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Seroquel welcome to totally dishonest probate court

I Went into Probate Court Thinking it was All About Protecting a Family Member, Conserving their Assets etc.

What this page with documents proves 100% the fact how corrupt the court system has become. The court and probate investigators were given notice and documented evidence yet they choose to ignore everything. The fact is Surety Bonding Agency, PVP Lawyer, Court Investigators have access to this info and ignore it all in favor of perjury, fraud and missing $200K in bank accounts of the victim point to conspiracy and fraud upon the court. All approved by a judge. Candace J. Beason

I was soon to learn it was all a fake front for unethical dishonest lawyers and judges to fleece the savings from anyone with savings or an estate. By the way it’s not just an anyone crime as can be seen with Britney Spears.

Lets get to the facts and truth of the matter how I came to these conclusions having been a police officer for almost a decade. My mother was in good health, did all the maintenance on her own 6 unit apartment complex. Worked as a maid for the more affluent Beverly Hills and Bel-Air crowd. Drove herself to work for decades and was a good, law abiding citizen who was saving for her golden years.

Sadly at 42 when I got married my mother became jealous and angry to the point I was forced to move away. That’s when my sister started to take advantage our mother. I had always known my sister was different, had mental issues, was abusive, manipulating and lacked empathy. But I never really understood what was wrong so I just avoided her. She had stopped all contact with our father after a divorce when I was a teen so when he passed away 2000 I was not surprised he disinherited her. This put her into a rage blaming me for all those years she obviously hated him and refused all efforts to get her to make contact with him.

Testament of Franz L. Gettinger father and X Husband of Gertrude Gettinger

Little did I know all these years our parents were dealing with a psychopath.

Once I put together over 40 years of experience with being around my sister my conclusion became obvious.

  • socially irresponsible behavior
  • disregarding or violating the rights of others
  • inability to distinguish between right and wrong
  • difficulty with showing remorse or empathy
  • tendency to lie often
  • manipulating and hurting others
  • recurring problems with the law
  • general disregard towards safety and responsibility

However it was too late when I came to this conclusion. Our mother was already deep into the Probate court system of Los Angeles County. I have recordings and documented evidence of what I’m stating. The problem is the general public does not want to accept a “child, daughter, loved one” what ever you want to call her could stoop to the levels she’s accused of and proven to have done. Image is a tool of sociopaths and psychopaths and how they get away with crime in court or investigated by law enforcement.

Remember they spend their entire lives honing their skills of the trade

  • manipulating
  • charming
  • great liars

When I finally met the lawyers and players involved in the Conservatorship game I was stuck between “are they manipulated or just corrupt?”. Probably both but it became very apparent anyone who profits from Conservatorship wants it to continue. I mean who would want to stop the gravy train and then have to admit they were part of the problem, abuse and crimes?

The facts and truth is everyone involved was being rewarded NOT by (the person conserved) but by the person whose in control of a 2 million dollar estate. There are rules and laws you say? I thought the same thing but the problem like many things in America is laws and rules are useless if ignored.

This came to be the norm for Probate court

  • Blocked accounts that demand a court order to access to all funds “IGNORED”
  • The conservatee has the right to end the conservatorship or change conservators “IGNORED”
  • Conservatee has the right to visitation by family “IGNORED”

It’s insane to find out the lawyer (PVP) who my mother was paying for was in fact MORE about helping my sister than her own client. She was after all dealing with a clever psychopath who preyed on the fact this PVP was a dumpy, ugly, insignificant loser type who loved the fact the conservator charmed her with tactics like addressing her by first name. Generous compliments and false stories of how she tried so hard to care for her mother. The same was done with the lawyers who all seemed to line up their wagons around her as if she was this good loving person. Yet they had no problem ignoring the mountains of factual evidence, police report and witness statements that painted her as a “A monster and liar”.

The conservator did get away with this alone, she was helped by the courts and her husband who I was told was fired from a CEO position for a major medical insurance provider. From my personal experience with him he never kept his word and was always about outsmarting people but not always the honest way.

Never ceases to amaze me what kind of people will stoop to the lowest levels of fraud, perjury and abuse over money. Even the well educated people who claim to be about honesty and integrity.

Gary A. Schmidt husband of Conservator and participant in the abuse, crimes and abuse

Chief Catalyst
West End Consulting Group, LLC
Executive Coaching
Executive Presentation, Strategy & Development
Chief Marketing Officer
PacifiCare Health Systems

“CMO of a $9 Billion Dollar company”
SVP- World-wide Advertising
First Interstate Bank
Corporate Strategy Consultant
Booz Allen Hamilton

Certified Financial Planner
CFP Board of Standards

Harvard University AB Economics
University of Pennsylvania “The Wharton School”
MBA Business Strategy

LinkedIn Profile of Gary A. Schmidt

This is where we get back to Psychotropic medications and doctors. When I started to get access to medical records (remember Conservators duties are to keep and supply records. Which is their job?” that’s all BS. Anyone entitled has to serve expensive subpoenas and beg a judge for anything even if you’re direct family. Yet another totally dishonest aspect of probate court.

