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GET YOUR ABUSE LISTED NOW, DON’T LET THE JUDGES HIDE THEIR CRIMES You can make a difference, share this post by using the share options. Make sure your Judicial Abuse case gets listed by County and State. List your info anonymously or in detail so fellow victims and activists and help network you with the other nationwide court victims. CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR CASE NOW Join the Community of COURT VICTIMS HERE NOW It’s a fact that judges hide bribery, fraud, denial of due process and fraud upon the court in every city and state in America. Los Angeles Dr. Richard I. Fine proved that over 90% of California judges are accepting bribes to not rule in favor. The government and law enforcement do nothing to protect the public. The FBI and DOJ ignore millions of victims every year to allow the judges and lawyers to profit from the lack of accountability and prosecution. Check out Reuters Investigative story on how judges are never prosecuted “Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely” SEE THE TEFLON ROBE by Reuters Check out HOW EASY IT IS TO BRIBE A JUDGE & HOW TO RESEARCH A JUDGES FINANCES   Read More


HELP Stop the forced Dangerous Haldol Drugging of a Mother fighting for her children

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein drugged to death

December 12 2022 Haloperidol is a typical antipsychotic drug. This drug is still widely used in emergency medicine, psychiatry, and general medicine departments. It is mostly used for acute confusional state, psychotic disorders, agitation, delirium, and aggressive behaviour. Overdose of haloperidol can cause sudden deaths. Cardiopulmonary arrest related to use of haloperidol had been reported in literature as case reports but are very few. No such cases have been reported in India till now. We report a case of cardiac arrest due to the use of haloperidol. Case number is 900327-22 Elizabeth Harding Weinstein More on Elizabeth Harding Weinstein Court Watch: Lizzie to be Involuntarily Drugged Virtual Hearing (apparently) Open to Public Who: Elizabeth Harding Weinstein What: Hearing in New York Court to order her to be drugged over her objection When: Monday, December 12, 2022 at 10:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST Where: LIVE STREAM LINK. Passcode: 1212. Below is from Barbara Stone via email: Background: As many of you know, Lizzie Harding Weinstein was falsely incarcerated using a void illegal ‘restraining order”. The void order had expired but as we know, our country is lawless. So now, the government has kidnapped her into a “psyche” facility to obtain more money from the federal government to traffic her. The psyche facility is seeking to hold her longer than “ordered” by void order. This hearing is so they can keep her kidnapped and forcibly drug her. WE NEED MASSIVE attendance at the virtual hearing. I thought each of us would have to register but I pre-registered and it seems like everyone can use the same link that was sent to me below. If it becomes necessary for everyone to separately register,, I have and will send the instructions and… Read More