Welcome to the “Court Victim Community” by court victims, for court victims. The goal is to help court victims get the help they need without sharing your email address or private info, plus being able to control the volume of contact. Share or protect as much or as little info as you wish. We only request you provide your state and county because this is how we organize court victims.

We do not provide lawyers, financing, legal advice. Our goal is to try and put you in contact with other
court victims who have gone through the same as you are about to or currently going thru who might be able to help get you to where you need to go, find what you need to find or help you find fellow court victims. Remember, we’re volunteers donating our time, we are not paid. Keep this in mind.

1. Join the CV Community to contact, communicate, network and share with fellow court Victims CLICK HERE
2. Start a private or public court victim group, i.e. by state, county or city. CLICK HERE
3. Create an online website for free to share your case or story with the internet, CLICK HERE
4. Add yourself as a court victim to the National Court Victim Database, CLICK HERE
5. Add your abusive, dishonest lawyer(s) to the National Bad Lawyer Database CLICK HERE
6. Add your abusive, dishonest judge(s) to the National Jail 4 Judges Database CLICK HERE
7. Need help getting set up, or finding your way around the Community, CLICK HERE


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