Lets not forget you’re forced to pay lawyers (out of your own pocket) $250 up an hour while the conservator uses the estate funds to buy the best legal representation ie. $500+ an hour lawyers.

A Social workers report states when this all started before the Conservatorship was granted “Your mother should be in a normal seniors facility, not a locked home”. Yet without any approval from the court (or investigators) our mother was railroaded into a locked Dementia home and immediately forced to take to take heavy duty Psychotropic drugs.

Family is given a false sense of “Rules, rights and Conservatorship Duties which are ignored and never enforced.
“Conservatorship Rights, Rules and Duties” Read them yourself

You see everything is decided on the word and evidence provided by one person (the one who profits) the Conservator. While all other evidence and documentation is totally ignored.

Where were YOU, you ask? Well as you recall I had to step back after 40 years of caring for my mother when I got married. I was doing what I thought all children did for free. My mistake was to think I was allowed to marry. I was always in contact via email or phone with my sister, I have all those emails and phone records, even answering machine recordings. Psychopaths hate evidence so the old game is “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger” and so my sister did her best to lie and make me look like the bad son.

Did it matter that when the court asked about “Other direct family” and my sister and her attorney perjured their petition claiming “I was living in another country running sex tours” that they hired a Private investigator who couldn’t find me but stated I was not living in the US? All the while my sister was in contact, had my address and was even calling me. On top of that, prior to the conservatorship $200,000.00 went missing and my sister claimed I was responsible for the missing funds. How convenient?

Conservator blatantly perjures a petition and quashes subpoena’s to find out what happened to $200,000.00 in bank funds
2007 Petition stating son Robert was responsible for missing $200,000.00

OK back to where I was, I visited the doctors and found “Dr. Paul Liu” removed himself from the care of our mother due to his own words “The Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde” personality of my sister. Meaning she could be very charming and nice when she got what she wanted and then very loud, abusive and angry when she did not. In fact medical records show she stopped all medications without doctors orders or consent on her own. It’s well known with psychotropic medications you don’t start and stop them abruptly. In fact several doctors informed my sister her mother “should NOT be on these medication period” and how dangerous they are. Yet She had her ways of playing “musical doctors” where she would get rid of a doctor who did not play along. Example Doctor Liu who refused to continue the care of our mother due to the dangerous conservator drug manipulations. However she claimed he stopped due to scheduling issues or “they no longer accept our mother’s insurance”.

OK to my surprise when I found the address of the locked nursing home (my sister refused to provide) and visited I found a depressed, sad, abused woman. She was still fully intact and able to give accountings and info as to what went on. The first thing was (2) of bank accounts where missing from the probate accounting and petitions. Oddly I was blamed for exactly the same amount $200,000.00 in missing bank account funds.

Was this revenge for the conservator having been totally disinherited by her father she refused to have contact with for over 35 years?

Decide for yourself, below is the conservator calling a telephone number she claimed she did not have


Notice the talent to change tactics from hate and anger, demanding info to “I really do love you” and tell me before “I pull the trigger”.

When Sylvia realized her own inaction of refusing to have contact with her father caused her to be disinherited. Instead of taking responsibility for her own actions she tries to blame others for what happened.

I asked my mother when I visited to write, date and sign statements regarding what was going on. Note these statements were presented to all involved but “Ignored by her PVP lawyer Violet Boskovich and Judge Candace J. Beason.

2008 05 29 Hand written letter by Gertrude Gettinger. Not what I felt was written by a person with Dementia or mental illness
2008 08 14 Another Hand written letter by Gertrude Gettinger
Gertrude knew her attorney PVP Violet Boskovich was not representing her and asked for a new lawyer but it was ignored

Looking back I know now she had ZERO info and was angry and pointing fingers because a family friend had told her I had gone to Austria without informing her in regards to our father’s inheritance. I had only given that as an excuse as to why I could not attend that friends wedding. But look at how a psychopath reacts with zero evidence only vivid assumptions where everyone is at fault except them.

After my mother informed us about the missing bank accounts that as of today “No one in the probate court ever investigated or allowed to be investigated”. In fact the judge “refused and said she see’s nothing wrong here” when we had subpoena’s quashed to resolve the mystery of what happened to the unreported and missing “$200,000.00 bank account(s). Now why would a conservator NOT want to know where $200.000.00 is located that was not found or reported?

