We are victims, we are many. Accept the fact that America and the world are experiencing an Epidemic of Probate court abuse which includes Conservatorship & Guardianship abuse. The injustice that takes place in court is traumatic, abusive and a violation of your rights and law. The key to the injustice lies in the judge. While the image of a judge should include honor, fairness, protection, law and what’s best for the victim the truth is none of these images or words mean anything. The fact is judges are abusing their authority and they have no fear of prosecution due to undeserved impunity and protections by government.

We can be compared to RAPE VICTIMS because while our rights have been violated our lives have also been destroyed by fraudulent character assassination, incarceration, extortion and (Legal Abuse Syndrome). Most of us have been terrorized by lawyers for over a decade. Imagine thinking going to court with evidence, facts, witnesses, documents and proof to help your loved one only to find out “the Judge” who should be rendering justice and looking out for the best interest of you loved one “IS THE CRIMINAL”?

At the that moment you realize the problem and what you’re up against. The problem is usually by then you’re in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. You realize that more lawyers are not the solution. The problem is lawyers profit whether you win or lose, live or die and ethics and morals mean nothing.

Once in the court system you enter a closed world that does not prosecute or hold accountable anyone part of the court. Police, State, Federal and local attorney generals, American bar, Commission on Judicial Performance, APS, Department of Justice, FBI all turn a blind eye with the mention a court is involved. No matter how heinous, illegal, unethical or even murder gets you help.

We are the violated, broken, the few and now poor, we were once normal middle class hard working people. We stand apart from most victims because we fight back, put our names and lives on the line to help others because we intimately understand what they’re about to endure or already have.

We are survivors, fighters, using our talents, skills, motivation and remaining resources, we are demanding change, prosecution and accountability by all involved in this legal judicial abuse racket.

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