Make sure to complete an Affidavits with your narrative. This is because a notarized Affidavit carries a great deal of weight as it is presumed true. A narrative is the story of what you and your loved one has suffered.

Ideally you should have a short version on top of the fully detailed complete version of what was done to you and your loved one.

The Short version should have the basics with the goal of explaining your abuse with the least amount of info and details.

SHORT VERSION Example: November 2006 My mother (name) was removed from her home against her will due to a fraudulent and perjured report to APS. Her estranged child (name) had embezzled over $200k in bank founds via identity theft and burglary. Conservatorship was abused to take control of her life and estate.

She was forced into a locked Dementia home (even after doctors stated she did not have dementia). Doctors were lied to and changed to suit the diagnosis of the the conservator.

Not one penny was ever placed in a blocked account to which the conservator was allowed to invest the funds and use to hire the most expensive lawyers. There is evidence the lawyer (name) who was the president of the bar arranged a back door deal to bribe the judge (name) to ignore the evidence proving Perjury, fraud, elder abuse and embezzlement as well as filing fraud upon the court.

Court appointed PVP (Name) never protected her client and in fact helped the conservator to stop any investigation into the fraud and embezzlement. County Probate investigators received documentation and evidence and failed to investigate or document anything.

Due to the court ignoring evidence, documentation, elder abuse and Conservatorship codes and law the conservator was allowed to process writs. To force the innocent victims who had only come forward to inform the court of abuse and crimes to help their loved one, instead were forced to pay huge fraudulent legal fees for the guilty and unethical conservator.

It’s become obvious from filing several petitions the court and all involved have no interest in the truth, facts and evidence because they all profit from the theft and imprisonment of (Name) while they drain her estate billing unreasonable amounts of funds to pay themselves.

Medication were delivered to the home by the conservator, opened which could have been tampered with, over medication achieved due to misinformation provided to doctors. As per conservatorship rules and code no full accounting was ever provided to family requests only photo copies summaries without actual bills or receipts. Victim was billed for work and services never provide including fraudulent items which the court never addressed nor did the investigators investigate.

Long Detailed version should include the same including a time line of events.


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