CHAPTER TWO INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOPATHS: MEGA-LAW-MANIA Traits Of A Psychopath: Boldness = Low fear including stress-tolerance, tolerance of unfamiliarity and danger, high self-confidence and social assertiveness. Disinhibition = Poor impulse control including problems with planning and foresight, lacking affect and urge control, demand for immediate gratification, poor behavioral restraints. Meanness = Lacking empathy and close attachments with others, disdain of close attachments, use of cruelty to gain empowerment, exploitative tendencies, defiance of authority, destructive excitement seeking 4. If you are arrested in California, the deck is stacked against you. For decades, the cops, prosecutors, judges, and politicians in power have eviscerated your constitutional rights to make their jobs easier to perform. Their livelihoods rely on law enforcement winning, and those in their path losing. You are collateral damage along their career path. Collusion at the highest levels tilts the tables against you, and towards the “police powerists” who use convictions as stepping stones and power chits. These powerful jobs attract people who desire power: psychopaths. Government j obs with uniforms, authority, guns, and badges are an attractive lure. 4 Patrick, C.; Fowles, D.; Krueger, R. (August 2009). Triarchic conceptualization of… Read More

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William M. Windsor has driven to all 50 states interviewing and filming over 2,000 victims of government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption. He has posted thousands of videos to LAWLESS AMERICA YOU TUBE and has published thousands of articles at LAWLESSAMERICA.COM. He and 300 victims met in Washington, DC and personally presented testimony to Congress using DVDs of the testimony Bill gathered nationwide. His tireless efforts to expose corruption put a giant target on his back, and he’s been jailed unlawfully, endured hundreds of death threats, and survived attempted murder. He lost his family due to fear, and he took a break from his efforts, but in September 2021, he is back with full force. His Facebook page is billwindsor1 About William M. Windsor I began my career as a junior at Texas Tech University. I became involved in the T-shirt business in college, and after several years as a retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer, I launched the trade magazine and trade show for the industry. I am considered by many to be the father of the multi-billion dollar “imprinted sportswear industry.” I started other magazines and shows, and sold the… Read More