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Currently we’re collecting victim data for a project working with the Disney Family to get major media attention to Probate abuse cases.
Disney is ONLY WORKING WITH PROBATE VICTIMS (However other court victims can also have their cases added to our pages)

The Disney Lund Family not the Disney Corporation
Citizens 4 Clean Courts USA
Post Modern Justice media Project

Who are we? We’re all victims of the judicial system and by working together we’re working to make change and get attention to the epidemic that has been going on for decades in America.

What’s going to happen to my data?
We’re not going to share your private data with just anyone. Vetted Probate victim data will be provided to the Disney family who have personally informed us they want help us and to lead us to change. We have direct contact to the Disney family.

What else can I do?
Any victim of the Judicial system can provide their info if they want attention and we’ll add you to the victims pages They’ll also be added to our sister site

The benefits of having your case info, story details, documents and photos on the site are many. You can have a URL (internet address location) free of cost where you your entire case file can be read by the public. Thus when you report your case you can use it as a link instead of constantly having to explain and provide the data over and over again. Just give them your URL to your page.

We’ve had progress with Google Search ranking and when other victims have success sending there link to media, media will also have access to your case.

It’s common for other victims to find your case via our pages and then contact us to contact you, thus victims find each other when they search the internet.

Once you supply your info you can add or change that info at any time by contacting us. We’re here to help victims and as victims we know helping you we help our own case.

See our victims page for examples, the list is growing daily at an amazing rate. Stop believing that spending more money on lawyers (who get paid no matter if they win or lose and guarantee nothing) is the solution. Look at Britney Spears and Bradford Lund (Disney Heir) who have the ability to hire the best lawyers money can buy. More lawyers is NOT the solution nor are changes in law, legislation or rights because as most victims find out “The judge has the last word” and they often ignore rights, legislation and law. Judges enjoy immunity and authority which no one questions not even the BAR or Commission on Judicial Performance. It’s all about deep corruption and hiding behind a false image of “Protector, justice, law and honor” Fact is bad unethical lawyers commonly find their way to the bench to abuse the system.

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