among all lawyers in LA and Orange County that anyone can get a temporary restraining order granted in Orange County court system without any evidence. On top of that, you are guilty until proven innocent. I had a long distance relationship with a registered nurse who lives and works in LA county. She is a drug addict and steals and sells drugs to her drug dealer. She lost her job because she got caught at work being inebriated from drugs and whatever else.
Jonathan M. 04-09-2020

My son got 8 yrs on some misdemeanor charges that were never even proven to a jury trial but because of the corrupt public defender th he district attorney was able to do and say whatever he wanted did the pu bbn license defender nor the judge ever oppose anything the district attorney wanted. This case went on for 5 years intent to defraud. INTENT? No Money involved. The courts refused to apply prop. 47 which reduces felony theft charges under 950.00 to misdemeanors. It’s the law!
Kim R. 12-27-2019

Elders, children and family members are needlessly separated, elders are institutionalized, estates liquidated, then elders put on hospice and killed because of criminals, unethical attorneys and corrupt judges.Dorothy D. 11-10-2019

Repect and integrity
Lucien B. 11-08-2019

Nancy S. 10-21-2019

I have been harassed by stan cty sup ct since 2011 fake dvros. Declared incompetent illegally illegally evicted much more
Shawn m. 10-13-2019

Donald F Gaffney took my son away from me based in lies and his ignorance and inability to follow California law, the rules of the court, and judicial ethics. He worked my ex’s attorney and had my husband served with a restraining order from another county and then denied having any involvement while walking into court 15 minutes late stating he had a “parent-teacher conference” but he has no children. He was referring to his part in having my husband served and watching the deputy he sent ou…
Amy S. 10-07-2019

Need to stop corruption this affects all of us kids grand kids and your wife exedra I am now going through a divorce and that there are family court this is gone on for too long all I do is keep responding the court dates out of the court so the courts don’t get recorded its very corrupt Update use temporary restraining orders from talking to my wife All they do this for so keep the money rolling in their pockets I’m catching a cat I’m caught in a catch-22 and don’t know what to do Madera Cou…
Mario c. 07-29-2019

I don’t trust the 9th circuit court either but I’m hoping for change. I’ve suffered first hand the corruption and even worst my children suffered causing my daughter to become suicidal. It’s disgusting that the law is suppose to protect our children yet they put them in more danger.
Gina G. 05-29-2019

Please stop the abuse of the Orange County Family Courts. I raised my step son from birth up until 4 1/2 years old as my own along with his older brother in my home and in less than two months Orange County Judge Donald F Gaffney illegally changed custody during an ex parte hearing granting sole custody to his bio-dad. The same judge also invited he and his attorney to press charges of child abduction with the OC DA’s Child Abduction Unit after denying their Motion to Compel for Compliance. …
Chris S. 05-25-2019

The people will end corruption.
Hanady T. 05-22-2019

I have had my own business for over a decade, but have been the only employee for the past couple of years. The EDD (employment development division) unlawfully levied 100% of my bank account during a time of divorce and extreme hardship thinking I had employees for a period payroll taxes were not due to this particular entity. When I contacted my bank, they stated the EDD had it and when I contacted the EDD they said they did not have it, the bank did. I went back and forth with both parties…
jacqueline B. 05-11-2019

Cr1802626- help superior court ruled that mirranda rights , speedy trial rights and title 17; calibration and maintaince dont apply in my case and i only touched the fog line with right side tires ….please help
Kimber w. 05-11-2019

The courts in California are corrupt beyond belief. Every dept it seems. We need something to be done. People are being arrested who are poor who can’t bail out and forced to sign on pumped up charges that many times aren’t even true. But because these citizens are poor or from middle class families struggling themselves these now AMERICAN prisoners are held in horrible jails, barely fed, no medical provided. The private attorneys just take money from the family and do nothing to actually di…
Kim C. 05-02-2019

My mother’s legacy, our inheritance, stolen from us through superior court Los Angeles the attorneys took 47,000.00, the appellate lawyer took 10,000.00 and didn’t do anything for us that is just the tip of the iceberg! Now im having to fight to get back what was rightfully ours to begin with it is going on 3 years!
Darla M. 04-19-2019

The judicial system has been broken for decades and needs to be revamped..judges should have term limits, judges like Barbara Scheper need to be recalled and pedophile judges need to be exposed, according to several attorneys, there are quite a few judges who are drug addicts, alcoholics and pedophiles. Expose them for what and who they are.
Patricia W. 04-18-2019

Orange County is the most corrupt court in the us
Sean b. 02-25-2019

I am a victim of corruption. My property was unlawfully foreclosed abd the Courts did nothing to stop it despute the conclusive evidence. Stealing peoples houses is a crime that must be stopped. Stop the judicial corruption and protect the judicial integrity.
Dolores Y. 02-26-2019

I am also a victim of the corrupted court systems of California. I am suing 3 justices of Court of Appeal, a judge and a commissioner of Superior Court
Philippe Z. 02-04-2019

