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How to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge and Get away with it? It’s too easy and has been going on for decades. Remember a judge is nothing more than a lawyer who is given immunity and a black robe. The honor and integrity must be earned but far too often judges abuse their powers because as they say Absolute power corrupts”. The problem then is the broken relationship between authorities and the court who are often friends. Police doing favors for the courts and courts returning those favors has bred a biased and unjust environment. Federal Laws On Bribery (a) Whoever (1) corruptly gives, offers, or promises anything of value to any person, with intent to influence or reward an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution in connection with any business or transaction of such institution; or (2) as an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution, corruptly solicits or demands for the benefit of any person, or corruptly accepts or agrees to accept, anything of value from any person, intending to be influenced or rewarded in connection with any business or… Read More


Hello, I’m Alexander Smirnov, America has a corruption problem that starts at the American Bar. American’s are fooled via propaganda into believing they have rights, equality and freedom. Problem is if you try to use those promises you quickly find out they don’t exist. Every aspect of the media has been taken over and if your experiences or beliefs don’t go along with the government agenda their called fake news. The fact that a gang (American BAR) has manipulated and changed the so called justice system which should be based on rights, law, evidence, facts and witnesses statements into a profit system for BAR members. This is what happens when you let the criminals running things make the rules and laws. BAR members give themselves impunity and authority over rights and laws. Police never question a judge’s command because of the obviously biased relationship. Thus dishonest police rarely go to prison or receive fair punishment. The same can be said about judges who are allowed to retire or do a fraction of their prison time at a comfortable, plush federal prison. But worse the MAJORITY of thousands of judges never… Read More