Is Someone Shopping Around For a Friendly Judge?

Yes, it’s 100% true, that LIEyers will sometimes try to “shop around” for a judge or Circuit to hear their case, because there may be a better chance that they will get one who is more inclined to “rule” in their favor as regards objections made and evidence allowed than some OTHER fake judge! Now how does that comport with the idea of a “fair” and speedy trial? Logic tells us that it does not. So, with that data known, does it make any sense to play along in the charade of the legal system/Matrix if we do not want to and do not have to? If we know that the fake judge may be biased against us, why would we think that we’ll get a fair trial? We are guaranteed a Right to a fair and speedy trial, but absolutely nowhere at any time are we assured that we will actually GET a fair trial! Why is that? It’s because even though it’s not spoken out loud, it is understood that it is totally impossible to make that guarantee, as ALL of the fake judges are, in reality, not one iota better than thee or me! ALL of them have their own prejudices, shortcomings, peccadilloes and foibles just like everybody else does! They are alcoholics, spouse and child abusers, drug users, tax cheaters, etc. They’re not gods of any kind, you see? They are not of a superior intellect, or morals or anything else you may name, they are just men and women like the rest of us, so to expect even just one of them to be able to act any differently than the rest of us, is pure folly of the highest order!! If we are to… Read More