OK so now for the good stuff, how does a woman who appears normal and able to remember all this stuff get prescribed heavy duty DANGEROUS psychotropic medications?
Well according to the victim, it works this way. The conservatee is in a locked nursing home with mandatory meal times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Knowing those (1) hour periods a dishonest person with the use of an unauthorized key to a locked private room can enter and depart unnoticed. During these times things would be placed, removed, stolen, manipulated (you get the idea).

So all of a sudden one day after lunch my mother returns to her room to find (5) pairs of slipper at the foot of her bed. This is odd, but they did exist as I went later to take them as evidence when I was informed by my mother. Odd some were not even my mother’ size. What was this all about?

Well just so happens that same day after lunch our mother had a doctor’s exam with her psychiatrist. Now it’s normal that when ever the conservatee goes to visit the doctor her daughter goes in first and speaks privately to the doctor. This is to discuss how the conservatee is doing, how the drug dosages are working and to inform the doctor of any incidents. “Incidents?” Yes Doctor, the medications are NOT working we need to increase the dosage. WHY? Asks the doctor? (Conservator informs the doctor “My mother is seeing things again, she said she see’s (5) pairs of slippers and there is only (1) pair”.

Another incident of manipulating the truth was an event when the conservatee refused to take (1) pill which was a stool softener. Why because it was causing stomach issues.

The conservator takes this statement and claims “My mother is refusing ALL her medications” so we need to get her under control. This is all documented in the nurses staff notes.

Better yet, one night our mother is in her nightgown waiting in her room for her nightly visit by a nurse who brings the medications. Oops the nurse realizes she has run out of a certain medication and tells our mother she will be right back and walks off with her cart full of meds. Well something happened and the nurse got side tracked and never came back. So our mother still standing at the doorway of her room patiently waits for the nurse to return. after several hours she begins to call out the name of the nurse and drops down to the seated position at her doorway. Hours later staff finds her and eventually get her back into bed.

Now the conservator claims this which she writes herself in many documents supporting her mother is mentally ill. “My mother was found at all hours of the night running down the hallway naked and yelling at the top of her lungs”.

Welcome to “how to manipulate doctors and the truth 101 by a psychopath.


Peter H. Gott, M.D.
Dear Dr. Gott: Please give your opinion on Seroquel being prescribed to a patient with dementia. I’ve heard it is a dangerous drug when given to the elderly, as it can cause death. Also, should this drug be given long term?

Dear Reader: Seroquel is a medication used to treat conditions such as bipolar disorder. It is not approved for behavioral problems related to dementia. Black box warnings for elderly patients with a dementia-related psychosis indicate an increased risk of serious side effects, including pneumonia, heart attack, stroke and death.

The product is available in doses from 25-milligram to 300-milligram tablets or capsules by prescription only. When the drug is prescribed for the elderly, the recommended initial dose is 25 milligrams daily. Contraindications are noted for people with a history of hypertension, stroke, thyroid disorder, diabetes, high cholesterol, seizures or heart attack.

Side effects can include fever, sweating, uncontrolled muscle movements, severe headaches, visual and gait disturbances, and more. Be sure to speak with the prescribing physician should any symptoms occur.

Seroquel XR extended-release tablets also contain black-box warnings because of an increased mortality rate in elderly patients with dementia. XR is indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia, a name given to a group of mental disorders in which a patient loses touch with reality and is unable to think or act in a rational manner. The condition is often treated with tranquilizers and specific drugs to lessen the degree of depression. Extended-release tabs are not recommended for the elderly. Adverse reactions include dry mouth, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, constipation, a feeling of sedation and more.

There are a number of interactions with this drug. Be sure to advise your physician of any medications you are taking to ensure there will not be a negative response should he or she choose to prescribe Seroquel XR.

The long-term effectiveness (more than six weeks) has not been fully evaluated. All prescribing physicians should re-evaluate patients on a regular basis.

You are correct that the drug can be dangerous for elderly patients with dementia. I can only hope the prescribing physician fully researched all the options before prescribing it and that the dose is a reasonable one.

If you continue to have unanswered questions and have the legal right to be involved with the care of the individual in question, return to the prescribing physician with a list and request answers. If you remain dissatisfied, seek a second opinion.

Dr. Gott is a retired physician. He writes for United Media.


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Questions to Ask yourself?
What kind of person does this to people?
What kind of lawyer hides behind helping while all the while they’re accessories to murder, abuse and embezzlement?
What kind of person profits off this?
What kind of Judge ignores evidence and proof this is going on?

Fact is most involved avoid seeing or contact with the victims, this is the type of cowards that are involved. They only want to see the check provided for their services (needed or not).
It’s hard for the real victims and family who come forward with evidence, truth and witness statements of this abuse to be attacked, have their characters assassinated and be drawn into useless legal proceedings. All with the goal to bankrupt and silence anyone who tries to stop the abuse, embezzlement, stealing, lying, perjured documents and fraud.


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