“Whatever Means Necessary”: Weaponizing the Judicial Confirmation Process

America’s Founders prescribed the judicial appointment process in which the Senate confirms most nominations efficiently, with little or no opposition and without either systematic partisanship or using Senate rules in novel ways. The confirmation process followed this pattern for more than two centuries. The modern confirmation process norms cannot be explained by anything related to the judicial appointment process itself, nor by ordinary partisanship. The changing operation of the judicial confirmation process is a symptom; the cause is the changing purpose of that process. Democrats departed from the Founders’ prescribed purpose of evaluating nominees’ qualifications by becoming independent of the President and using the confirmation process as a weapon. FULL STORY Read More

Canadian mom seeks charges against California judge for kidnapping son

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Tamara Hall orders to kidnapping a child from Canada to California Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Tamara Hall Kidnapping Orders The terrifying, hand-written orders included “no visits to respondent” and there was no indication where the child would be taken since the father only had a UPS mailbox in California. To start, Judge Tamara Hall did not have jurisdiction to hear the father’s Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, that he filed on May 19 2015, because neither party met the residency requirements to obtain a judgement for a Dissolution of Marriage in California. The couple shared a sole family residence in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada with their 3-year-old child for over a year, they did not have a residence in California and they were not legally separated. When the father filed for emergency child custody orders two weeks later on June 5 2015, demanding instant sole legal custody of the three-year-old boy, no-contact with the mother, and the authorization to seize the child from another country without notice or opportunity to be heard, Judge Tamara Hall was not authorized to issue orders related… Read More