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Millions of families are destroyed and victims murdered by a the direct or indirect abuse, theft, lack of action by lawyers, judges and government. These professionals who many swear to an oath fail to abide by that oath and lack ethics and morals. The result is they leave a trail of pain, loss, parent less homes and homeless victims. It’s apalling what these monsters of society do to make a buck. Lacking empathy like Psychopaths and Sociopaths they only think of themselves. Everyone single one of them is a fraud, coward and criminal who should be serving a long prison sentence. Worse our totally corrupted government which is a direct result of too many lawyers infecting positions of management the biggest gang or Mafia today is the American BAR.

Guardianship/Conservatorship is a Scam created under the guise of “Protecting, Serving and Conserving” a victim who wants or needs such help. Sadly the same lawyers and judges involved are frauds and liars to only hide like wolves in sheep’s clothing behind the concept. Their real goal and objectives is to “Isolate, Over-medicate and Liquidate”.
These are vermin and the lowest form of humans in society who prey on the weak, defenseless, elderly and disabled. Yet they don’t stop there and because government agencies that are paid via your tax dollars “refuse to help” and are totally complicit these criminals in suits and black robes are doing these heinous crimes to anyone with money. 100% proof is in examples of victims like 15 year long Britney Spears, The Disney Family Bradford Lund. None of the victims needs nor desires the million dollar legal services trumped up by these dishonest court members. The lawlessness, lack of educated, experienced control and ethical accounting means most of the said protecting ends up being (done before a judge) stealing and embezzlement. Homes are lost not due to the victims actions but due to lawyers who liquidate with the sole intention of sucking the estates dry via fraudulent legal hearings and useless legal costs. Since when does protecting mean 75% of an estate goes to legal fees to protect 25%?

It’s obvious judges agree and never hold accountable the lawyers involved or anyone who submits a bills, nor does that judge ask for second opinions or reliable accounting records. It’s all a front to reward all involved and even includes bribery of the judge in the form of huge property loans the judge is never required to pay back. Immunity, zero accountability, lawyers having unethical and biased friendships and relationships with the judges means the victims never had a chance and are robbed under the color of law.

These memorials are to remember the victims that lost their lives as a result of the abusive and a fraudulent judicial system destroyed by the BAR.

If the county can help kill them to help dishonest lawyers profit by our pain and loss the county can afford to pay for a monument

Ernest Moore is working on having a Memorial in Los Angeles to commemorate the victims of Los Angele County Superior Court Probate Department due to the criminals who have gone unprosecuted and hide behind a fraudulent image, title and dishonorable black robe. Please join the discussion or request to have your loved ones name included 

Example Memorials:

Victims’ Memorial Wall
In 2009, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office unveiled a wall where the names of murder victims are engraved in polished granite.

The wall is located in our Victims’ Memorial Courtyard outside the downtown Riverside office. There are more than 2,000 names engraved on the wall, dating back as far as could be found in county records. Each year, during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, additional names are engraved on the wall in remembrance of those who have lost their life because of crime. This tribute provides a small amount of solace for families of murder victims and brings our community together as we acknowledge the loss and the tragic journey that homicide, drunk driving and manslaughter creates.

Murder Wall
Those lost by acts of violence are never forgotten by the people who loved them.These are their names, and the hallowed stories of those we’ve lost.

The Murder Wall was created in 1987 by Nancy Ruhe-Munch, former Executive Director of the National Organization, and designed by Ann Reed, a parent/survivor and member of POMC. Originally known as the Memorial Wall, the name was changed to the Murder Wall…Honoring Their Memories in 1995.

The Murder Wall…Honoring Their Memories is a traveling tribute honoring the memory of all murdered loved ones. The growing Wall carries the names of murder victims on engraved, solid walnut plaques. Each plaque contains 120 names, dates of birth and dates of death. If you are interested in purchasing an Inscribed Plate for a loved one, please click here to print out the Murder Wall Inscribed Plate Order Form. The cost to have a loved one’s name inscribed on an Inscribed Plate on the Murder Wall is $75.00.

Honoring Loved Ones Lost
In 1994 the Municipality of Anchorage donated a memorial to homicide victims in our state.  The memorial serves as a remembrance of victims of homicide throughout Alaska, and a symbol of hope and community for the families and friends who have lost loved ones to violent crime. New names will be added annually before each Memorial Ceremony held in July. This year’s ceremony will be held July 10, 2021 at 12pm. The Homicide Memorial is located at Hostetler Park, 335 L St. If you plan to attend, please wear a mask and maintain physical distance from those outside your household.

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