Education Leads Us to Causation

Education Leads Us to Causation

It is a well known, but not very often talked about fact of life, that the more educated we become in any subject, then the more we are at cause over it. No master painter, poet or parent is anymore at cause over their environment and the effects that they may create than they are educated in how to create those effects. This is so obvious on its face that it’s silly to even have to mention it at all, but yet just look around you and see how many people begin an endeavor and try and try and try some more to make it work out, and they have very little or even no education in how to do what it is that they are trying to do! Is it any wonder now why so many businesses fail in the first year or two? Having a dream is fine, we must be able to project a future well in advance of us actually having that future. If you cannot create and have a future in your mind, then you will never have a future in real life! The future that we create for ourselves and others, or no future at all, that is what we will end up with.

Families struggle along, too often ending up broken apart due to failed marriages and lost jobs and other reasons also, but mainly it is due to a lack of education in some area of life which they then couldn’t handle. So knowing this, it behooves us to learn the basics of any subject that we need to know to not just survive in life, but to thrive, and then practice those basics until we can do them very well and then move on and learn even more skills so that we become real experts in that subject. Too many people just jump in with both feet, without knowing exactly how deep those waters run, and wind up drowning. Drowning in debt or responsibilities is no less agonizing than drowning in water!

A real education in our formative years, of course would include being taught how to learn a subject properly, so that we don’t go off on a tangent at some later point in life. This is where what is jocularly known as the modern day public fool system fails so many of us; Teachers just don’t know how to teach! They may often like to think that they know what they are doing up there in front of a room full of bright-eyed kids that are just filled with enthusiasm to learn new things, but then if that is really the case, why are so many of these so-called teachers enrolling their own children in private schools? Something just doesn’t add up there!

In the modern day public fool system, we have more indoctrination going on than real education. The children are told that they must obey, obey and obey some more everyone who is in a pretended position of power and authority over them, yes, you read that correctly there, a PRETENDED position of power and authority! Just exactly from where does that power and authority come from? The ones who want to wield it over others and nowhere else? Political power is just that exact thing, a desire of a few to control everyone else via unlawfully seized power and position. It is not in accord with the laws of Nature for us to have leaders who are seeking to destroy us. Some leadership is needed in any group, naturally, but that leadership must be there firstly for the purpose of ensuring that the group thrives, and is not there to try to control the group just merely for its own ends. But that is what we have in politics from as far back as anyone can see. No political system seems to have ever had anything in mind but the preservation of itself above all else, but these politicians never realize that if they don’t preserve the people, then there won’t be any politics either!

So what is it exactly that needs to be done to fix this problem of “leadership” and politics killing off the very people that they depend upon for their existence? Get completely rid of the politics part and go to a strict merit-based system of governance, that’s what needs to be done. And that can easily be done through giving the future of any society, its children, a proper education which will then lead them to good causation and bright futures for all. Any society that ignores its origins and disregards its progeny is doomed to failure just as surely as the sun rises each day. This has been shown to be a fact. Giving the sacred job of a leader to someone who is not qualified for that job is pure folly, and is probably the main reason for the collapse of all these civilizations we see abundant evidence of all over the planet. Something killed them off, what was it?

A government whose leaders are chosen at random from a field of men and women who have already proven themselves to be well qualified for the job, will be the best government possible, and will not grow itself out of existence. Just look at all of the top-heavy organizations, both private and public, that can barely function due to all of that inertia. How can they survive if they can’t do even their most basic functions? Too many people doing the same needless jobs bleed any group or society white.

The rules of the society are rarely, if ever, enforced for the genuine good of the society. Most of the time the rules are set up with penalties that pay the rule enforcers, and so even more and more crimes are needed so more and more cash can flow into the coffers of the legal system and keep it growing. It’s a never ending cycle of madness with ridiculous outcomes breeding even more madness, which then causes more ridiculous outcomes. It apparently only stops when the society finally caves in on itself, and the people either die off from a lack of coordination or disperse out into other areas. And then we dig up the remains of those civilizations many thousands of years later, trying to figure out what had happened to them. It’s not very obvious that they did it to themselves via politics and bad management, because all we see are a few bones and fragments laying scattered about. Some pottery shards and a few graves are all the clues we have as to who the people really were, for the most part. There are some ruins to study now and again, but those do not tell us very much either.

By studying the collapse of groups as it happens, is the only way to see for sure what the causes and remedies are. But they have to be honest observations, not only mere conjectures that don’t hold any water. Opinion leaders are not welcome in those kinds of studies, only fact finders. Opinion leaders really have no use anyway, so none should ever be sought out. Opinion leaders and politicians are only needed when the people have not been taught how to look and see for themselves. Correct the errors there, to ensure the thriving of any group of people.


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