All Courts need to protect their integrity by upholding the rights of Americans .
Darla B. 12-08-2018

Stop the proven corruption @WellsFargo targeted fragile babyboomer homeowner tree us on St illigally w their scam home modification WFB R criminal slavery minded not worried from judge Gov wf stole our residence
Nadia N. 12-08-2018

California used to be able to keep corruption out of citizens pockets but it is so deep so widespread and so bad now CALIFORNIA DOES VERY BAD SHADY BUSINESS LOCALLY ALL OVER THE STATE Decent towns and counties CANT COMPETE WITH BIG BIZ OF COUNTY AND CITY CORRUPTION OF LIBERALISM
Melissa C. 11-20-2018

It used to be subtle, now it’s blatant. Falsified hearings, affidavits. Switching court dates to pick visiting judges unfamiliar with the case. It’s a dog and pony show. ridiculous.
LC F. 11-11-2018

Let’s do the FBIs job for them and stop corruption in the California Superior courts.
Jane R. 11-02-2018

As a Navy vietnam era veteran I find it revolting to find constitutional and state statutes being violated by law enforcement and judicial personnel who swore an oath to uphold our values and principles. Your word is who you are. Title 18 u.s.c. has the potential to help us clean house.
Clifton M. 07-04-2018

Because thousands of people are victimized by these monsters each year. My story
Robert G. 06-10-2018

Mental Ill sent to prison because no hospitals, illegal to punish mental ill
Val S. 02-16-2018

Judicial corruption, fabricated dockets on PACER, no oversight of the Judiciary in Superior or Federal Courts. Its rigged, FBI doe not investigate, complaints do not work, they are doing it to keep their jobs. Its criminal racketering of the judicial business. How do we to stop this corruption? Taxpayers pay $7 billion with no oversight. We cannot get rid of corrupt judges, and clerks. We have arrogant and senile judges for life who decide cases in favor of entities and government attorneys…
Lisa C. 12-29-2017

Need Help! Please! have more than enough evidence of corruption by family court system in San Diego.
Sky K. 12-20-2017

I used to work in the courts. I alerted the Judicial Council, the State Auditor, the FBI, etc. no one did anything. They are all evil.
Tracey L. 12-05-2017

I have been directly effected by the wide spread corruption in Orange County Probate Court. The California Courts and state bar association are running a criminal racketeering operation adversely effecting untold numbers of lives and encompassing many billions of dollars. When our judicial system has been corrupted, then our whole Constitutional Republic has been placed at dire risk. It’s past time for our leaders to act, before it’s to late.
Bruce C. 09-20-2017

Democrats corruption must stop at all cost ! 9th circuit court of appeals has continued to threaten democracy & American way of life ! The supposed moral self righteousness of democrats the media & the lying left is of a totalitarian regime, facism hatred & rotten to the core !! Russian & Turkish courts show more impartiality than 9thcircut !
Sherri b. 09-08-2017

My name is Alvaro C. Rodriguez, I am a victim of fraud and deceit by members of the legal profession and have uncovered a “fraudulent scheme of public corruption” better known as a “fraud on the court.” Verifiable Facts – On June 22, 2016 a Motion to Recall a Mandate and “Set Aside a Judgment for Fraud on the Court” was filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ninth Cir. No. 12-15938 Alvaro Rodriguez v. State of California. The case is currently under Review and pending when last chec…
Alvaro R. 08-28-2017

I worked to get Richard Fine out of jail. They are doing the same thing to me with Double Jeopardy, perjured testimony, illegal prosecutor and lots of SLAPP. Read the 2003 DOJ Agreement with the LAPD, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte and many more then go to George Buzzetti-You Tube to video lafa7c to minute 23:10 and watch my lips move and listen to the L.A. City Council. Removing the audio ILLEGALLY is a P.C. 132 a FELONY with no “Statute of Limitations.”
George B. 10-22-2016

My nane is hubert allen i have been a party in a probate court case since 10/7/2010 in the los angeles superior probate court case number # bp124980 related cases bc352001 & bc404989 a must SEE the judge in department # 9 reva g gotez and others have allowed lawyers to steal millions from the trust the banks attorneys have committed perjury and a crime against the court filed numerous petitions declared under PENALTY of perjury that everything said was true and correct this has …
Hubert A. 06-09-2016

Corruption anywhere injures everyone.
Janice U. 03-16-2015

Takes quite a lot more, the entire system is corrupt. It even rubs off on me. I am not perfect
Howard J. 03-16-2015

I don’t know the facts of this case but, according to the Marsden decision, a criminal defendant is entitled to petition the judge directly for removal of his attorney. And I am a firm believer that defendants should be entitled to be represented by counsel of their choice.
Bill E. 03-15-2015

This corruption has been endemic of an injustice system, that does bend for the rich and mistreats the poor.
Bella D. 03-15-2015

George has worked for months on preparing his documentation. I salute his efforts even from over in Arizona
Frances R. 03-15-2015


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