I do not recognize You…

I do not recognize You…

Some new claim has recently come to the attention of this Author, the underlying significance of which has not only spurred an exploration of it, but also taken him a bit further down the rabbit hole, and revealed still some more of the hidden “code” of the Matrix via inductive reasoning.  As stated before in another work, any law dictionary will give more insight into the evil machinations of the legal system than one could ever imagine to be there, save only that one were to take an honest look at it and see it for what it is.  A scam.

So now just what is the nature of this startling claim which is being spoken of?  It is from at least two court cases so far, both of which must and will be further researched in order to verify their accuracy.  So of course it is perfectly valid to ask why this Author would even mention it if it were not currently proven one way or the other?  Why say anything at all about it if it may not be true?  It is because of the underlying logic as well as the congruity of certain facts, all of which dove-tail together quite nicely.

This is much too great of an importance to delay being promulgated for mere want of a few actual dates, places and names.  The logic of it does not require actual time, place, form and event in order to give it merit.  A new mode of thinking only requires that others be made aware of it in order for it to spread.

One of the cases allegedly occurred in Idaho, where a man was arrested for not having a driver’s license, even though he was not driving, the other case was in Florida.  In the first alleged case, the man was held for about 54 days while he and his friends were trying various means to extricate him from the claws of the legal system.  He had no State issued identification in the form of a driver’s license, and so he was arrested and thrown in jail.  It wasn’t until this man pointed to the Executive Administrator posing as a bona fide judge, and said to him “I do not recognize you”, then repeating the same to the Clerk of the Court as well as the prostituting attorney, that he began to get his justice. The EA who weighed about 300 pounds was said to have leaped out of his chair and ran out the door.  The 200 pound woman CotC did the same as did the PA.  Now this sounded like it had just a grain or two of truth to it, so Black’s Law Dictionary was consulted for confirmation.  And lo and behold, right there, on page 880 of BLD Sixth Edition Abridged, was the most startling revelation and confirmation of the truth ever seen by these eyes.

Recognition.  Ratification; confirmation; an acknowledgment that something done by another person in one’s name had one’s authority.  WOW.  Those few words there just speak volumes.  Those few words there laid bare the scam of the legal system, and left those people specifically identified by the pointing of a finger and uttering a few words out loud, naked to the entire world.  Naked against charges of obstruction of justice, kidnapping for ransom, treason, extortion, fraud, collusion and who knows how many other such crimes against him and others.  They had no protection at all from the law once they had been exposed as being criminals trying to use the law to enrich themselves.  There is a maxim of law which states that the law leaves criminals where it finds them.  Meaning that the law does not serve to enrich criminals in any way, shape or form.  The man was taken back to his cell and after a day or two, the PA came to him and struck a deal.  The “deal” was that the man would get a driver’s license, be on probation for a year, and then his record would be sealed.  Obviously this must have sounded like a good deal to him, for he took it.  Had he really understood the nature of what had transpired and why, he most likely would have drove a harder bargain.  Like immediate release, expunging of the police records, absolution of all charges with prejudice, monetary compensation for his time and trouble coupled with mental suffering, and of course making the State of Idaho pay for a two month running of an ad in every newspaper in the State of Idaho stating that he had not committed any crime and why it wasn’t a crime for him to not have a driver’s license since he was never engaged in using the public roads, highways and thoroughfares to engage in commerce upon them.  He should have been allowed to return the metal Identification Plates for the truck to the State of Idaho and be given a letter from the Secretary of State of Idaho, stating an apology for deceiving him about licenses and registrations.  The case of Denise Roterro from the Tennessee Department of Revenue being forced to admit that all machinery that is registered must firstly have it’s title of ownership SURRENDERED to the State is also quite telling.

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